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Dash (Beam Updates)

Binance U.S. is listing DASH/USD pair effective today at 9pm ET. Deposits are now open for Dash.

Binance U.S. also has zero trading fees for all users until November 1st to welcome new users to their platform.

Watch all the talks and interviews from the Dash Convention Europe on our YouTube channel. More than 9 hours of content to binge watch!

This Week (10/10/2019) at Dash Core Group!

🐛 Bitcoin backports, fixes for ChainLocks tests
💁‍ Added basic Dash Platform identity management solution
🌂 Added Drive API endpoints in Dash Platform
🎨 Completed work on DashWallet iOS redesign

Coinify Integrates Dash, Adds Tens of Thousands of Dash Merchants

This week (8/4) at Dash Core Group!

🏇 Several InstantSend improvements
🔒 Fixes for ChainLocks/LLMQs
🐣 Bitcoin backports
🧞‍♂️ Introduced State View Transactions into Drive
🚨 Updated UI for Passphrase Reminder (DashWallet iOS + Android)

We’re thrilled to announce that Dash is one of the first cryptocurrencies to launch on Bitgo Staking. Bitgo Staking seamlessly integrates with Bitgo Custody for easy cold storage management of assets. For more info:

UTRUST integrates Dash enabling cryptocurrency payments for Whow Games with 9 million users.

This week 9/27 at Dash Core Group!

👷 Wrapping up tech design workshops
🐛 Back-porting, fixes for Linux build & fee calculations on Core
🚪 UI updates for Show QR code and tx details on DashWallet iOS

Bibox and Dash are holding a promotion to waive fees to celebrate the integration of InstantSend! From September 27th Singaporean time 20:00 to Oct 27th Singaporean time 20:00, all trade fees for Dash transactions will be waived! For more details:

Olga Feldmeier CEO of Smart Valor and Dash Core Group’s CMO Fernando Gutierrez announce the integration of #Dash on Smart Valor Exchange with 1-confirmation Dash deposits and until October 2nd, 10% cash back on any Dash purchase!

For more details:

This week (9/21) at Dash Core Group:

🤸‍♀️ Made InstantSend locks and Number of Masternodes fields copyable in Core wallet

⏩ Fix in Core wallet to slightly speed up blockchain sync

🥣 Made a few fixes to PrivateSend mixing on Core wallet

👤 Updated the UI for the global footer on DashWallet Android

Dash is now live at and in the Coinbase iOS and Android apps.

Coinbase customers can log in now to buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store Dash.

Cryptocurrency Dash to begin trading on Coinbase Pro.

This week (9/14) at Dash Core Group!

🏄‍ Added the new DashWallet iOS UI for payment options and home screen shortcuts.
👑 Added the new DashWallet Android UI for the Verify Passphrase screen, updated the formatting of decimals for fiat prices and bug fixes.

DashPay will be built into the existing native mobile wallets on Android and iOS.

Dash is launching on Coinbase Pro on Monday Sept 16 at 10am PST 🙌! Trading in Coinbase supported jurisdictions will begin Tuesday, Sept 17, or after liquidity conditions are met. #DigitalCash

Dash Partners with IQ CashNow Adding 1,000+ New Dash-Accepting Merchants

This week (9/7) at Dash Core Group

🗂 Fixed incomplete version number in Core wallet
🏃‍♀ Completed redesigned work for DashWallet iOS
🚴‍♂ Removed sync logic from Dash Platform
🍾 Launched in Korean

This week (8/30) at Dash Core Group!

⏩ Added fixes to enable instant re-spends in the Dash QT wallet
🧚‍♂️ Built the client library for the Dash Platform Naming Service ("DPNS")
🐛 Fixed bugs on the latest Dash Platform devnet

This week at Dash Core Group!
💪DashCore v0.14.0.3 released; MasterNode Owners please update
🏄‍♂️Created data contract for Dash Platform Naming Service (DPNS)
📱UI updates to home screen of DashWallet iOS
🐣Migrated DashWallet Android to official DCG account

Overview of Mainnet Stress Test and Dash Core v0.14.0.3 Release. An upgrade is recommended for all Masternodes.

Dash users can now buy Dash within the iOS and Android Dash Wallet! Dash and Uphold continue to be committed to adoption and ease of use. Release time of the update to the iOS app store will vary depending on location

This week (Aug 8th) at Dash Core Group!

👨‍🎨 Deployed Query Syntax on latest devnet
📱 Implemented received transaction state in Account Activity in DashPay
🍻 Uphold log out, UI update for new installs and bug fix on DashWallet (Android)

Dash Core Group Q2 2019 Quarterly Call will start in at 3 pm UTC. You can watch live in the link below, or later at your convenience on our Youtube channel.

This week (8/5) at Dash Core Group!
❕QT wallet UI update
👩‍🌾Finished work in DashPay for Profile Cards
🤝State transition concurrency work on Dash Platform
🖌Finished UI improvements for Dash Wallet (Android) + new price source in Dash Wallet (iOS)