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Beam Updates

Notifications directly from project teams.

Learn about user-centric product design and some of our processes in our latest deep dive!
Medium article link —

Syscoin is excited to join CoinGecko Beam to keep you updated with the latest developments. Check out our weekly update number 22 now and expect more news from us soon!

Dear community,

The #Lethean update is online! Enjoy the read!

We are making very nice progress.
Some cool surprises!

Big news today! We’re excited to launch Spring, a fundraising platform that allows social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise funds via cryptocurrencies.

Politeia is going live! As of today, all Decred stakeholders have the power to vote on proposals via Through this platform they decide which proposals get funded by the project treasury. The future of Decred is fully in the hands of those who HODL DCR.

Trade and Win Blue Whale (BWX) - 5,000 USDT equivalent of Blue Whale (BWX) up for grabs!

Top 1: 1,200 USDT equivalent of BWX
Top 2: 900 USDT equivalent of BWX
Top 3: 800 USDT equivalent of BWX
Top 4: 600 USDT equivalent of BWX
Top 5: 500 USDT equivalent of BWX

ALL USERS - make minimum 1 trade of BWX/BTC during campaign period to share prize pool of 1,000 USDT worth of BWX

Learn more:

From 12 October to 19 October, 4pm (GMT+8), be the Top 5 XCD/ETH traders (by total trading volume*) and stand to win XCD tokens!

ALL OTHER USERS - Trade minimum 5 USDT equivalent of XCD, Get 5 USDT equivalent of XCD!

Learn more:

Join us for a fun night of cryptocurrency & blockchain chat and discussion, at Cryptology Exchange first-ever Moscow Blockchain Night!

Date: 24 October 2018, Wednesday
Time: 6.50pm – 9.30pm
Location: To be announced

RSVP here now:


Дата: 24 октября, среда
Время: 18:50 – 21:30
Место: Скоро объявим

Progress on the Zero Client Experience is ahead of schedule. Still much work to do, but progressing nicely. $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto #roadmap #future #decentralized #identity #realestate #voting #elections #enterprise #data #mobile #ipfs #ZERO

The latest project update where we talk about technical releases, joining Delta Direct and CoinGecko Beam is now available to read on our blog! 📬

TPS Competition Champion List (Part 1) published. We are proud to see that so many developers could run our codes. Thank you so much for joining in the competition, we still accept submissions, don't miss it.

ALZA world debut on CoinTiger at 16:00 on OCT 18th, 2018(UTC+8)

ALZA/BTC、ALZA/ETH trading pairs will be available on CoinTiger at 16:00 on October 18th.

Here is the specific time,

1. Deposit for ALZA will be available at 16:00 on October 17th, 2018(UTC+8).

2. ALZA/BTC、ALZA/ETH trading pairs will be available at 16:00 on October 18th, 2018(UTC+8).

3. Withdrawal for ALZA will be available at 16:00 on October 24th, 2018(UTC+8).

Subsequent Rules for Introduction of Equity Mechanism into TCH

Please check the link for further details :

We’re pleased to announce CoinTiger’s big move:100% equity interest of CoinTiger will be granted for TigerCash(TCH) holders.

Through this big move, we hope to provide a value circulation method that is substantially superior to equity. We hope that a substantial donation of nearly 90% of the existing shareholder interest will inject a powerful dose of energy into the company’s further development.

For further details:

Tiger Cash (TCH) Introduction

Tiger Cash (TCH could be recognized as a symbol) is a platform token issued by the CoinTiger exchange, which is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum.

For further details please check:

CoinTiger Exchange and John Wick Security Lab have reached a strategic cooperation.

Up to now, CoinTiger has reached cooperation with many partners in smart contract auditing as well as network security such as Chaitin Tech, SECBIT, KNOWNSEC.COM,, and John Wick Security Lab and thus to protect the crypto assets for users together.

CoinTiger Introduction

CoinTiger platform is a global and innovative crypto asset exchange that provides multi-cryptocurrency trading services in multi-language to blockchain enthusiasts around the world.

The mission of CoinTiger is to provide excellent crypto-assets with secure and reliable trading services for blockchain enthusiasts.

Euno your riddles? Be ready to sizzle! I weigh nothing, but you can still see me. If you put me in a bucket, I make the bucket lighter. What am I? Be ready to join us OCT. 17th to figure out my riddle! 6 pm GMT

Get your hands on the latest Weekly Nano Update, covering Epoch Blocks, the Boulton release and more!

We are excited to invite Masternode operators to join our exclusive Governance Telegram Group.

This group is the first phase of EUNO's decentralization of its decision making process to ensure continued coin development.

Please fill out this form to join

Emerald Crypto renounces the listing on .
We take the scam reports about this exchange very serious and according our responsibility for our community we decide to remove $EMD from this exchange.
Please keep this in your mind.

Your EMD Core Team

DAPS is now available on Bitladon, a direct purchase gateway for Euro users! Bitladon is the English side of Bitcoinmeester, one of the largest Dutch-serving crypto platforms.

We believe having a mix of traditional exchanges and services such as this will allow more people to get involved in our project.

You can view all active DAPS markets here:

Happy trading!

Some dev updates for you all this week:
The Android app and web wallet will be upgraded to use the new, custom block processor, meaning faster transactions and more reliable balance reporting for these wallets. We are also releasing the live wallet update and a new light theme for the web marketplace demo.
And lastly, we will be updating the desktop client and Qt wallet with some new features in preparation for the next phase of dynamic peg testing.

📌 DACash website has been updated, added price, new pools, monitorings, profitability calculator mining and masternodes.

Emerald Crypto informs you about latest Exchange listing on .
Please be CAREFUL and do your own research BEFORE you use this exchange.
We are trying to clarify the situation and come back with news.

Meanwhile be patient and do not use this site.

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