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TOMO Reward
[Beta] Voting Reward Calculator: Calculation based on yearly estimates assuming 150 Masternodes, 12.5 million token voting, a total of 20 million token locked. Click here for details.

TomoChain (Beam Updates)

You might have heard about our new brand of products: #TomoX #TomoZ #TBlack & #TomoIssuer

More details will be released in the very near future 🤗

Meanwhile, let's look at what we have built so far: https://twitter.com/TomoChainANN/status/1137771153634627589

You can't go wrong with $TOMO!

Hey everyone, we are opening the TomoChain AMA thread on Reddit from now until this Sunday. Long Vuong - CEO, Son Nguyen - CTO and Jake Pang - Head of Communications will be there for you!

The topic this time is open so feel free to send us your questions 🙌 https://www.reddit.com/r/Tomochain/comments/bxvj26/ama_with_tomochain/

📌TomoChain - NOIA Network Partnership Announcement

We're happy to partner up with Noia Network - World's First Programmable Internet Backbone.

NOIA will explore the possibility of developing its services on TomoChain; issue NOIA tokens on our platform to facilitate transactions; look at TomoX to design Decentralized Internet Transit Exchange later.

Read more details here: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-noia-network-partnership-announcement-91d8509ea669

🎉Kudos to ChainTex team for TomoSwap mainnet launch - the first decentralized exchange platform on TomoChain. A new financial dApp: TomoSwap will increase liquidity and usability for TomoChain-based projects - and is inspired by Kyber Network protocol!

Read more details here: https://medium.com/@tomoswap/tomoswap-mainnet-launched-1376b56d2a5f

[TomoChain New trading pairs on Kucoin]

We are happy to announce the launch of TOMO/USDT and TOMO/NUSD trading pairs into the SC markets! You can start trading now.

To celebrate this event, TomoChain and Kucoin together host a TomoChain (TOMO) Trading Competition — 13,000 TOMO + 3,000 NUSD to Give Away!

Don't miss out this opportunity: https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-tomo-trading-competition-13000-tomo-3000-nusd-to-give-away

TomoChain’s techniques for Uniform Randomization for Block Double Validation was published in Association for Computing Machinery. This paper was presented & reviewed in Blockchain Technology Conference in March earlier this year.
Read more here: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3322133

📌TomoChain product's update: TomoWallet

Multi-wallet feature has finally been released.
- Add/import extra wallet (max 5 addresses)
- Receive notifications from all wallets
- Update the home screen
- Upgrade the wallet backup process to make your property more secure

Download TomoWallet and try it out:
- iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/tomo-wallet/id1436476145?mt=8
- Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tomochain.wallet

TomoChain and Contentos are collaborating to explore decentralized advertising, starting with DApp promotions. Driving forward with KOLs and an innovative platform, we together will bring high quality blockchain products and content to users and our community

Read more here: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-contentos-partnership-announcement-f8fcbcd73a68

TomoChain is partnering with Shyft Network to leverage the technology towards identity verification and privacy security. We hope to deliver future users a safe, secured identity network and thus accelerate the implication of blockchain in the Open Finance

Read more details: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-shyft-network-partnership-announcement-b398dac2224

📌[TomoChain Listing Update]

We are delighted to announce $TOMO is listing on BitForex
- BitForex launches TomoChain(TOMO) at 11:00am, May 24 (GMT+8)
- TOMO deposit will be available on 2019/5/24 11:00am (GMT+8)
- TOMO/BTC and TOMO/ETH trading pairs will be available on 2019/05/24 11:00am (GMT+8)

BitForex on CMC ranks 5th in terms of adjusted volume.

More information here: https://bit.ly/2WjnNA9
BitForex website: https://www.bitforex.com/

After the careful assessment, TomoChain is pleased to join Japan Blockchain Association (https://jba-web.jp/ ) along with Microsoft Japan, GMO Internet Group & Soramitsu. We're excited to explore more collaborations with notable JP/global blockchain projects & enterprises.

