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We work with printing and toners for over 15 years. In our team we have toner manufacturing engineers and PhDs. We look into the future and see, how important it is to save resources and to reduce health and environment risks. That is why we decided to make a unique technology for biotoner manufacturing. In production of our biotoner one of the material is sugar. We also use recycled polyethylene raw materials with our own processing. This new technology of toner production, made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of production.

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Członkowie zespołu
Shitikov Alexey profile picture
Shitikov Alexey
CEO. Project manager
 Dolgov Alexandr profile picture
Dolgov Alexandr
Smart-contract developer, solidity developer
Smirnov Alexey profile picture
Smirnov Alexey
Technical director. Information support of the company
Bovin Sergey profile picture
Bovin Sergey
COO. Head technology specialist of toner manufacturing, toner manufacturing plant engineer.
Golubitskiy Egor profile picture
Golubitskiy Egor
Technology specialist, technological process engineer, toner quality control
Serebryakov Alexandr profile picture
Serebryakov Alexandr
Office equipment engineer, refilling cartridges.
Serebryakova Marina profile picture
Serebryakova Marina
Office-manager, documentation.
Gorshkov Semen profile picture
Gorshkov Semen
Designing layouts and leaflets
Bannykh Ivan profile picture
Bannykh Ivan
CMO. Blockchain consultant, investment in Blockchain trainer (head of BlockChain Ural)
Adaev Kanat profile picture
Adaev Kanat
CMO. Blockchain consultant, investment in Blockchain trainer (head of BlockChain Ural)
Sharipov Denis profile picture
Sharipov Denis
Head of VTB Leasing of Chelyabinsk region, financial consultant
Kuznetcov Vasiliy profile picture
Kuznetcov Vasiliy
Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Lecturer in CSU, stock market consultant.
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