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Chain Reaction Supply Chain Opportunity Summit

Chain Reaction Supply Chain Opportunity Summit

Тип мероприятия:

Дата мероприятия:
Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018 to Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018


Электронная почта:

Место проведения:
Loyola University

1032 W Sheridan Rd Chicago,IL60660 United States

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Transform your Supply Chain into a hyper-efficient cost-saving, risk-reducing, sustainable Demand Chain.

In today’s global economy, goods sometimes travel a worldwide circuit with multiple stops before reaching their final destination. This distance between source and recipient offers great potential for confusion and today’s consumer wants to understand the what, where, and how of a particular product’s provenance.

Blockchain technology offers a secure digital ledger in which the multiple participants on a given Supply Chain can update data in real time. Thoughtful incorporation of the Blockchain into your Supply Chain practice offers increased security, transparency, responsiveness and eventually can fully transform your Supply Chain into a hyper-efficient cost-saving, risk-reducing Demand Chain.

2 Visionary Keynote Speakers
Hear from some of today’s most compelling and sought-after Supply Chain innovators.

Unmatched Networking
Connect with and learn about the latest trends and best practices from Supply Chain senior executives and fellow enthusiasts.

Conference Topics:
Supply Chain Challenge: Transparency Traps
Blockchain Breakthrough: Blockchain + IoT for Unstoppable Supply Chains
Prepare for Track and Trace Regulations with Blockchain
Blockchain Breakthrough: Radical Responsiveness
Stewarding Supply Chain Security with Blockchain
Blockchain and the Sustainable Supply Chain
Blockchain Breakthrough: Smart Contracts for a Smarter Supply Chain
Supply Chain Challenge: Consumer Demands for Traceability and Sustainability Steven Mavity, SVP, Technical Services & Corporate Quality, Bumble Bee Foods
Blockchain Breakthrough: Tokens for Trust in Tracking

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