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Business Services

With the promise of harnessing the power of Ethereum blockchain and smart contract, NOBAR aims to completely revolutionize the way we view and use e-commerce platforms.

One of the biggest niggles that we, the NOBAR team had during the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and consequently other cyrptocurrencies and crypto tokens is that due to the wide fluctuations of the values, users have started treating cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens as assets. The dominating tendency is to “short sell” to make a short-term profit. This defeats the main purpose of a currency, which is to work as a medium for transactions.

NOBAR promises to give the power back to the users. By engaging our token as a mean to purchase and sell products, we want to establish NBR token as an appropriate replacement for traditional currencies.

NOBAR will accommodate different types of activities under a unified platform to provide a holistic solution for our users. These activities will range from, but not limited to: Managing local trades and businesses, Conducting global trades, Selling used goods, POS payments, Providing personalized and Generalized services, Selling assets, Sharing or renting assets, Hiring workforce, Customizing activities by setting parameters.

The usage and public interest on cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in the last couple of years and big corporations have started to notice that. To keep up with the consumer demands, a lot of organizations, businesses and shops have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. These include Expedia, Shopify, Newegg, Roadway, Gyft, Overstock, PayPal, Subway and even Microsoft. These show the potential that many more organizations will integrate their businesses with the demand, which works as a huge boost for NOBAR and its promises to deliver a unified e-commerce platform all over the globe.

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Członkowie zespołu
Joyjit Bhowmick profile picture
Joyjit Bhowmick
Founder & CEO
Md. Ariful Haque profile picture
Md. Ariful Haque
Chief Technology Officer
Likhon Amin profile picture
Likhon Amin
Marketing and Promotion
Carla Celisa profile picture
Carla Celisa
Finance and Accounting
Mehedi Hasan Sonnet profile picture
Mehedi Hasan Sonnet
Back-End Developer
Anindya Chanda profile picture
Anindya Chanda
UX/UI Designer
Sharath Kumar profile picture
Sharath Kumar
Business Development
Meriam Belghali profile picture
Meriam Belghali
Business Development
Eduarda Shintaku profile picture
Eduarda Shintaku
PR and Communication
Faith Obafemi profile picture
Faith Obafemi
Content Marketing
Saloni Jain profile picture
Saloni Jain
Content Marketing
Fernando Galdino profile picture
Fernando Galdino
Miriam Iwaik profile picture
Miriam Iwaik
Haris Rana profile picture
Haris Rana
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