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VeriSafe (Beam Updates)

Making further improvements to the VeriSafe dex: Charts and better display of markets
Powered by @0xProject
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Buy cryptocurrency at our new fiat-to-crypto gateway:
It's instant.
It's transparent.
It's safe.

Gateway powered @coindirectcom on our @0xProject
powered dex.

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#ETH #BTC $vsf #CryptoNewsv

TipGram - The Telegram Tipping Bot
Add to your Telegram community to tip others in your favourite ERC20 Tokens.
No Ether needed.
With mini-games.
Easy to use.
Premium custom versions available at #tipbot #telegram $vsf #tipgram

The VeriSafe Platform is building out piece-by-piece.
With our your token can now be easily shown on a CoinMarketCap listed exchange.
Apply now for your token to be listed.
@CoinMarketCap Powered by @0xProject

We’re excited to bring you some good news, our DEX has successfully integrated the 0xMesh Network, It enables relayers and traders to easily receive and share orders to increase the overall liquidity for the DEX!
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The VeriSafe Dex is now Mobile Friendly. You can choose from a range of providers to give you flexibility and security. Access now at (link:

DEX: (link:
What project would you like to see listed next?
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VeriDex now tracked at 0x tracker:
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We’re excited to announce that @ETHplode has been listed on the VeriSafe DEX!
Enjoy 0 trading fees on our DEX!
Trade here:
ETHplode is a deflationary decentralized store of value built on the Ethereum Blockchain.
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VeriSafe DEX launch Announcement:
We are excited to finally share with you the release of our DEX!
You can visit our DEX here:
How to use VeriSafe DEX tutorial:
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Thank you to @finexbox for the expedited the process.

$VSF surprise listing, now trading under the $BTC pair on

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The #VeriDex #testnet is now open to everyone! Get on and do some trading/testing, help us get it #Mainnet ready.
Sign in using the link below and get started.

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Introducing VeriSafe Rewards. A tribute to our holders, but everyone can join.

#HODL $VSF and you will now earn you more VSF!

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How to interact with the VeriSafe DEX on the Ropsten testnet by @JoaoCampos89

Another tutorial to help you get ready:

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How to set up your web wallet on the #VeriSafe #DEX by @JoaoCampos89.

Powered by #0x protocol, @0xProject’s standard for #Decentralized exchanges. Fueled by $VSF

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VeriSafe Platform Development Update 19-04-2019 via @YouTube

Some updates regarding Development: Web Wallet with Support to ERC20 and Dex in testing

Earn monthly VSF by becoming a VeriSafe Ambassador. Anyone can enroll in this program and begin performing simple tasks that help bring awareness to VeriSafe, and earn themselves VSF. Submit the form below for more information.

Want to get your hands on some easy $VSF? We will be opening up an Ambassador program that will reward contributors for completing easy to perform tasks that will help spread awareness of VeriSafe. Join to learn more.