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Beam Updates

Doğrudan proje ekiplerinden bildirimler.

Get the latest updates from the team at ECC here.

As we promised you, it has finally happened. #SHMN has been on a 1.2 million dollar market exchange Bitibu. This will bring the necessary momentum for the coin, new investors.

You may open & account with them & start trading. We intend to keep updating you with more exciting news.

We'd like to dedicate our first Beam post to thanking the Coingecko team for giving us the opportunity to reach out to you, our beloved community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.
Stay tuned for exciting announcements coming in 2019.

Happy Birthday, BANANO! Join the Party!

BANANO began as a crazy cryptocurrency experiment, and a lot of exciting development has happened within its first year. Join the BANANO Bday party with rains and giveaways, earn BANANO with our Meme Faucet and try our brand-new Telegram Tipbot. All details here:

We are happy to announce that Maya Vujinovic, Marco Streng and Wilke Trei are joining Beam’s Advisory Board.

Businesses need easy blockchain creation and management solutions in the future. This recent article details the need, usecase examples and the reason ARK is leading the way.

Exosis wallet released. Mandatory update for all users. Block size increased to 2.5 MB and Tx size 250 KB to support more Masternode Payout where changes will take effect on height 30000. This release has integrated bitcoin 0.17 features first time running will upgrade DB, so be patient until it completes the process.

The staking rewards for February have been distributed. The transaction ID for the withdrawals is:

If you missed the February staking, don't worry, you can acquire your CMA and get ready for March distribution. Details here:

Once again, thank you to the #NEM Community for supporting the NEM Foundation 2019 Funding Proposal. 🙏🎉

⚖️ 573 voted

✅ YES: 4.5631% (90.06%)
❎ NO: 0.5034% (9.94%)

Read the proposal here👇

Hello Dear Community!

It is big pleasure to be part of Coingecko Beam Project!

Our exchange is growing and there are many great perspectives for future!

Thank you all!

🆕 $PAC protocol 70215, 51% mitigation patch & wallet version IS NOW LIVE 🆕

Please ensure you are all updated on the correct wallet version asap. Full instructions available here:

In our efforts to become the best place to buy crypto, check out how you can top-up the Wallet & Card App with TransferWise & PayPal -

Blockchain companies and their founders can now utilize Nexo’s tax-efficient instant credit lines of up to $2M to fund their operations without selling crypto assets. This lets them participate in the bull run & also eases selling pressure for all. #HODL

Excited to announce AC3 has been listed on BTC-Alpha!🙌Paired with BTC, ETH, and USD👏

ARK has been added to and their Spend App. Allowing everyone to add ARK to their very own Visa Card, accepted worldwide at over 40+ million locations. The Spend App also allows in-wallet exchange between coins and linking to your bank account.


NEM Foundation is absolutely committed to working with all contributors to the NEM ecosystem and the Project Management Committee (PMC) to ensure that we are ready kicking things off ahead 🚀

NeoDevCon was a success! Check out the recap article which includes three major announcements for the Bridge community. Also included in the article is some media from over the weekend.

Genesis Network masternode testnet is live! Public testnet coming soon.

0.16.x $BTC codebase + 192.7 #Equihash PoW + Zawy LWMA diff adjustment + maturity based #masternodes + native #SegWit + 60 second block times = $GENX

Follow our Twitter at for the latest updates.

We'll be having a booth at this year's Consensus conference to present the Open Marketplace in front of the biggest crypto crowd there is!

We'd really like to meet you there, so go ahead and read our blog post to get your PROMO CODE ($300 discount)! 👇

Today we're officially launching, a complete developer resource for the LBRY protocol. We've put together an ultimate documentation guide and include features allowing you to learn through an interactive playground. Full details:

Check out the video overview from the recent ARK community meetup in Utrecht. Including interviews from delegates and more.

Euno's Director Of Operations update on our Mobile app development!

Here is the YouTube video link

We are excited to announce our Paper Wallet is now live! Now you can create your own Euno• Paper Wallet with our paper wallet generator.

Be sure to follow the manual and keep your coins safe!

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