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EUNO (Beam Updates)

Dear Eunoverse,
You can vote for best masternode coin 2019 MasterNodesPro. Your vote will make a huge difference for EUNO's exposure. Please go to https://discord.gg/PZSHcgK and vote Euno• in the vote room. Show them our strength!

Euno we are up to something! read all about it! Your February Update is here thanks to @Cryp_thomas


Let’s get pumped before livestream! General Knowledge Trivia on February 9th 5:30pm Eastern Time. Your chance to get a cold storage Right before our Larry and Joe Show livestream!

Thanks to 247 Bits HQ for sponsoring this trivia!

Join - https://t.me/EUNOofficial

We are excited to give the Crypto community a sneak peek of our mobile wallet development which will be finished in Q1!

Mobile graphic designs are all done by Euno's Team Core Member RekMe (Iskandar Zulkarnaen)


We are proud to announce a new functionality for Euna! Track your Euno• masternodes and see if they are online with one simple command!

Come visit our Telegram for more information http://t.me/EUNOofficial

We are proud to announce a new functionality for our servicebot Euna•!

Track your Masternodes and see If they are online with one simple command!

Come visit our Telegram for more information t.me/EUNOofficial

Have you ordered merchandise thru our website yet? Damiano Santos did and shared his experience with us - https://youtu.be/3MmjaReyVYQ.

Check out http://shop.euno.co For more designs and share your Euno• wear pictures with us.

Join us at: http://t.me/EUNOofficial

Check out our new Merchandise designs we have released!

Like Astronauts and Whales we have the perfect hoodie for you!

If your love where any market is going your going to love our bulls and bears hoodie.

Hurry! Go buy one to keep you warm! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Euno

The Euno Coin Director of Operations gives a quick update on the mobile app development. He will be making bi-weekly update videos about their progress.


Our Euno Voting Portal has now officially launched!!

Arjan has done an amazing job and the masternode operators have successfully held their first vote!!

Voting portal Github - https://github.com/Euno/VotingPortal/releases/tag/1.0.0

To find out more join our Telegram - https://t.me/EUNOofficial

Don’t forget Febuary 9th 7pm EST we will make history. The Euno Team, and a lot of their followers will be live on Larry and Joe Show! If you would like to participate and introduce yourself, join us on Telegram: http://t.me/EUNOofficial


Did you know it's Data Privacy Day today?

Euno is a privacy by choice coin that uses darksend coinmixing to let you send coins anonymously.

Join our telegram and learn everything about it: http://t.me/EUNOofficial

The results are in from our first test vote. The masternode holders have made their choice about being able to vote anonymously. Thank you for voting masternode holders!


Another roadmap point completed! We got a legal opinion and passed the howey test! This is an important step as it opens a lot of doors for Euno•


Our Proposal Voting Portal will be opening on 1/23 12:00AM +1 GMT! If you are a masternode holder be ready to test our voting portal!

Here is the link: https://voting.euno.co/optional-anonymous-voting-governance-portal

Euno has now been added to MasterNodesPro discord announcement channel to keep everyone up-to-date with our latest announcements!!

Join Masternodespro Discord - https://discord.gg/ju5AbMx

Join Euno Tg - https://t.me/EUNOofficial

Now you can get Euno on bitexlive

You can trade with BTC:EUNO USDT:EUNO LTC:EUNO DOGE:EUNO pairs.

Get your EUNO• at:


Euno would like to introduce to you its newest member of the team, Arjan!!

Arjan Has already done incredible work for Euno by creating a voting portal for our governance model!!

He is a huge asset to the team and we look forward to the road ahead together!!


We are happy to announce we have translated the website to Portuguese and French! We want to expand our community and let everyone know about EUNO!!

Are you "BALLS DEEP" in crypto? Grab your new gear and join our lovely EUNO community and share your best moment's in crypto with us.


We are thrilled to release our 2019 Roadmap!! 2018 was a great year for EUNO. So much was achieved, and we would like to thank our great community for their support. Help us govern and develop EUNO into the best decentralized cryptocurrency out there!


It's the start of a new year !!! And we are pleased to tell you that we have 19% off EVERYTHING on our Merchandise Shop - http://shop.euno.co

Enter code SALE19

Promotion runs 8th-12th January.

EUNO· Is happy to announce we now have a Spanish version of the website! As a global project, we will continue to add more languages.


Hamos Traducido nuestro sito de web en Español. Como proyecto global, continuaremos agregando más idiomas.

The Euno team is happy to show off it's new website! Our new website includes a more in depth "Meet the Team" section with individual biographies and real photos. Euno is ready to start the new year off with a new website and more deliverables coming soon.


Trivia tomorrow is sponsored by 247BitsHQ and VergeJaguar

Join us at 8:30pm pacific time, theme of trivia is EUNO accomplishments via Telegram.

Please check out EUNO cold storage wallets http://247bits.com and http://t.me/HQ247Bits