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TenX (Beam Updates)

You can now whitelist new rewards addresses for the TENX Tokens! Full details on the upgraded TENX Token Webapp here: https://blog.tenx.tech/tenx-token-webapp-2-0-new-address-whitelisting-now-available-fb3e836aff8f/

Hey TENX Token holders, today marks the start of the Q3 2019 rewards season! Your rewards accumulate daily and you can withdraw them anytime, at your convenience.

Here's how you can withdraw the rewards on your TENX Tokens:

What’s new in the TenX app versions 3.11.7 to 3.11.9?

🆙 UI enhancements
New transactions design
🐞 Bug fixes (as always!)

More about the update here:

Hey crypto community, we're hosting a TenX x @Digix Livestream on 29 May at 7.00pm (GMT+8)! Paul Warrunthorn Kittiwongsunthorn and Shaun Djie will be discussing why tokenised assets are paving the way for the financial future, and taking questions along the way.

Click on 'Set reminder' here so you won't miss it:

This April at TenX we:

🗞 Published a Q1 Product Update and more info on the TENX Token
📹 Hosted livestreams: Q1 Update and TenX x CoinGecko
📌 Reintroduced the TenX Product Board
🍻 Met the community at several events

...and more! All about April:

Every time our compliance folks need to reject account verification documents, they get themselves a stress cookie. 🍪 Here's a short guide to help everyone achieve pain-free (and healthy) account verification in the TenX app:

Together, there are bigger wars to fight than winter. #GameofThrones #GameofCoins


Join the revolution: tnx.onl/xzw850tYJhs

Sawasdee krub!
#TenX Cards can now be ordered by travellers from Thailand!


At TenX, we've been pursuing the standardisation of frontend engineering practices for consistency and to uphold quality across our frontend codebases. Sean codified our take on the best practices for frontend engineering, read it here! 📷


Reintroducing the #TenX Product Board, your direct line to the product team.

☑️Rank features
☑️Submit your ideas
☑️Provide feedback

Find out how to use the Product Board here: https://blog.tenx.tech/reintroducing-the-tenx-product-board-823a6730b867

Our Co-founder, Paul will be giving a talk at Product Tank Bangkok on Wednesday 24th April at the #Fastwork HQ! - RSVP now via: https://ptbkkwithtenx.splashthat.com/ #TenX #TenXCard

Here’s one for your calendars: TenX x Coingecko livestream happening 22 April at 6.00pm (GMT+8).

Paul and Bobby will be sharing their insights on the cryptoasset industry and more, see you at this link next Monday! 👇

The TENX Token masterpost features the complete list of official communication about the TENX Token, plus FAQs on eligibility, key dates, and token claiming.

See the masterpost here:

We've just made the TENX Token smart contracts open source. 👀

Here's the GitHub repo:

This March at #TenX we:

✈️ Opened TenX Card orders to travellers from HK and MY
🎉 Officially started TENX Token claiming (open till 26 July 2019)
🥇 Announced a Twitter contest
🍻 Hosted a meetup and participated in a couple of events

Read more here:

Hey community,

Thanks for tuning in to our TenX Q&A livestream with Co-Founders Toby and Paul on 4 April!

Here's a recap of key topics and announcements if you missed it:


Hey community, we've put together a series of FAQs about the distribution of and rewards on the TENX Token. Please see the latest update here:


As first announced in yesterday's Q&A livestream, we will be extending the TENX Token claim deadline to 26 July 2019 11:59pm (GMT+8).

We aim to get every single eligible TENX Token holder their tokens - we're counting on the #TenX community to help spread the message!

More info on token claim: https://blog.tenx.tech/tenx-token-claim-guide-829d5e90b6ce

The TENX Token claim period has begun, and the web app is now live on https://tokenclaim.tenx.tech

Full guide on key dates and how to claim your tokens here:

Full guide on how to sign your Ethereum address here: