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HitBTC is happy to present a new pair for DigiByte.
Trading pair $DGB/$TUSD is now live on HitBTC!

Visit for more information.

Thanks to Bitfinex for adding DigiByte!

Trading will be enabled for DGB against BTC and USD pairs, with margin markets to be introduced following the development of a liquid trading market.

Crust Test v2 has just been released! Crust ('Connections in Rust') is open source foundational software that lets computers communicate directly with each other all over the world (including, as the test shows, into China). Crucially all user data is encrypted on the wire. We've also knocked together a quick dashboard for the test ( and it'll be live for only a few days - so come join in the fun!

Our community update for October is live, read all about it on our blog post:

In This Update:
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Jelly Beats streaming music player
Cryptopuzzle: you can win up to $2,500
YouTube Sync Update
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Update on our team! Zcash Company continues to attract world-class talent to advance its mission of empowering everyone with economic freedom and opportunity.

Weekly Update - November 2nd:
–The Zcash Sapling network upgrade activated at block height 419200;
–The Zcash Foundation and Parity to build consensus-compatible Zcash node;
–Implementation of shielded HD wallets;
–Introducing the Zcash Reference Wallet.

Our lead dev @JJ12880 has been working tirelessly on the Zero Client Experience and its looking incredible! We cannot wait to show you. Alpha testing soon, so we'll need some volunteers! $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto #smartchain #identity #privacy

We are pleased to announce that our legal memorandum regarding securities status has been delivered. Our team is reviewing now. Once finalized, countless blockades shall be lifted. Forward, always! $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto #opportunity #LukeCage

DigiByte is being launched on the CoinField exchange with trading pairs BTC and XRP.
Fiat pais in Q1-2, 2019 with USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY & AED!
CoinField is Canada’s most advanced exchange and is including #DGB $DGB in 61-countries.
CoinField also expand its services globally through the moonGo App.
DigiByte will be included with USD & EUR.
You can withdraw fiat directly to moonGo cards, and use the cards to make purchases online or at any retailer that accepts credit cards!

A deep review ( of QuarkChain's Code Structure, Repo State & Coding style, and Sharding from Google ABC, a group of Googlers who are interested in blockchain technologies. They agree that QuarkChain's code is great and suggest some small improvements. The review is also a good starting point for people who want to understand our code.

Yesterday we’ve distributed a total of 406K CND and 16 ETH to our analysts who made forecasts for crypto and traditional assets in October. Start making forecasts now:

WandX has an updated roadmap!

What's new? Among others, WAN, AION, ETH, and NEO wallets will feature on WandX followed by the full-release of Wanchain interoperability functions.

For more, read the founder's note here:

Join the conversations on the wandx telegram group:

MRL token have been added onto BiteBTC. This will provide you with the ability to exchange the MRL Token with BTC, thus enhancing its value.
We would like to confirm that Marcelo team remains committed to its project and is focused on its development. Furthermore, we are also looking into listing our token in more exchanges. Stay tuned for further announcements in the very near future.

We are pleased to announce the beta version of Netkoin's location based advertising mobile application will launch Thursday 27 December 2018.

This version will allow users to send, receive, store and collect NTK tokens utilising the integrated Netkoin wallet.

Hello Everyone!
Blackarrow Conferences organised by Indodax proudly celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Get exciting 50% discount on the largest Blockbali 2018 Conference Blockchain ticket in Southeast Asia. .
This offer is only valid for 72 hours (Friday, October 26 at 04.00 AM UTC + 7 till Sunday, October 28 04.00 PM UTC + 7) at the first 50 buyers only. Get your ticket with this special price right now!

Electronero Passport protocol has been unveiled, and it's a great success!
This means that with one account, you have access to Electronero services such as iOS, Android, Telegram, and the web wallet is up next!

Getting started on Telegram:
Message @electronerobot or @electroneroXp_bot
/createWallet email password
get verified via email
/secureWallet email password code
secure your account with a PIN
/openWallet email password
view your balance

【Reinventing the Like beta 4 Campaign】
Now readers get bonus by their Likes too 🎉
Campaign started from Oct 22, releasing 60,000 LIKE everyday to reward content #creators. The readers who Like the creative works will also get LikeCoin bonus as well.


🌟🌟 Tokenomy Exchange has a brand new look! 🌟🌟
We have listened to all your feedback and are proud to announce our brand new look, making our platform even more user-friendly!

👉🏼 Find out what's new:

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