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Qtum (Beam Updates)

Development Updates - November 04 - 10 🔧🔨

Qtum continuously looks into different blockchain privacy solutions to develop use cases for everyone. Some approaches can seem overly complicated, which is why MimbleWimble’s easy-to-grasp design has taken favor among many in the crypto space.

Every week of development updates gears up for the #Qtum Leap. Here are a few highlights from last week:

Merging Pull Requests into x86
Updating Qtum’s Lightning Network Daemon ⚡️
SDK work-in-progress

Check out last week’s development report. We launched a few new updates:

- Qtum Android Wallet released on Google Play Store

- Qtum base image updated to v0.18.1 on AWS
- Qtum base image updated to v0.18.1 on Google Cloud

Qtum Mainnet Hard Fork Results 📖 Read all about it!

Get to know two of the Qtum co-founders, Patrick Dai & Jordan Earls, on the Crypto101 Podcast Founder Series!

Qtum Electrum v0.18.6 has been released. Here's what's new:

- logs can now also optionally be written to disk
- fix mobile and qt core support
- QIP9 difficulty adjustment algorithm change

Last week was pretty eventful! Check out the weekly development updates and see for yourself:
- Updated @googlecloud base image to v0.18.1
- Added opcodes for #Qtum x86 VM
- Electrum v0.18.16 released
- Qtum Core update tutorials

Roughly 12 hours until the hard fork - if you're staking on Qtum Core, make sure your client is running v0.18.1.

Check out CoinGecko's explainer of the upcoming Qtum Hard Fork:

There are less than 1,000 blocks to go before the hard fork!

Make sure you updated your Qtum Core wallet:

Paying your friends just got a lot more fun with Metal Pay’s addition of Qtum 🤘🤘🤘

Qtum Weekly Update Report - make sure to stay informed - the hard fork is coming this week!

The Qtum Testnet Hard Fork activated and has been running smoothly for over two weeks!

Check out the immediate and visible results in our latest blog post:

Confidential Assets are coming to Qtum!

As part of the upcoming hard fork, Qtum will introduce several precompiled contracts to the EVM on top of Qtum which will enable more efficient smart contracts that offer the creation and transfer of confidential assets.

Read all about it:

The Top 10 Questions you have about the Qtum Hard Fork have been answered!

The first scheduled hard fork is just one stop on the road to Qtum 2.0!

Check out last week's updates - there's lots of development around Neutron, a new smart contract platform being built on top of Qtum ⚛️

The Road to Qtum 2.0 - The First Fork

Get an overview of all the technological updates coming to Qtum with the community's first hard fork and stay informed!

QIP - 9, part of the upcoming Qtum hard fork, will smooth out the Network Weight estimation for staking - resulting in a ~13% increase in staking rewards per day.

Remember to upgrade to v0.18.1 or above to enjoy the better yield!

Learn more about this proposal:

In addition to preparing for the first hard fork network upgrade, we've been working diligently on the new Qtum Virtual Machine and the tools for it.

See what we've been up to:

Make sure to mark your calendars. The first scheduled Qtum hard fork is approaching!

Block height #466,600 ~ October 16, 2019

Let's upgrade the network together.

Get an overview of Qtum’s first upcoming hard fork: what improvements are included, what it means, and how to prepare.

As part of the upcoming hard fork, the virtual machine within Qtum will be upgraded to Ethereum’s Constantinople version.

So say hello to some very welcome cryptography Improvements, storage cost optimizations, and better privacy.

Qtum 2.0 is just around the corner.