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Imigize Coin ICO


Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem is based on the Imigize Service.

We learned how to do a contactless clothes and shoes fitting for online shopping. Now, any Internet user, using Imigize service, will be able to buy shoes (clothes, soon) in the online store and be confident that the purchase will be in fitting size as if they were trying it on and bought it in a regular store.

Imigize Service is heaven for shopping online. Imigize takes care of all issues related to online purchases of shoes and clothes fitting degree and the level of comfort.

Imigize Service Blockchain creates a new ecosystem in the online footwear and clothes market, based on customers’ verified 3D anthropometric data, size fitting degree and personal comfort profile.

These data are decentralized and protected by the blockchain technology, which gives a possibility to all participants of the ecosystem to independently manage their ownership rights of personal and commercial information.

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  • Lista zatwierdzonych uczestników
  • Przedsprzedaż
    10 Apr 2018 - 20 Sep 2018
  • Sprzedaż publiczna
    20 Sep 2018 - 20 Oct 2018
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    BTC, ETH
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  • Dolny limit kapitalizacji
    1,000,000 USD
  • Górny limit kapitalizacji
    60,000,000 USD
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  • Nagroda
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Członkowie zespołu
Valery G.Chernik profile picture
Valery G.Chernik
CEO, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Mike Tchernik profile picture
Mike Tchernik
Director, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Sergey Gavrilyuk profile picture
Sergey Gavrilyuk
Chief Operating Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Dmitriy Borodin profile picture
Dmitriy Borodin
Chief Information Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Oleg Lebedev profile picture
Oleg Lebedev
Chief Information Officer, Imigize Group Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Alexander Kosov profile picture
Alexander Kosov
CTO Imigize Group Head of the WEB Programming Department
Arseny Lunyov profile picture
Arseny Lunyov
CTO Imigize Group Head of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and R&D
Andrey Zhegalov profile picture
Andrey Zhegalov
Senior Software Developer Department of Mathematical Modeling and R&D
Andrey Lavrinovich profile picture
Andrey Lavrinovich
Founder, International Legal Counsel, Imigize Group, Everbright Innovations Hong Kong
Nikolay Nazvin profile picture
Nikolay Nazvin
Financier, Founder
Elena Novikova profile picture
Elena Novikova
Founder, Business advisor in the global footwear business.
William Wong profile picture
William Wong
President - Federation of Hong Kong Brands
Avishai Ziv profile picture
Avishai Ziv
СЕО - Alignment Blockchain Hub
Robert Hiley profile picture
Robert Hiley
Former Vice President - Timberland Footwear at VF Corporation
Roger V. Hardy profile picture
Roger V. Hardy
CEO and Chairman - Hardy Capital Partners
RunLab profile picture
Wildberries profile picture
Sportmaster profile picture
Keddo profile picture
Converse profile picture
Strobbs profile picture
ECCO profile picture
Anta profile picture
Heelys profile picture
Vans profile picture
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