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Intelligent Trading Foundation


Intelligent Trading Tech (ITT) has been rebranded into Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITT):

Designed for everyone from beginners to professional traders in cryptocurrency markets, the ITT platform sends you actionable and personalized alerts to successfully trade in these nascent and volatile markets.

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Thomas Counsell profile picture
Thomas Counsell
Head of Engineering and Innovation
Benjamin Lakoff profile picture
Benjamin Lakoff
CFA, Head of Finance and Strategy
John Venport profile picture
John Venport
Head of Marketing
Jay Surovy profile picture
Jay Surovy
Product Manager
Francesco De Lisi profile picture
Francesco De Lisi
Senior Engineer
Alex Yudin profile picture
Alex Yudin
Senior Engineer
Alex Boreysha profile picture
Alex Boreysha
Senior Engineer
Karla Brkić profile picture
Karla Brkić
Data Scientist - Machine Learning
JC Garcia profile picture
JC Garcia
Dave Rodman profile picture
Dave Rodman
General Counsel
Marcelo Barbosa profile picture
Marcelo Barbosa
Platform​ ​Developer
Poramin Insom profile picture
Poramin Insom
Sebastian Bausch profile picture
Sebastian Bausch
Peter H profile picture
Peter H
Trading Advisor
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Zero Volatility, Zero Spread, 100% Profits Shared. Real-World applications such as payment method for goods and services