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SmartCash (Beam Updates)

SmartCash will attend the Paris Blockchain Summit on October 18th 2019

Want to help SmartCash get listed on, vote here!

The first version of the Android Wallet was finished and now released for tests. Check out our git repository.

You can buy SmartCash in physical stores in France. Make sure to visit Bitcoin Avenue in Caen

SmartCash Adoption in Portugal - new ATM locations and ATM vouchers

SmartCash is available on!

What's in SmartCash 1.3

Check out this video on YouTube:

Your Week in SmartCash: September 27, 2019

SmartCash v1.3 Sunrise is Coming Soon! Why is this important to all of us?

SmartCash is now available on SWAP4.ME!

Have you tried using our TipBot on Twitter yet?

Send crypto to anyone on Twitter via SmartCash TipBot, tell everyone that the future is here! #SmartCashForEveryone

SmartCash is now a partner of We support content decentralization and encourage you to become an influencer. Upload your video and win a trip to SF + 500 USD in SMART.

SmartCash is now available for exchange on!
Available pairs: $BTC / $ETH! is now supporting SmartCash!

RT: What does SmartCash mean to you?

For me, SmartCash $SMART is instant payments, ease of use, and a lot of ways to use crypto in real life.

What about you?

Your Week in SmartCash: Septmber 15, 2019

Vote for SmartCash

Help us get listed on a promising payment processor and grow our user adoption.

Your Week in SmartCash: September 5, 2019

We are growing our ATM network in Portugal.

We are happy to announce there are now five SmartCash ATMs in Portugal, where there only used to be one few days ago. More to come in a SmartTalk video interview.

"Why am I so excited about SmartCash?" - LilyDaVine from SmartCash Team

Watch this video on YouTube: is now supporting SmartCash!

You can take advantage of NO MASTERNODE COST offer to enjoy the best hosting services at no cost.

Our efforts to grow SmartCash in Brazil are getting recognition.

Read the full article on Cointelegraph: