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Emerald Crypto (Beam Updates)

Emerald Crypto mining pools still exists. Visit https://www.emeraldcrypto.de to see where you can mine EMD. If you are a pool operator of an EMD mining pool, feel free to contact us to get listed on the EMD website. Every hashpower contribution is welcome.

Now Emerald Crypto updated of all exchange values on our website. Get an overview with one click. Visit https://www.emeraldcrypto.de

Emerald Crypto price fell after Cryptopia Exchange was hacked. We have now price levels of 50 SAT/EMD or 0.0016 USD/EMD at Graviex.net and Nova Exchange. Time to get into as EMD holder with low budget and wait for reopening of Cryptopia Exchange. Try it and support EMD

Emerald Crypto is successfully listed on https://graviex.net. There are three trading pairs available. EMD_BTC -> https://graviex.net/markets/emdbtc and EMD_LTC -> https://graviex.net/markets/emdltc and EMD_GIO -> https://graviex.net/markets/emdgio There is also an EMD Faucet for free EMD coins available on Graviex Exchange. Join and happy trading on the third exchange of EMD.

Dear Community! We got in touch with @graviex_net after their tweet and agreed upon the listing within 24 hrs with a fee payment delay of 15days. The EMD core team guarantees to fulfill their payment obligations. @graviex_net confirms the listing by retweeting this announcement.
Trading EMD on Graviex Exchange will be possible soon. Stay tuned.

Emerald Crypto is asked for a whitepaper. We have something similar. Visit our Coin Wik entry on https://coinwik.org/Emerald_Crypto and give us your feedback.

You do not want to mine Emerald Crypto? No Problem! You can buy EMD now. You can get EMD at Nova Exchange. https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_EMD/ With the lowest price since long time. When Cryptopia restarts the price will recover and these low prices will disappear. Try it out !

Emerald Crypto is still looking for new exchanges to get listed. Let us know if you would like to list EMD. Our project is small but nice. Feel free to contact us.

Dear #Emerald #Crypto Community!

We would like to inform you that you can trade $EMD on @nova_exchange

We are waiting for the restart of @Cryptopia_NZ

Feel free to contact us for more information.

New at scrypt mining? Do you have a tiny miner and looking for a low difficulty mineable coin? Try #Emerald #Crypto $EMD and get your first experience in mining. Visit https://www.emeraldcrypto.de

Welcome to the 2019, the year that will fulfill every cryptocoin promise.
Let's work for a better world with peace and respect across every border.
Believe in your dreams.
Your EMD core team.

#Emerald #Crypto a #Cryptocurrency wishes you Merry Christmas and invites you to answer our community poll to get your Christmas gift from $EMD. https://t.co/otdsndOsmC

Emerald Crypto would like to say thank you for your support in 2018 and wishes you and your families peace on earth.

Emerald Crypto contacts and talks with ShapeShift.io for a possible listing.
That would be great for the EMD project.

We encourage every open source project to start to think big.

Emerald Crypto has serious offers from new Exchanges.
Give us your feedback where $EMD should get listed.
Send us your favorite Exchange where you would like to see EMD.

you can use the contact form on the EMD website

here is the Twitter poll

EmeraldCrypto has a coinwik.org article.
Visit https://coinwik.org/Emerald_Crypto and get an overview about our open source project.

Our Project is looking for new Exchanges to get listed.
Send us your favorite one and we try to get listed.
Help our project to get listed on your favorite exchange
Ask them for listing EMD and give us a hint.
Feel free to donate for the listing fee

Are you a Scrypt Miner?
Then you are welcome to mine Emerald Crypto.
EMD is mineable
on https://hash-to-coins.com,
on https://ispace.co.uk,
on https://coinminerpool.com,
on https://prohashing.com,
on http://siberia.mine.nu:12125/static
We call for more hashpower for EMD. Let the project get stronger.
And if you are an operator of an EMD miningpool, contact us at info@emeraldcrypto.de and we will list your miningpool on the EMD website.

Give us a feedback. Vote on our poll about the current needs of Emerald Crypto on Twitter.

A sad story from the world of cryptocurrencies was Cryptsy Exchange.
Did you loose EMD funds on the Cryptsy exchange on 2015 ?
Are you interested to know what was happend with your funds ?
Then you should visit our Cryptsy Wallet Analysis

You will really wonder !

to the EMD community
Are you an EMD holder with holding more than 10K EMD ?
Prove it by signing the text "i am an EMD holder" with your wallet and send it to info@emeraldcrypto.de
You will became a member of EMD community, get informations exclusively from the EMD core team about development, planed exchange listings before get these public and you can have an influence to the open source project.
Get your welcome bonus of 10 EMD one time.
Join the EMD project and be an EMD support

Emerald Crypto renounces the listing on https://raisex.io .
We take the scam reports about this exchange very serious and according our responsibility for our community we decide to remove $EMD from this exchange.
Please keep this in your mind.

Your EMD Core Team

Emerald Crypto informs you about latest Exchange listing on http://Raisex.io .
Please be CAREFUL and do your own research BEFORE you use this exchange.
We are trying to clarify the situation and come back with news.

Meanwhile be patient and do not use this site.

Emerald Crypto is also listed on Reddit

Join us

Emerald Crypto is listed on Cheddur (https://www.cheddur.com). We reward every review for the EMD coin on Cheddur. Send us an eMail.

Emerald Crypto runs a Web Wallet.
Please visit https://webwallet.emeraldcrypto.de