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Bitcoin 2019

Bitcoin 2019


Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019 to Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019

Bitcoin Magazine


SVN West

10 S Van Ness Ave.

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After 10 years of bugs, hacks, scams, bans, civil war, breakthroughs and fortunes gained and lost, Bitcoin has spread like a virus around the world and has set the stage for a new financial system. Bitcoin's future has never been brighter, but much of the fun and positive spirit that got us here has been abstracted away. It's time for that to change. The mission of Bitcoin 2019 is to reignite the BTC community by advancing shared goals and highlighting the people and organizations bringing them into reality. From the biggest miners and most active core devs to Fortune 500 companies and darknet markets, this will be a yearly gathering of old and new friends that inclusively reimagines the narrative around digital value and manifests an amenable answer to the question: “Why does this technology matter?”


San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019
Monday, Oct 28, 2019
San Francisco, United States

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit [Nov 2019]
Wednesday, Nov 06, 2019
, Malta

SteemFest 4
Wednesday, Nov 06, 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

Blockchain Weekend NYC
Thursday, Nov 07, 2019
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Digital Asset Summit: Markets 2019
Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019
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