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We are halfway through our Anonymize your Firo with Lelantus competition! 🚀 Anonymizing your coins helps to improve privacy for everyone!

There are big prizes up for grabs!

1st Prize: 400 FIRO
2nd Prize: 250 FIRO
3rd to 10th prize: 25 FIRO
11th to 25th prize: 10 FIRO

When in Doubt, ZOOM it out 🔍

Since the launch on #Bitmart exchange, #Ballswap has performed better then many other #cryptocurrencies.

Even in this red market #ROI since the launch of #BSP is 2000%.

We thank our community for such great support.

Charts by @CoinMarketCap.


MonKeyslots - Earn BANANO by Owning cryptomonKeys NFTs!

BANANO is also about trying out new ways of free and fair distribution. This time, we built a free2play/play2earn slot machine game you can use as BANANO faucet if you own cryptomonKeys NFTs! Take it as a first proof-of-concept beta to utilize NFT gamification for coin distribution across blockchains. Details:

Investment Token (DINT) Listing is Coming 🚀
👉 Additional Benefit from farming & staking 🚜
#DINT #token #Ecosystem #staking #farming #defi

Investment Token (DINT) Listing is Coming 🚀
👉 Additional Benefit from farming & staking 🚜
#DINT #token #Ecosystem #staking #farming #defi

🔥 8,141.96 #ETH & 2,895.64 #BNB worth $33,144,474 paid to the Liquidity providers since launch!

💰 Earn up to 478.13% APY

🚜 To start earning ETH, BNB, or $DYP rewards, you just need to join one of our #YieldFarming pools:

#DeFi #Ethereum #Binance

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The Auxilium Interest was distributed over the weekend! ✨

Up to 6.72% interest p.a chopped into monthly crypto rewards. Offline rewards! No mining or staking!

AUX is the most sustainable blockchain.


Not creating WAUX as an ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees of $400 per transaction are crazy. Especially considering Auxilium blockchain offers fees as low as 0.00000018 AUX per transaction.

We're moving to BSC and are sure WAUX will be the next BSCGem. 🚀

BANANO Community Event: 2021 Billboard Music Awards & Radio Hits Party (20k BAN in Prizes!)

Here's another BANANO community organized event, this time for everyone who loves music! Guess the 2021 Billboard Music Awards winners and win free BANANO! Details here:

PAC Protocol + Radiologex

One of PAC Protocol's largest partnerships is with Radiologex.
Using data storage from the PAC Network, R-DEE's platform is decentralized, immutable, fast and accessed in real-time for healthcare professionals.

This enables better care for the public with data that is trusted and secure, stored on over 1700 nodes.

PAC Protocol is excited to announce that it will be enabling PAC nodes to participate on the Flare network

PAC will structure a decentralized “Data Provider” on Flare that uses the PAC master node system to aggregate and submit price data to the Flare Network.

🗒 Particl V3 Progress Report (14-05-21) 🗒

A new Particl V3 progress report has just been published on Particl News.

Check it out to get up to with all the recent progress since our last progress update. The report also includes a list of the items that are going to be worked on next week and beyond.

Spoiler alert: New Particl V3 Testnet Build Incoming 😉


Exciting news from the GoodFi non-profit of which Fuse is a proud member🎉

GoodFi has formed its new advisory board, launched its user-focused website, and added major new DeFi members including @avalancheava and @SushiSwap 🤝

By joining GoodFi, some of the largest projects in DeFi are working together to improve education and adoption of DeFi with the goal of getting 100 million users by 2025 🚀

Read more 👉

We’re very proud to announce that CloakCoin is now listed on Dex-Trade! Trade CLOAK/BTC now!


#CloakCoin #DexTrade #CryptoExchange #Privacy #Privacycoin #Altcoin #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Cryptotrading #Altseason #Bitcoin $BTC $CLOAK $ETH

RyukyuToken (RKYU) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Join Community with 40% supply locked on Uniswap 🐶
#RKYU #RyukyuToken #token #memecoin #staking #app

RyukyuToken (RKYU) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Join Community with 40% supply locked on Uniswap 🐶
#RKYU #RyukyuToken #token #memecoin #staking #app

BeeHive 1.0.5 is now live.

This release fixes encrypted chat glitches and slowdowns.

Give it a try (PAND) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Benefit from auto staking and deflation of cryptocurrency 🐼
#PAND #PandaFinance #token #deflationary #staking #crypto

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