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CoffeeCoin (Beam Updates)

We are happy to announce CoffeeCoin (COF) will list on ProBit Exchange.
Trading Pairs: COF/BTC
Start of Deposits/Withdrawals: September 24, 2019, 15:00 KST
Start of Trading: September 27, 2019, 15:00 KST
Signup To Deposit And Trade On Probit:

The new web client for the CoffeeCoin project is now live:

With the client, users can:

Make near-instant global payments across the entire coffee supply chain using CoffeeCoin cryptocurrency & utility token (COF) on the Waves platform.

Send and receive payments between producers, importers, exporters, roasters, cafes & consumers in seconds for less than 1 cent per transaction.

Transmit & preserve immutable coffee trade data on the blockchain.

CoffeeCoin (COF) can now be used to purchase high-scoring, single origin specialty coffee sets from Arizona, USA based micro-roasters Orange Cactus Coffee.

CoffeeCoin (COF on the Waves platform & DEX) has just become one of the first projects awarded qualified token status by CoffeeCoin has passed a rigorous review process to earn this status and now has its logo, ticker and status visible on the Waves platform clients and decentralized exchange.

Full details available here:

CoffeeCoin website:

CoffeeCoin (COF) チェーンでスペシャリティコーヒーの販売・購入

The CoffeeCoin Project is now offering direct-from-source fresh-roasted coffees from Thailand & Laos in their new webshop at . Pay with CoffeeCoin (COF on the Waves Platform). COF also used to transmit & preserve sales & shipment data on the blockchain!

Today we are happy to announce that CoffeeCoin (COF on the Waves Platform) has been integrated with . CoffeeCoin can now be purchased for USD and EUR on the CryptoWolf platform: . You can also instantly exchange BTC, ETH and LTC for CoffeeCoin with no KYC or order books to deal with.

Today we are happy to announce CoffeeCoin has been listed on the exchange. COF/BTC trading pair is now live at:

Crypto-themed clothing designer and retailer is now accepting CoffeeCoin for payments. They have also created unique COF inspired designs available on T-shirts, Hoodies and Mugs.

Full story here:

CoffeeCoin - - is now listed on the exchange - making it the first Waves-issued token to achieve interoperability with the Bitshares Network:

Today, CoffeeCoin - - is happy to announce our token has been integrated as a global cryptocurrency payment option to the latest release of the MyCryptoCheckout plugin for Wordpress and WooCommerce. Full details here:

Oct. 11, 2018: CoffeeCoin - is supporting Kahiyang Coffee's Greenbelt Project to connect coffee farmers directly w/ local roasters & cafes across Indonesia so they can receive more for their best beans. This 1kg roaster is our way of helping them get the ball rolling: