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Coinadvisor is a one-stop shop for the cryptotrader’s community. Will permit to: access several accounts from one Single Control Panel Interface; easily develop and backtest algorithmic strategy; use those strategies for live trading and earn an extra income renting them out; etc.

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Filippo La Ganga profile picture
Filippo La Ganga
Co-founder and C.E.O
Alessandro del Gallo profile picture
Alessandro del Gallo
Co-founder and C.T.O
Valerio Cianfoni profile picture
Valerio Cianfoni
Head of Public Relations & International Business Development
Vaiva Peciukonyte profile picture
Vaiva Peciukonyte
Legal Advisor
Stefano Scarrone profile picture
Stefano Scarrone
BackEnd developer
Ruben Cisternino profile picture
Ruben Cisternino
Communications & Marketing
Vincenzo Grasso profile picture
Vincenzo Grasso
Data Science & ML Engineering
Krystelle Galano profile picture
Krystelle Galano
Social Media Advisor
Augusto Siccardi profile picture
Augusto Siccardi
Branding & UX/UI
Adriano Sanna profile picture
Adriano Sanna
Interactive Designer
Aline Haugland profile picture
Aline Haugland
Social Media Advisor
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