More details twitter.com/TomoChainANN/status/1129318911525048320

TomoMaster - TomoChain's built-in governance Dapp is No.1 Finance Dapp for both 7-day users on dapp.com.
Thank you all for your great support!
Our 150 masternodes always welcome more stakers. The more the merrier.


🛠️ TomoScan 1.4.0 has been out with more featured UI/UX improvements to provide users with further transparency to review and follow the blockchain information.

Read more details here: https://t.me/TomoChainChannel/263

TomoChain is thrilled to announce our partnership with AIS (Alternative Investment and Security Exchange) — Mongolian’s first cryptocurrency exchange to bring investors a unique set of effective and user-friendly tools in cryptocurrency trading.
Read more here: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-ais-partnership-announcement-471ce91adb3a

TomoMaster 1.4.0 has been released with security enhancements as well as UX improvements on delivering more masternode information for users to master the voting plan.
Read more details here t.me/TomoChainChannel/261

🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷 Welcome you all to join TomoChain Korea official community chat https://t.me/TomoChainKorea and Korea Announcement channel https://t.me/TomoChainKrANN . Stay tuned for more news from us!

🎯TomoChain teams up with Constant to bring first ever #stablecoin to its platform

Constant will become the very first stablecoin built on TomoChain and will grant TomoChain users access to its multiple financial opportunities — such as p2p investment opportunities, friendlier loans, and global money transfers.

Read more: medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-teams-up-with-constant-to-bring-first-ever-stablecoin-to-its-platform-42df43894464

📌TomoChain - BlackCat Partnership Announcement

This partnership will open doors in Spain and EU zone for TomoChain, increase blockchain awareness and adoption as well as market TomoChain technology to other blockchain projects and enterprises in the area.

Read more here: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-blackcat-partnership-announcement-82cf09bdc4c6

📌[TomoChain TechBlog] Understanding complexities in Blockchain Sharding, and TomoChain’s direction for implementation

This article discusses the complexity and state-of-the-art of Sharding in blockchains, why it is non-trivial to do blockchain sharding, and shortly presents the state of TomoChain’s sharding.

Read full article: https://medium.com/tomochain/complexity-in-blockchain-sharding-and-tomochains-direction-2dad35b7a84

🎯[TomoChain Game Dappathon] Update #1: 1st round summary

The 1st round of TomoChain Game Dappathon has closed. We are happy to welcome 7 game dApps to the TomoChain blockchain. The winners will be announced next Thursday, 2nd May, 2019.

Read full story: medium.com/tomochain/game-dappathon-update-1-7123ddc5fc27

📌TomoChain client v1.4 release announcement
- Chain-data pruning via the new garbage collector utility
- Security bug fix to avoid malicious masternodes panicking the chain
- Checkpoint timeout adjusted to 20s

Read more here: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-client-v1-4-release-announcement-c3f169b5ef03

🎉 TomoChain is officially listed on Dapp Review - the leading dApp platforms tracking 9 public chains with more than 3000 dApps: http://dapp.review/explore/tomo
Let's write a review for your favorite dApps on http://dapp.review .

dApps built on TomoChain are now featured on 2 well-known dApps listing platforms, Dapp.com and Dapp Review.

🌟The latest version of #TomoWallet (version 0.8 for Android & version 0.36 for iOS) is out
- Reward estimation: calculate the approximately amount of reward before vote.
- Display the time along with epoch reward.
- TRC20 Token management.
- Fix crash on home screen.
- Notification when Masternode’s status changed.
- Improve performance
- Fix crash on home screen (IOS), improve fingerprint (Android)

Feel free to report bugs to us via
https://github.com/tomochain/TomoWallet 🙏

📌TomoChain source code contribution

TomoChain would like to present our 1-year Github code commit history day by day starting from April 1st 2018. All credits go to the whole core blockchain team for your hard work as well as community effort for being supportive and providing valuable feedback

Check it out: https://youtu.be/UCjHUEogkuY

📌TomoChain — Morpheus Labs Partnership Announcement
We would like to introduce the latest partnership with Morpheus Labs to bolster our core offering and further defines our footprints in the blockchain business.
Read full article here: https://medium.com/tomochain/tomochain-morpheus-labs-partnership-announcement-af4e092c794c