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Decred (Beam Updates)

Brief snapshot of public Decred dev activity for Jan. 242 active PRs, 243 commits, 60K additions & 47K deletions across 2-8 devs per repo.

Decred is happy to announce that Vertbase customers can now acquire DCR directly with U.S. Dollars.

Brief snapshot of public Decred dev activity for Dec. 230 active PRs, 196 commits, 33K additions & 106K deletions across 3-9 devs per repo.

"WARNING: reading Decred docs may cause dizziness, change in belief systems, and loss of maximalism." - Seth Benton, dcrdocs dev

Decred is proud to be featured today in a piece by Forbes contributor Leslie Ankney.
"Who Should Hold Power? Decred Governance And What It Means For Investors"

In case you missed it, we are pleased to share that Ledger's Nano S and Blue models are now compatible with Decred! Ledger has integrated Decred to the Ledger Live software as its first native integration since launch.

Good news! There's still a bull market in Decred development and community activity, read all about it in the November issue of the Decred Journal.

Richard Red: New issue of Politeia Digest is finished. It has been a busy week, with 6 new proposals and 3 already open for voting.

Brief snapshot of public Decred dev activity for Nov. 266 active PRs, 268 commits, 45K additions & 25K deletions across 3-11 devs per repo. "Crypto winter? It's eternal summer in terms of Decred development." - Marco Peereboom, DCR dev.

Brief snapshot of public Decred dev activity for Oct. 310 active PRs, 297 commits, 65.5K additions & 22.6K deletions across 4-9 devs per repo. "Oct has been a hot month for development. Almost as hot as Jan. & Feb. & Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul..." - Jamie Holdstock, Decred developer

Richard: Politeia Digest Issue 3 is out. It has been an interesting week for Decred, with the voting period for the first four proposals coming to a close. Three proposals approved, one was rejected, with voter participation rates of 31-51%.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, and it's not "fake news", Decred will begin trading on Binance October 24th at 04:00 UTC.

It's only been live for a few days and Decred's Politeia system is already demonstrating it's power. We have received 4 excellent proposals including one for PR services by Wachsman. Very exciting to have HODLers make these decisions.

Politeia is going live! As of today, all Decred stakeholders have the power to vote on proposals via https://proposals.decred.org. Through this platform they decide which proposals get funded by the project treasury. The future of Decred is fully in the hands of those who HODL DCR.

The September issue of the Decred Journal has been released. There are tons of updates on development, events, media, and the broader Decred ecosystem. Be sure to check it out!

Brief snapshot of public Decred dev activity for Sept. 219 active PRs, 197 commits, 28.7K additions & 18.8K deletions spread over 4-10 devs per repo.

Announcing the first "Decred baby" 👶🍼⛓️... dcrtime was developed as a tool for ensuring that censorship in Politeia can only happen transparently, but it can be used to generate a verifiable timestamp for any document. It has recently been used to register the birth of a child in Brazil: a9dffb125

We're pleased to announce that Decred 💰 support has been added to Cobo wallet for Android and iOS 📱. And stay tuned for a surprise feature announcement for this wallet in the near future... 🎉
Get it today at https://cobo.com/

Decred v1.3.0 is ready for human consumption. Now with additional features, such as optional SPV mode ⛓️, initial Politeia 🏛️ integration, 2x faster startups 🔥, and minimum fees 💸 reduced by an order of magnitude!
Release notes: https://github.com/decred/decred-binaries/blob/master/release-notes.md
Downloads: https://www.decred.org/downloads/