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Nimiq (Beam Updates)

Team Nimiq is excited to announce that the project has recently acquired a 9.9% stake in German WEG Bank AG. This acquisition further solidifies the strategic partnership between Nimiq and WEG Bank on Nimiq OASIS, a potentially revolutionary crypto-to-fiat bridge.
Learn more about it in the latest blog post:

Team Nimiq is excited to announce that Binance's TrustWalletApp, a multi-crypto wallet, now supports NIM. We are also planning a promotion to the first users that install Trust Wallet and create a Nimiq account.
Learn more about the promotion and the ongoing collaboration between Team Nimiq and Trust Wallet here:

Nimiq is going to be at the TicoBlockchain Conference in Costa Rica on Saturday February 2, 2019. Four team members will be speaking at the conference and on top of it, Nimiq is sponsoring the closing event.