Coin'ler: 4096
Borsalar: 295
BTC 52%
ETH 11%
XRP 9,9%
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b21 ICO
B21 B21
Personal Wealth Manager for Cryptoassets
1 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Feb 23, 2019 Feb 28, 2019
6.663 16 2.818
healthbank is revolutionising how personal health data is exchanged, stored and monetized
6 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Feb 28, 2019 May 31, 2019
3.102 6 2.604
telecoin ICO
TeleCoin TELE
TeleCoin is a Private, PoS, MasterNode based currency developing a Mobile Phone
6 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Feb 28, 2019 Mar 28, 2019
36 - 416
blogcoin ICO
Blogcoin BLGC
Cryptocurrency, Free Tokens, Coins, and other promotional services, especially those that have been verified.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 14, 2019
5.065 - 1.477
Authpaper Delivery uses blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer platform to deliver confidential data with unforgeable delivery records.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Jul 31, 2019
12.874 - 184
xcrypt ICO
xCrypt XCT
XCrypt is a hybrid type semi-distributed exchange that, in conjunction with block chain based settlement, provides reliable, real-time, high-throughput trading experience.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 May 31, 2019
25.922 - 1.990
ctr ICO
CTR– Telecommunications of the future.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 May 31, 2019
23 - 48
The Global Funeral Care Foundation is the first organization using blockchain technology to support the global funeral industry.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Jun 30, 2019
9.457 - 6.609
sonata ICO
Sonata SONT
Crypto exchange with long-term profit both to brokers and holders.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
8.757 - 5.295
bitvalve ICO
BitValve BTV
The most advanced P2P Exchange platform, features up to 50% less fees, multi-crypto support and many more.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 01, 2019
12.370 - 1.289
nobar ICO
The Complete Crypto Commerce
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 03, 2019
886 78 11.273
Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition's live P2P trading use case, and co-innovated with SAP
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Mar 31, 2019
8.060 18.673
BOLTON Coin (BFCL) offers a new amazing and unique approach to investing in the crypto sphere
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 15, 2019
2.538 - 1.426
Financial inclusion through decentralized money circles
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Mar 31, 2019
1.905 - 644
mindsync ICO
Mindsync MAI
Mindsync is a decentralized community-driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the growing artificial intelligence market as a customer, expert, developer or supplier to order or create and share AI services as a values.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 01, 2019
9.586 - 4.050
bright ICO
Bright BRT
The Decentralised Data Marketplace for Financial Services
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 May 24, 2019
7.765 301 2.986
Bridging Cultures - One eXperience at a Time
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
13.022 - 2.056
aassio ICO
aassio AAS
We want to create a better life with real estate
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
130 18 219
TripEcoSys is the world's largest decentralized travel & tourism ecosystem that supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards.
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
333 - 34 ICO DYNCOIN is creating a first of its kind Content Generation Network (CGN) that reduces current infrastructure costs and lets anyone earn money with their unused CPU power
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Jan 05, 2020
186 - -
foodnation ICO
FoodNation FOOD
The #1 blockchain food delivery marketplace driven by community
7 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 01, 2019 Jun 30, 2019
1.035 - 542
tryvium ICO
Tryvium TYM
9 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 03, 2019 Apr 03, 2019
- - 85
mycro ico ICO
Simply getting the job done
9 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 03, 2019 Mar 17, 2019
13.941 - 2.705
Post-Quantum, decentralized privacy.
9 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 03, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
8 - 9
Digital asset for the real world - future investment solutions for next generation
10 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 04, 2019 Apr 17, 2019
1.850 - 656
venoty ICO
Venoty VNT
Child development through creativity
11 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 05, 2019 May 05, 2019
399 - 187
batmine ICO
BatMine BATM
BatMine will build the most efficient crypto mine up to date.
21 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 15, 2019 Mar 31, 2019
8.913 - 261
talentico ICO
Talentico TAL
Unified Investment Ecosystem for Connecting Talents
24 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 18, 2019 Jun 18, 2019
2.267 - 124
azultec ICO
azultec AZU
The easiest way to earn crypto currencies!
26 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 20, 2019 Oct 20, 2019
838 - 387
skelpy ICO
Skelpy SKP
The goal of the Skelpy project is to create a completely decentralized and transparent blockchain in which all portfolios have a certified digital identity.
29 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 23, 2019 Apr 23, 2019
2.630 - 1.045
TOP Network is a high-performance blockchain with a powerful array of service-level infrastructures, including the world’s first decentralized cloud communication services.
31 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 25, 2019 Mar 31, 2019
9.653 1.928 8.026
uncloak ICO
Uncloak UNC
Uncloak is the world's first blockchain powered cyber threat solution putting businesses one step ahead of hackers.
33 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 27, 2019 Apr 03, 2019
14.641 - -
Instant investing & banking, Stattm is a public global Eth-based financial technology, that enables real-time peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services. Screen reader support enabled.
