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SpaceChain (Beam Updates)

In partnership with SpaceChain, Arch Mission Foundation has successfully placed the first archive in space initially containing a copy of Wikipedia as part of SpaceChain’s payload sent by a CZ-4B Y34 rocket in October 2018. Read the full press release here.


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Join SpaceChain at the "Realising the Opportunities of Blockchain Technology for the Space Sector" event in UK on Feb 28 organized in collaboration with Satellite Applications Catapult to explore blockchain technologies and applications for commercial space problems.


Catch this exclusive interview from BlockPublisher with @SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng and find out what challenges SpaceChain is facing in terms of development and how SpaceChain is tackling #blockchain scalability problem.


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SpaceChain, a community-based space platform, has announced that its SPC token is now tradable on CPDAX (Coinplug Digital Asset Exchange), a digital asset exchange launched by Coinplug in 2017. CPDAX lists SpaceChain’s Ethereum-based SPC ERC-20 tokens and offers South Korean Won fiat pairing – SPC/KRW.


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#Space is not an easy place to be, yet our SpaceChain #blockchain node "survived" and passed all the tests. Read more about it here!

Join our 1-hour AMA with @SpaceChain founders @jgarzik and @ZeeZheng on https://t.me/SpaceChainOfficial_EN - Jan 24 (Thurs) at 9pm EST (UTC-5) | 6pm PST (UTC-8).

Depending on which timezone you’re in, it'll be:
- 10am, China (UTC+8) - Jan 25 (Fri)
- 11am, Korea (UTC+9) - Jan 25 (Fri)

SpaceChain is proud to have launched two nodes in its first year of operations, bringing us one step closer to creating a network of #Blockchain-based satellites in #space.

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SpaceChain has completed the first Qtum blockchcain transaction in Space! After months of physical testing and a successful launch in October 2018, we have completed the first transaction with our space-based blockchain node. https://qtum.info/tx/7dfdfa9322ac5b9b4a89da44f7db90d300c636117f456514f8c27f60d0224a54


In 2018 we launched two space-based blockchain nodes and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2019! You can track our second node as it orbits the earth. VIDEO https://twitter.com/SpaceChain/status/1085607618666610688 NODE

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We are so excited to announce the addition of the space entrepreneur and pioneer, Eric C. Anderson to our list of advisors!


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