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Particl (Beam Updates)

Particl's Open Marketplace Alpha is going through its final testing rounds and is coming very soon on MAINNET! Read our latest blog post to know all the details, what features it will contain, as well as the release schedule for both Alpha mainnet and Beta!


We are going to hardfork our testnet network to add the new Bitcoin-based Bulletproofs protocol improvement on CT and RingCT transactions.

Internal tests have shown a reduction in transaction size of up to 70%!

Why sacrifice scalability for privacy when you can have both? RingCT + Bulletproofs + Bitcoin Codebase is where it's at!

Read more about the details of tomorrow's testnet hardfork: https://particl.news/development-update-planned-hardfork-schedule-5051238feac0

As we prepare for the public launch of the Open Marketplace, Particl will hardfork twice in the coming days! 💻

1. On testnet
2. On mainnet

Read our blog post for more information about the specific details on how it will work 👇


We've just released new and very stable testnet builds for the upcoming Open Marketplace mainnet version. Come test it out and get a preview of what the first mainnet version Particl's marketplace will look like!

Download and start testing here: https://github.com/particl/particl-desktop/pull/1407

Are you in Paris on the 21st of February? Then reserve your ticket for Particl's meetup at Coinhouse Store where Lina Seiche will present and demo the Open Marketplace at France's most popular crypto hub.

Want to see who else is speaking at the event? Then just click the following link to read more: https://particl.news/particl-in-paris-presentations-at-coinhouse-a38106cdd36a

We've just published our latest Status Report showing the development status of the Open Marketplace, Particl-Core, and Particl Desktop. Go check it to see what's been completed as of late as well as what's being worked on right now.


Did you miss yesterday's AMA/FAQ Session with Paul Schmitzer, Particl's Communications Director? Don't worry, you can watch it again on our Youtube page to get all the latest project updates and news.

Just follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoB1_rNWvEM

How does it look like when buying and selling stuff for crypto on an entirely decentralized marketplace?

Watch this walkthrough of the Open Marketplace buy flow and see the entire process in action! Pretty simple!


We are very excited to announce that Particl Copay, Particl's mobile wallet, is now available on iOS! You can now download Particl Copay on the App Store and get started with Particl on your iPhone today. Mobile cold staking and mobile multi-signature cold staking capabilities are coming very soon, so stay tuned!


Want a small preview of how the upcoming mainnet version of Particl's Open Marketplace will look like? Then have a look at this small GIF put together by Martin, Particl's UI/UX and front-end developer!


Particl's bringing the swag back in privacy!

We've just released the 5.4.1 version of our mobile application, Particl Copay. This upgrade introduces new features such as #Bitcoin support as well as a lot of UI/UX, security, and stability improvements.

Get the full details here: https://particl.news/particl-copay-5-4-1-released-3fb50d486a44

Our next AMA/FAQ live session will be on the 30th of January 2019. If you have any question you would like Paul to answer live during our Youtube stream, fill them in in our dedicated Reddit thread here:


Want to know what's being worked into Particl's mobile application, Particl Copay? Then head over to our blog and read the latest development update to stay up-to-date with all of the latest information!


If you're looking for some good reading material on this Tuesday evening, then look no further than Lina's first article of her new series on the challenges of decentralizing eCommerce.

Can marketplace giants be replaced by decentralized solutions? Should they? Has the day come for it? Get all the answers in here: https://decentralize.today/decentralised-marketplaces-shouldnt-compete-with-amazon-b9ed0acf3337

We organized in December an educational Christmas Fair in Manila themed on decentralized eCommerce, privacy, and the problem of trust in the tech industry. Read our blog entry to get more insights into the need for decentralization in the tech industry and watch the video linked below for a recap of this event that attracted over 200 people!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9awEWjnkHc
Blog post: https://particl.news/particls-all-star-panel-in-manila-902ae358ac23

The third and last part of this week's Community Update is now live on our blog. Follow the link below to see all the content that's been produced lately as well as to get to know all the events Particl has been and will be going in the near future.


The second part of this week's Community Update is now live on our blog. Follow the link below to see all the updates related to development that have happened in the last few weeks!


We've just published the first part of our MASSIVE Community Update. Due to its length, we've decided to split it into 3 parts, so check our Twitter feed as we'll be posting the other two parts today.

Now buckle up, because there is a ton of information!


Interview With Robert Edwards, Particl’s New Senior Developer

Robert Edwards
On the 2nd of December 2018, Particl hired a new senior developer, Robert Edwards. I’ve had the chance to have several back and forths with him, and have asked him a few questions to let you all know a bit more about our new fellow Particl family member! You can follow him on the following platforms:

Github: https://github.com/spazzymoto

Learn how we are building the decentralized eCommerce layer of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry by taking all middlemen out of the equation and making buying and selling stuff for crypto as easy and affordable as it should.

"The path to mainstream adoption of the crypto independent economy it seeks to create cannot rely on the centralized infrastructure model of the old global fiat economy."


Earlier today, in line with our intent on keeping our codebase up-to-date with Bitcoin's latest version, we've moved Particl Core to its pre-release stage.

Download it directly on our Github page at the following link: https://github.com/particl/particl-core/releases/tag/v0.17.1.0

Bitcoin Core changelog that applies to this Particl Core update: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/release-notes/release-notes-0.17.1.md

Today, we announce the release of the user interface for Particl cold staking pools! Cold staking has never been as easy and convenient as it now is, allowing you to just sit back and relax while your PART stack grows without any effort.

Get cold staking in less than 2 minutes, it doesn't get easier than that!


We've published on the 28th of November new marketplace testnet builds which include FREE Particl lapel pins from our friends over at @ICO_sensei . Get yours today by purchasing it for testnet coins!


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