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SmartCash (Beam Updates)

Crypto Hunter Augmented Reality Game Released with SmartCash - CoinLance

Buy VPN with SmartCash – 3 easy steps - CoinLance

Soon the native mobile wallet for SmartCash will be ready for Android!

We would like to introduce - a great way to send SMART by SMS, email or by simply copy/pasting a link.

Want to get involved with SmartCash? There are many ways to get involved now whether you hodl or spend it!

SmartTalk Radio E17 - Zaphoid & Lily discussing the Epic Blockchain Takeover event in NY

SmartTalk Radio E16 - Travin Keith SmartCash Outreach Advisor

SmartNodes are a great way to support the network and grow your savings, and right now they're technically on sale!

Do you like online games? Buy now your LevelUp gift cards, pay it with SmartCash and have fun.

In Brazil, you can pay #Netflix with #SmartCash! Check it out on

Brazilians you can now buy a Google Play voucher and pay with #SmartCash! With that, you can buy books, movies, apps, subscribe to channels and more.

Did you know that Brazilians can pay the Uber with SmartCash!? You can pretty much move anywhere with it. Just buy a voucher and pay it with SmartCash using Kamoney.

Watch an episode about how SmartCash is changing the world of payments on CryptoDealers, the popular Russian-speaking channel about cryptocurrencies.

Check it out - from 5:30

It's easy to live on SmartCash in Brazil with more than 85 percent of retailers accepting it!

Are you a Brazilian living in Brazil or abroad? Order your card, load it instantly with SmartCash on Kamoney or Bitrecife and spend it all over the world.

You can now play poker with SmartCash on

0% fee online payment processing is now available to all online merchants via

The integration makes SmartCash much more appealing to online businesses. is the first merchant to take advantage of their 0% fee.

SmartCash is now traded on

Three trading pairs are now available: