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Crypto.com announces Crypto.com Chain – a blockchain solution to drive cryptocurrency adoption globally, enabling instant crypto transactions - and CRO token with airdrop to MCO token holders in the Crypto.com Wallet & Card App, thank you for the support! Full details here - https://goo.gl/Kqq2s8

Mithril Listed Exchange Update:

Mithril has partnered up with ETHOS!

Your Weekly Nano Update is here! Version 16.3 is now available for testing on the beta network, Bruno Garcia represented Nano in Brazil and NanoQuake is moving full steam ahead!


A Regulatory Purge? The landscape is changing rapidly. Are you prepared?


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Find out what SpaceChain has been up to the past week. Get updates here:


The time has come. ARK Core v2 is now ready for launch. We are proud to announce the final and now official release date of Core v2. November 28th, 2018. https://blog.ark.io/ark-core-v2-mainnet-launch-95a5b621f6f7

🔧 We’re happy to announce the release of #Lisk Core 1.3.0 to Mainnet. This version allows the optional use of #NewRelic for benchmarking. Operators, please update your nodes. Stay tuned for more info in the next #LiskDevUpdate. 📡

Work continues! Please find our latest development update here.

* Znode sync reliability improved
* GUI unit tests being finalized
* New dev Levon to work with Aram to accelerate next-gen privacy protocol development
* Sigma wallet integration begins and is on track for Q1 2019 release.
* Stratum support for MTP miner almost done


Announcing Q4 2018 Token Burn: Dear supporters, in accordance to our plan, we will burn unsold 50 million tokens next month. Additionally, we are aiming to burn an additional 50 million tokens in 2019.

We will execute this in the next 25 working days!


We are thrilled to join CoinGecko Beam! Sentinel Protocol really appreciates CoinGecko’s team initiative to keep the crypto community well informed, exclusively from official sources. Looking forward to tighten the communication with the UPP token holders by using the Beam feature. Stay tuned!

In this week’s Dev Update, you’ll find the results from the recent Crust Tests, a post on how the SAFE and SOLID projects are perfect companions, a video update experiment from the team, an RFC proposal for new XORname-based URL’s, a couple of new meetups in the next fortnight... and much much more! Check it out at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-november-15-2018/26284

Sierracoin Masternode Stats

Your Nov. 18 weekly update from QuarkChain is now available (http://bit.ly/BW17_COIN) - featuring the latest news, QuarkChain European events, and photos from the last two weeks! Also, our NEW WEBSITE is live, don’t forget to click it! https://www.quarkchain.io/

Want to win a EUNO Masternode and a Raspberry Pi to run your Masternode? Make sure you've joined our Telegram community for all the info: https://t.me/EUNOofficial

Here's a great article about the giveaway!

[📹 VIDEO] OriginTrail’s co-founders Tomaž and Žiga sat down for an awesome interview with The Crypto Zombie. They discussed a ton of great stuff, including tech, scalability, awards, and plans for the future. ▶️ http://bit.ly/2S22BsR

GIVES MasterNodes will be released very soon!! Currently we are in beta testing!!

100k GIVES= 25000 GVMN


Join discord to find out more about optional swap!! Discord---->https://discord.gg/pZuRvCs

SIERRA looking for a new logo among the community!
Today we are launching a contest for the best logo, winner will receive 10,000 SIERRA
Take part: https://twitter.com/sierra_coin/status/1063893617390100481

Yesterday's AMA came from a room full of Founding Nodes. Guess what we talked about? Full transcript here: https://dadi.cloud/en/knowledge/network/ama-recap-november-16th-2018/

Dont forget Patrick Bateman will be answering questions on the YouTube channel FREE FOUR ALL with Larry and Joe! They prepared some new questions about EUNO• and firing them this Sunday at 11 AM NY time! Dont forget to tune in and ask anything you want to know about EUNO• https://t.co/HRHc3jDRm5

Watch this month's Coffee Chat, LIVE right now!

The Netkoin Liquid token contract has been successfully deployed earlier than expected.

You can now view LIQUID on Etherscan: http://bit.ly/2QOSWWh

Snapshot date for the LIQUID airdrop is still scheduled for Saturday November 24, 2018 at 7:00am GMT (UTC).

We are pleased to announce Netkoin Liquid. A utility token designed to enhance and optimise the functionality of the NTK token and Netkoin ecosystem. This will enable the Netkoin ecosystem to adopt a dual-token system.

Read more:


We thank our community for support! After endless sleepless nights and a lot of work, we have successfully launched our app in the U.S., together with our partners the Dallas Mavericks and their owner Mark Cuban. More updates on our Twitter! https://twitter.com/lympo_io

An indepth look on both the benefits and challenges of blockchain voting with a mention on Zcoin $XZC's recent involvement with the Thai Democrat Party primaries. Recommended reading for anyone wishing to learn more on blockchain e-voting. https://blockonomi.com/implementing-blockchain-voting/

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