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coinbene token  (CONI)

Coinbene Token (CONI)

$0,034111706197 -6.3%
0,00000085 BTC -6.5%
0,00001487 ETH -6.5%
309 persoane apreciază asta
24H Range
Capitalizare la bursă $1.512.925
Vol. tranzacționare pe 24 ore $143.770
Rezervă circulantă 44.352.078
Total Supply 808.261.779
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Coinbene Token (CONI) Price Chart

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CONI Price and Market Stats

Prețul pentru CONI $0,034111706197
Capitalizare la bursă $1.512.925
Dominanță capitalizare la bursă 0,00%
Volumul de tranzacționare $143.770
Volum/Capitalizare la bursă 0.095
Minim în 24 ore / Maxim în 24 ore $0,034173649381 / $0,036392179834
Minimum 7z / Maximum 7 z $0,033655801465 / $0,036794802280
Rang capitalizare la bursă #1678
Maxim istoric $0,157562 -78.4%
Jun 30, 2018 (aproximativ 3 ani)
Minim istoric $0,005451619718 525.7%
Jan 29, 2019 (mai mult de 2 ani)

Despre Coinbene Token

Prețul Coinbene Token (CONI) de astăzi este de $0,034111706197 cu volum de tranzacționare în 24 de ore de $143.770. Prețul a scăzut cu -6.3% în ultimele 24 de ore. Are o rezervă circulantă de 44 Milion monede și o rezervă maximă de 808 Milion monede.CoinBene este în prezent cea mai activă piață pentru tranzacții cu acestea.

CoinBene Token (the "Coni") is a crypto-token developed by the CoinBene exchange. It has a strict total volume of 1 billion, which will be created and never increased. Coni will run on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20.

Value of Coni

1. 40% of Profit-sharing: 40% of the net profit of the platform is used to reward Coni holders in 8th of each month such as the first reward time is July 8th and so on. Based on developing of CoinBene, the monthly rewards will be replaced by weekly rewards.

2. Exclusive Discounts of Trade Fee: Coni holders will be expected to enjoy the exclusive discounts of trade fee, the more holding amount, the bigger discounts, with 70% off in maximum.

3. Guarantee Deposit: Every new project needs to deposit a number of Coni tokens based on market value to a listing guarantee with 10 months reserved period. The guarantee deposit will be refunded in 1st of each month and the proportion of refunds is 10% of the guarantee deposit until all of them.

4. Listing vote: As platform develops, CoinBene will adopt 'Voting to listing' model.

5. Global Partner: With the acceleration of globalization, CoinBene will select global partners. In addition to other requirements, the partner is expected to deposit a number of Coni tokens based on market value to a cooperating guarantee.

6. Public Blockchain: CoinBene will release Coni public blockchain, meanwhile, the global business process will be managed on blockchain and the application of Coni will extend in the future.

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