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Currently trading on DACH.EXCHANGE:


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http://DACH.EXCHANGE added a new feature: 💥Community voting💥

1️⃣ Support your coin and sign them up on http://listing.dachcoin.live

2️⃣ Vote for your coin to get listed on http://voting.dachcoin.live


DACH Coin introduces a new, innovative feature to be rewarded for #HODL DACHX on http://DACH.EXCHANGE .

For more info check https://dach.exchange/faq/25


DACHCOIN 66% locked and almost at 400 Masternodes!

Within 6 months:

http://Dachcoin.live ✔️ launched
http://DACH.EXCHANGE ✔️ launched

Coming this year:
💲Expand http://Dachcoin.live
💲Expand http://DACH.EXCHANGE
💲DACH Marketplace


DACH COIN released DACH.EXCHANGE, our own cryptocurrency exchange!

Invite other members using your referral link on http://DACH.EXCHANGE and earn 25% off the fees of your referral


DACHCOIN is added on @Staking_LAB

Now you can invest your DACHX in pool staking, masternodes and shared masternodes on http://stakinglab.io


Stake your DACHX now on @StakeShare


We are happy to announce that DACHCOIN is listed @Trittium_cc

Get passive income starting from only 10 EURO in DACHX and be a part of DACHCOIN.

During this first month the first 100 nodes gets free hosting sponsored by our partner @mastersofnodes


Komodo’s Chief Technology Officer Kadan Stadelmann recently sat down with CryptoGlobe to talk about atomic swap technology and the future of crypto trading. In the interview, Mr. Stadelmann, aka ca333, discusses Komodo’s updated atomic swap protocol, which is nearing completion, and how this new technology will upgrade Komodo’s decentralized exchange. Check out the article to learn more about these upcoming innovations: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2019/02/Komodo-atomic-swap-trading-app/

Phase 2 of the Netkoin (NTK) token burn program has been completed. 213,500,000 NTK was successfully burned.

Proof of burn: http://bit.ly/2tv2VWI

The team will also submit a request for CoinMarketCap to update the Netkoin (NTK) supply statistics.

ZBG Davos tour ( lasted from Jan. 22 to 26) has finished, and it’s time to recap the highlights:
ZBG Global Official Chinese Group: https://t.me/ZBGofficial
ZBG Official English Group: https://t.me/zbg_official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZBGofficial
Link to future value!
ZBG Team

Paycent has integrated DigiByte for you to spend your DGB globally at stores and withdraw at ATMs through the Paycent App and Paycent Card: http://onelink.to/q6qevj
Join the conversation now at t.me/paycent.com.
Get a FREE Paycent Card now: https://paycent.com/biggest-crypto-giveaway/

ZBG at Davos Digital Future Summit 2019

ZBG Exchange has listed E-Dinar Coin (EDC) on February 19, 2019 at 15:30 (HKT).
The following trading pair is available: EDC/ZT.
Read more: https://zbg.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018100934-Announcement-on-EDC-listing-and-EDC-Skyrocket-event-

Dear SHMN investor.

We are about to announce a new market for #SHMN and that will be big momentum for us. The exchange has 1.2 million dollars a day in crypto

Stay tuned for more news.

In Davos at the WEF2019, Jessica Walker spoke with the CEO of one of the 10 crypto exchanges listed on the @CoinMarketCap.
Omarchen told us how his company managed to become the fastest growing exchange in the last 10 years!

Crypto.com now offers the lowest possible crypto prices - no fees, no markups. Buy crypto at true cost. Details here - https://goo.gl/iSgcc6

ICYMI: NEM Foundation has been busy kicking off #Catapult mobile update. Read the full story here👇


It's way faster to pay with SmartCash using SmartCard than with your VISA/Mastercard. Merchants love it.


Did you get yours yet? https://card.smartcash.cc


The Syscoin Weekly Update is out - catch up on all the news about the LODE partnership and find out what went down at Anarchopulco! https://medium.com/@syscoin/syscoin-weekly-update-37-211f23f263c6

Great News Chimpions! BNANA Tokens is now available on Crex24 cryptocurrency exchange. Check it out at https://crex24.com/exchange/BNANA-BTC
Who is Chimpion? Visit our website www.chimpion.io to learn about our mission.

Automotive specialist ATPTrucks has announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency, powered by e-commerce project Chimpion. By now accepting an array of coins that includes Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin , Dashpay, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcoin.

Alex Arnaut praises popular stablecoin as crypto e-commerce platform introduces automatic stablecoin conversion.
Arnaut showed particular enthusiasm for the new ecommerce project’s adoption of Gemini dollar (GUSD), the world’s first regulated stablecoin.

Did you submit your entry for the BCD Pay App Video Contest yet? Check out the first video at our twitter https://twitter.com/BitcoinDiamond_/status/1096530149649145856
You too could stand a chance to get 50 BCD, submit your video for BCD Wallet by March 15 here https://bcdpay.typeform.com/to/YbMSvX

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