Waluty: 2016
Giełdy: 149
Kapitalizacja rynkowa: 247 264 568 775 $
Wolumen – 24 godz.: 7 961 906 899 $
BTC 40,9%
ETH 17,8%
BCH 4,81%
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Darenta ICO


Darenta is designed to facilitate ease of Person-to-Person relations between car owners and car renters. To participate in the ecosystem users will be able to use Productoken (PROD) tokens as well as usual currencies. Tokens will act as a bridge between car owner and car renter and can be earned in a number of ways. Users will be able to leave feedback and earn tokens, which they can then use to get services at a discount. Additionally, those who use tokens will have access to enhanced platform functionality. All data about finished transactions will be instantly recorded in the blockchain. Tokens will facilitate fast and secure payments between users who will be able to use the platform around the world.

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1 499
Wyświetlenia w serwisie YouTube
22 993
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Szczegóły tokena
  • Sprzedaż publiczna
    31 Dec 2017 - 31 Mar 2018 (1.0 USD = 1.0 prod)
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  • Platforma
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  • Dolny limit kapitalizacji
    125,000 USD
  • Górny limit kapitalizacji
    14,000,000 USD
  • Wymagana jest procedura KYC
Członkowie zespołu
Oleg Gribanov profile picture
Oleg Gribanov
Mukhamed Batyrov profile picture
Mukhamed Batyrov
Business Development Manager
Kirill Volkov profile picture
Kirill Volkov
Artur Teregulov profile picture
Artur Teregulov
Tatiana Tal profile picture
Tatiana Tal
Hernan Arvelo profile picture
Hernan Arvelo
Motiongrapher expert and 3D digital artist
Dai Jeong profile picture
Dai Jeong
Country Manager South Korea
Evgenia Spirina profile picture
Evgenia Spirina
Chief Accountant
David Chapidze profile picture
David Chapidze
Junior Marketing Manager
Maksim Kiselev profile picture
Maksim Kiselev
Tax Law and Legal Expert
Viktor Malyshev profile picture
Viktor Malyshev
Intellectual Property Defender
Valerij Kizilov profile picture
Valerij Kizilov
Chinese translator
Karina Bzhinaeva profile picture
Karina Bzhinaeva
Translator of French
Olga Belyaeva profile picture
Olga Belyaeva
Art Director
Michelle Tsing profile picture
Michelle Tsing
Michael Petch profile picture
Michael Petch
Will O’Brien profile picture
Will O’Brien
Navdeep Tupe profile picture
Navdeep Tupe
Yuriy Yatsiv profile picture
Yuriy Yatsiv
Grigorij Slynko profile picture
Grigorij Slynko
Aditya Vikram Singh profile picture
Aditya Vikram Singh
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