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swiftcash  (SWIFT)
SwiftCash (SWIFT)
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Рыночная капитализация
$51 966
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$0,00049062 / $0,00049511
Circulating Supply
104 988 231 / 5 000 000 000

SwiftCash (Beam Updates)

SwiftPay: $SWIFT, $BTC, $LTC, & $DOGE Payment Gateway — 0% Fees, 100% Decentraliezd & P2P. 10,000 SWIFT Up For Grab For The First Online Merchant Who Integrates SwiftPay! #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Dogecoin #Dash #SwiftCash #Crypto #Gold #Silver

SwiftRewards Tier 1, Round 7 were paid today due to yet another 44.5% decline in the price of #SwiftCash in the past 30 days! Get rewarded for HODLing in bear markets! 🚀

HODL Deposits imitate term deposits in traditional banking. Lock your coins in the blockchain for up to 12 months to get the best rate! To find out more, visit #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Altcoin #Litecoin #Dogecoin #Dash #SwiftCash #Gold #Silver #Investing #USD

Escodex has now disabled all deposits. You have another week or so to withdraw your coins, as Escodex plans to shut down! Hurry up champs!

You can now trade #SwiftCash on #Bitshares vs. $BTS, $BTC, $LTC, $DOGE, $STEEM, $USD, $EUR and more! Join #bitshares on for deposits/withdrawals!

$SWIFT withdrawals on Escodex aren't working and we're still waiting for the support to contact us back. You can trade $SWIFT on Crex24 or STEEM-Engine in the meantime!

SwiftRewards Tier 2, Round 1 Paid! First quarterly snapshot paying 1.76% to eligible HODLers due to bears ruining the price. Block 262,800 also marks the first semiannual and the second quarterly as well as the sixth monthly snapshots for SwiftRewards. #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Litecoin

Thrilled to announce that SwiftCash is now on STEEM-Engine! Steemians can now trade SWIFT vs. STEEM with 0% trading fees and only 1% fee in deposits and withdrawals!

The "Atomic Swap" soft fork is now complete! Staking with old wallets is now going to continually produce orphans, as the majority of miners have updated and reject such blocks! 🚀

SwiftRewards Tier 1, Round 4 Paid! As explained in the #SwiftCash whitepaper, SwiftRewards are airdrops on holders in bear markets to stablize the price!

SwiftCash v2.1.0 is out now and is a mandatory update for all Miners 🤓 BIP65's soft fork will take place after the majority of Miners update. Others are highly welcome to update as well!

SwiftCash UpvoteBot for STEEM: First $SWIFT payments to STEEM delegators were made successfully. You can read more about the details here:

#SwiftCash is now selling upvotes on @steemit with a minimum of +1% ROI. 100% of the revenue including curation rewards will be split among the delegators in the form of $SBD, $STEEM and $SWIFT! 🤑 #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Dogecoin

SwiftCash is now on reddit:

Provably fair lotteries on ! Now running 5 jackpots in a span of 500,000 block or appx. 1 year! Tickets are 10 SWIFT! 🤑 LIKE and RT for a chance to win a free ticket!

SwiftRewards, Tier 1, Round 1, were paid to eligible addresses today. ROI was appx. 0.55%. SwiftRewards is a mechanism adopted by the SwiftCash community to reward long-term holders and help stablize the price, by airdropping holders in bear markets.

Congratulations to the Dogecoin community! DOGE won the poll on both Twitter and Facebook and will soon be added to our radically easy-to-use web/mobile wallet, made for absolute noobs!

Do you know how to investigate the inflation of a #cryptocurrency? Here's a brilliant article investigating the inflation of SwiftCash!

Only 4 more days left for the competition between DOGE and DASH to get listed on our web/mobile wallet! Polls are running on both Twitter and Facebook and there's 100K SWIFT giveaway on both platforms. Don't be too late!


You can now look at the minimum and maximum annual inflation under "Node Info" section of our explorer! The minimum and maximum annual inflation updates every 10 minutes and comes with an API!

Staking ROI calculator has now been added to our explorer! Click on the ROI tab in the main menu to view or play around with the calculations!

SwiftNode ROI calculator has now been added to our explorer! Click on the ROI tab from the main menu to view and/or play around with the calculations!

You can now click on block values on the explorer to convert them to USD, and if you click on them again, they will convert back to SWIFT! How cool is that?!

The new version of our mobile-friendly web wallet is now out and it supports #Bitcoin and #Litecoin as well. The wallet is still 100% open-source with client-side signatures, hosted on github!