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Modex ICO

Business Platform

Modex has built a Smart Contract Marketplace and a Blockchain Developer Tools Platform. Modex aims to become the go to place for developers looking to monetize their blockchain programming skills and increase their revenue, as well as companies in need of blockchain development services and ready-to-buy smart contracts.

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    ETH, BTC, Fiat
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    10,577,066 USD
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    10,577,066 USD
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Mihai Ivascu profile picture
Mihai Ivascu
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Mears profile picture
Paul Mears
Chief Financial Officer
Florin Otto profile picture
Florin Otto
Head of Product
Dragos Ilinca profile picture
Dragos Ilinca
Head of Marketing
Alin Iftemi profile picture
Alin Iftemi
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Bolsom profile picture
Mark Bolsom
Head of Business Development
Vali Malinoiu profile picture
Vali Malinoiu
Head of Blockchain Innovation
Ioana Dobrescu profile picture
Ioana Dobrescu
Business Developer
Mihaela Becheru profile picture
Mihaela Becheru
Head of PR and Communications
Teodor Stefan profile picture
Teodor Stefan
Senior Copywriter
Shane McQuillan profile picture
Shane McQuillan
Head of Digital Content
Laura Manescu profile picture
Laura Manescu
Technical Project Manager
Vlad Luca profile picture
Vlad Luca
Art Director
Cornel Zgardan profile picture
Cornel Zgardan
Blockchain Developer
Cristian Calu profile picture
Cristian Calu
Blockchain Developer
Dan Neacsu profile picture
Dan Neacsu
Blockchain Developer
Adrian Paun profile picture
Adrian Paun
Front-End Developer
Iulian Cireasa profile picture
Iulian Cireasa
Quality Assurance Engineer
Dorin Stan profile picture
Dorin Stan
Blockchain Developer
Loredana Bourceanu profile picture
Loredana Bourceanu
Blockchain Developer
Daniel Mihai profile picture
Daniel Mihai
QA Security Expert
George Ionescu profile picture
George Ionescu
System Architect
Andrei Acatrinei profile picture
Andrei Acatrinei
Customer Service Representative
Anna Dinescu profile picture
Anna Dinescu
Investor Relations
Anthony Provasoli profile picture
Anthony Provasoli
Partner at Hassans’, the largest law firm in Gibraltar, advisor for major investment and commercial banks, insurance groups and other corporate clients.
Peter Kristensen profile picture
Peter Kristensen
CEO at JP Funds
Angelique Mohring profile picture
Angelique Mohring
Founder and CEO at GainX
Adrian Clarke profile picture
Adrian Clarke
Scott Morris profile picture
Scott Morris
Founder at Ithacash, partnership team at Bancor
Renny Narvaez profile picture
Renny Narvaez
David Applefield profile picture
David Applefield
Tony Evans profile picture
Tony Evans
Zsolt Lavotha profile picture
Zsolt Lavotha
Nelo Stotter profile picture
Nelo Stotter
Richard Skaife profile picture
Richard Skaife
Brian Elders profile picture
Brian Elders
Brian Scott-Picton profile picture
Brian Scott-Picton
Extensive senior management commercial and operational experience across enterprise, B2B and consumer market segments in telecommunications service industry within UK, Europe and internationally.
Graham Thomas profile picture
Graham Thomas
Onur Bildik profile picture
Onur Bildik
Jack Busta profile picture
Jack Busta
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