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Impleum (Beam Updates)

Live AMA session with Impleum Core Team.
Ask the Team your questions on Wed, February 27, 2019 from 14:00 CET.
Location: http://bit.ly/2STyngv

See the current value of the Impleum coin.
Market Cap - $117,549 USD 29 BTC
Volume (24h) - $64,767 USD 16.25 BTC
Circulating Supply - 4,259,514 IMPL
Total Supply - 4,467,336 IMPL

Timeline with all the latest tasks performed by the Impleum team

Follow the latest news, events and active actions of the Impleum team on the timeline!
The timeline is the display of a list of events in chronological order.

We offer you an overview of the most interesting news Impleum for the period , from 9 - 15, February 2019

Coin Impleum TOP-3 (24h Volume) on Crex24
Price - 0,00000824
Volum - 23,39265540
Change +12,26%

Comparative characteristics table of the wallets that support IMPL
In order for you to have an idea which wallet is right for you we have created a comparative table of all wallets.
Now you can choose a IMPL wallet for your tasks.
At the moment, the market has more than 7 different cryptocurrency wallets supporting IMPL. Cryptocurrency wallet is a software for secure storage and implementation of transactions with IMPL coins.

Ukrainian popular resource Mind.ua uses Quizi.io polls

Resource Mind.ua tested Quizi.io technology.
This is the first step towards the relationship between Quizi.io and Mind.ua

Dear community!
How about a new article? It is already on Medium.
Read here:

Dear community!
We start the week with good news.
The turnover of Impleum coins reached 83,000 dollars.

Market Cap - $131 453 USD 36 BTC
Volume (24h) - $69 801 USD 19,10 BTC
Circulating Supply - 4 200 944 IMPL
Total Supply - 4 408 726 IMPL

Impleum Weekly Digest #3
​We offer you an overview of the most interesting news Impleum for the period ,
from 1 - 8, February 2019

Impleum has been listed on Bullseye.io
Кeal-time cryptocurrency price tracking web app:

Dear friends!
Our new article about Impleum Masternode Registration Protocol is already on recource Medium.
You can read here:

Our team started developing Impleum Sidechains.
Recently, we wrote about Sidechains technology, you can read by clicking on the link:

Dear community!
While the price for Impleum is low, do not miss your chance for a bargain purchase!
Hurry, buy!
Market Cap - $121 492 USD - 35 BTC
Volume (24h) - $14 345 USD - 4,14 BTC
Circulating Supply - 4 148 984 IMPL
Total Supply - 4 368 711 IMPL

We offer you an overview of the most interesting news Impleum for the period , from 19 - 31, January 2019

The day starts with great news about Impleum.
The Impleum coin turnover this week reached 45,000 USD

Market Cap $151 495 USD - 44 BTC
Volume (24h) $19 750 USD - 5,73 BTC
Circulating Supply - 4 124 363 IMPL
Total Supply - 4 344 066 IMPL

Impleum has been listed on Cobak.co South Korean Crypto Service
Follow Impleum coin by link.

Great news! Implum listed #SWFTBlockchain
Follow the link and follow us here:
SWFT is a cross-blockchain platform. On the APP, the website, or the API, users can transfer cryptocurrency with one click. Built by world experts in artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain.

Dear community! Who else does not know, on the website Impleum you can pass Test by Quizi.io. All questions in the test related to the platform Impleum. To answer the question, you need to learn interesting facts about the project. The most important thing is that you can earn IMPL, and also sell them on: CryptoBridge and Crex24.
Quizi.io is a powerful marketing tool for conducting quizzes and tests.
Faster get your IMPL

Our new article about Impleum Sidechains is already on Medium.
You can read here:

Impleum has been listed on Coindar.org.
Coindar.org - a calendar of events cryptocurrency. Accounting investments, forecasts.
Every day Coindar visits about 10.000 unique viewers, more than 18.000 people are subscribed on our social media and we have more 30.000 are registered on the website.
Now you can follow future events and analyze past Impleum events on:

​​The Privacy Wallet is Decentralizing Privacy For Bitcoin with TumbleBit

Impleum team released the testnet alpha of the Privacy Wallet, a decentralized, in-wallet privacy solution for Bitcoin. It is an implementation of TumbleBit, a privacy protocol which uses a trustless tumbler that cannot steal BTC and cannot undermine the anonymity of the parties involved.
The Privacy Wallet uses an Impleum Masternode server to provide users with a very high anonymity.
More: http://bit.ly/2VFHwqJ

​Impleum launched an alternate block explorer
​Impleum Project are pleased to announce that now all information about the Impleum blockchain is available in the alternative block explorer: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/impl/
Cryptoid provides blockchain explorers for several crypto-currencies.
It does not provide any currency exchange, wallet or money services. It only present public blockchain data.

Today is the big Day! Impleum Masternode is working In testnet with BTC network. Soon it will be available for Public testing.
Privacy Protocol takes an amount of Bitcoin at a time, shuffles and swaps it with other coins, then transfers it to your destination wallet. It can take some time to transfer several coins.
Impleum Masternode use 100k IMPL for registration and working as a BTC Mixer, gives reward in BTC to MN holder.
More about Impleum MN: https://impleum.com/masternodes/

A Christmas Gift: Impleum Lite wallet TestNet Pre-release
The Impleum Core Team congratulates the whole cryptocurrency community and partners with Christmas and gives you a small Christmas gift. New release of lite and fast wallet that supports two blockchains at once – IMPL and BTC.