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Crypto.com (Beam Updates)

Crypto.com App Updates: Hide balance feature enabled, referral link and registration flow revised, and Crypto Invest user interface improved. Read the full details here - https://blog.crypto.com/crypto-com-wallet-app-feature-updates/

We just published the first Crypto.com Chain Dev Update, covering topics on the consensus engine for the Chain prototype, plans for Chain code open-sourcing, a new bounty program and feedback to the Chain Consultation Paper. Full article here - https://blog.crypto.com/crypto-com-chain-dev-update-1/

Crypto.com App Updates: BTC & LTC withdrawal notice enabled and insufficient balance bug fixed.
U.S. Updates: Supported states updated and Mastercard payments enabled.
Read the full details - https://blog.crypto.com/crypto-com-app-and-features-updates/

We are excited to share that YSNEAKERS www.ysneakers.com, a leading innovator in the online fashion sneaker business will be implementing Crypto.com Pay, being the first online sneaker brand to accept cryptocurrency payments. Crypto.com will also collaborate with YSNEAKERS on a line of exclusive Crypto.com branded shoes. Full details - https://blog.crypto.com/ysneakers-x-crypto-com-you-can-now-pay-for-your-kicks-with-crypto/

Crypto.com CMO Sean Rach took to the stage at the TECH[LIFE]STYLE Conference in HK earlier to talk about Crypto.com’s consumer solutions in making crypto easier to spend day-to-day. Check out the presentation here - http://bit.ly/2R5Kkdd

Crypto.com's CRO Token will be listed on CPDAX, a digital asset exchange managed by Coinplug, a pioneering company in blockchain development and cryptocurrency trading.
Deposit opens 23 Jan and trading starts 24 Jan!
Full details here - https://cpdax.com/support/sibling/2/857/17

Our Co-Founder & Head of Corporate Development Bobby Bao at the Binance Conference in Singapore. He looks forward to connect with creative minds in the blockchain industry! https://twitter.com/cryptocom/status/1087221591472168962

As we ended the year, we announced Crypto.com Pay, our first partner and shared a working demo. Today, we add it to our website and interested merchants can contact us.

In this year's Crypto Weekly's 100 Most Influential People in Crypto, our CEO Kris Marszalek is highlighted as one of the individuals who are leading the way in the industry - https://cryptoweekly.co/100/

Our blog has a new home! Stay up to date with news and stories of Crypto.com at blog.crypto.com. Read more here - https://goo.gl/TFjJFL

For the upcoming Ethereum ($ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork (expected within January 14–18, 2019), here's an outline of Crypto.com support and actions - https://goo.gl/cCgYN1 Thank you for your understanding!

As we close out the work year at Crypto.com, our CEO Kris recaps 2018 and shares a sneak peek of Crypto.com Pay. Check it out - https://youtu.be/y22_zuSIMMc
Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Gearing up for the USA! Have you reserved your MCO Visa Card? Check it out at Crypto.com and get yours today. https://twitter.com/cryptocom/status/1075376232944918530

We are pleased to announce that Ledger will implement http://Crypto.com Pay  -  powered by the http://Crypto.com Chain  -  onto its http://ledger.com online store! Find out more: https://goo.gl/Aif3fV

Now accepting address details for U.S. card reservations 🇺🇸! Just in time for the holidays 🎄☃️❄️🎁🌟 Sign up today and reserve a card - https://bit.ly/2PQSGVy #HappyHolidays

Crypto.com Updates: We have UP'ed our Wallet Trading and Credit Card Purchase Limits, UP'ed our Cryptos with Automated Withdrawals, and are adding the Card UPgrade Path. Read the full details here: https://goo.gl/R6m1sm

Our Co-Founder Bobby Bao demonstrated his MCO Visa Card in a coffee shop with Miss Bitcoin Mai in Seoul! Catch it here - https://youtu.be/f3pH34qxzFs

Crypto.com announces the appointment of Tyson Hackwood to the leadership team as SVP, Head of Global Merchant Acquisition to expand the adoption of Crypto.com Pay, a cryptocurrency payment solution powered by the Crypto.com Chain. Read more here - https://goo.gl/t6vYH2

Our University has a new home. Crypto.com University is now live on our website - https://crypto.com/en/university/. Continuing with our efforts to educate those new to crypto with more content to come.

One referral code to share everywhere! Crypto.com enhances the Platinum Referral Rewards Program, now with a universal referral code and redesigned Referrals & Cashback page. Full details here - https://goo.gl/buc1Nw

Our CEO Kris answered questions submitted by the community along with updates, details on Crypto.com Chain, and what's ahead. We are very excited and we hope you are too. Watch the video here - https://youtu.be/jH1BCa4quGA

Crypto.com announces Crypto.com Chain – a blockchain solution to drive cryptocurrency adoption globally, enabling instant crypto transactions - and CRO token with airdrop to MCO token holders in the Crypto.com Wallet & Card App, thank you for the support! Full details here - https://goo.gl/Kqq2s8

Coming to America! Crypto.com is excited to announce that our MCO Visa Card has received the green light for launch in the United States. Another step towards our mission of accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Find out more: https://goo.gl/fPp7gW

Cards are shipping. One of the very first cards was shipped to our Chief Strategy Officer Eric Anziani. This video (https://youtu.be/PDiXH4NuFQM) walks you through the unboxing, activation, top up with crypto, and first purchase (yes, Starbucks coffee!)

Today is the day! MCO Visa Cards begin shipping in #Singapore - the world's first metal card with crypto cashback, airport lounge access, perfect interbank exchange rates and much more! Full details here - https://goo.gl/gBzgCo