34 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 28, 2019 May 11, 2019
1.583 - 68
viaz ICO
First major decentralized peer to peer funding platform on Tezos
36 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 30, 2019 Sep 30, 2019
2.546 - 306
iotw ICO
A cryptocurrency for IOT purchase, supply chain, and after-sales services transactions
37 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Mar 31, 2019 May 12, 2019
50.227 817 1.334
wowx ICO
A crypto-to-crypto exchange that prioritises traders like you.
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
109.864 - 63
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 Jun 30, 2019
- - 5.511
imusify ICO
imusify IMU
The Smart Music Economy
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
77.176 17.010 13.875
east2 edos ICO
East2 aims to disrupt and change the long-standing, airline frequent flyer loyalty model using blockchain and digital loyalty tokens (EDOS).
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 May 31, 2019
5.136 3 940
Secure Crypto Payments is a payment gateway for Enterprise eCommerce; Enterprise eCommerce software is a solution that is used by big companies that sell online to cover all their business needs. Adidas, BMW, Canon, Carter's, Columbia, etc.
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 Jun 01, 2019
4.579 - 1.095
Psychological Rehabilitation for Vulnerable Populations
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 Jun 15, 2019
13.990 - 1.236
Synapsecoin, is a project focused in connect investors with entrepreneurs. Which will be viable or developed through the crowdfunding system using its own Exchange Criptowasi.
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 May 31, 2019
1.861 - 1.740
titan xrp ICO
Titan XRP is a low barrier entry hedge fund pool denominated in XRP to leverage the use and application of Ripple.
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 May 31, 2019
- - 1.237
Transparent. Secure. Compliant
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 Apr 30, 2019
2.051 3 1.062
Building the manufacturing Blockchain
38 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 01, 2019 Jun 01, 2019
6.546 - 1.058
fieldcoin ICO
Fieldcoin FLC
Exchange and Manage Farmland on the Blockchain
39 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 02, 2019 Oct 02, 2019
4.654 - 2.809
When Hungry is a global platform for ordering and delivering food, which combines the best restaurants in every city and in every country of operation.
44 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 07, 2019 May 07, 2019
88 - 57
nupay ICO
New Pay, New Day, NUPay | All-in-One Crypto Payment Solution
45 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 08, 2019 Jul 08, 2019
24 - 452
Trust management of digital assets
47 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 10, 2019 May 10, 2019
89.498 - 11.944
gooruf ICO
Gooruf GUR
Personalizable news aggregator, social network for finance and tokenized ecosystem for financial publishers and companies.
57 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 20, 2019 May 30, 2019
- 1 100
Decentralized Open Source Social Media
67 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Apr 30, 2019 Oct 30, 2019
66 - 154
multiven ICO
Multiven MTC
Defending Bitcoin & all public blockchain network nodes against cyberattacks, powered by the world’s first blockchain-based open marketplace for IT hardware, software & services.
68 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 01, 2019 May 31, 2019
39.290 15 2.990
corp ICO
Corp, Security Token based in the profibility of 5000 ATMs Bitcoin en Latin America
68 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 01, 2019 Oct 30, 2019
207 - 29
conjure ICO
Conjure CJR
A Decentralized, Incentivized Content Platform
68 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 01, 2019 Jun 01, 2019
800 - 1.439
medicall ICO
Allowing patients access to their own electronic health records
68 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 01, 2019 May 01, 2020
- - -
ebosia ICO
Ebosia XEBS
Smart Solutions for electrical vehicles based in blockchain technology
71 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 04, 2019 Jun 23, 2019
342 - 127
Blockchain Ecosystem of the global online market of footwear and clothing
72 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 05, 2019 Jun 04, 2019
1.225 - 1.821
nebluro ICO
Nebluro NBLR
Global Decentralized Exchange with Artificial Intelligence.
73 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 06, 2019 Jun 25, 2019
583 - 339
blankox ICO
BlankoX BKO
Imagine VISA for cryptocurrencies.
75 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 08, 2019 Jun 30, 2019
95 - 59
mytvchain ICO
MyTVchain MYTV
The first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs, powered by the blockchain.
82 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 15, 2019 Jun 28, 2019
4.553 - 4.042
The Digital Reserve is the first distributed ledger application to integrate unsecured lending into the base protocol using a cost-based proof of stake consensus system.
87 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 20, 2019 Jun 17, 2019
261 - 269
dayta ICO
Dayta XPD
My Data, My Choice
87 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 20, 2019 Jun 14, 2019
13 3 574
Unveiling the first Business-Tech platform based on the blockchain
97 gün gün içinde başlıyor
May 30, 2019 Sep 30, 2019
2 - -
linkchain ICO
LinkChain LNK
LINKCHAIN is a new Supply Chain startup developing a hybrid blockchain platform that allows buyers & sellers to transact business in a secure fashion. LINKCHAIN provides a real life solution by providing a low-cost, safe and secure environment in which both the Buyer and the Supplier can be sure that if each party satisfies their obligations, they will receive what they agreed to.
99 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jun 01, 2019 Nov 30, 2019
16.047 - 131.950
A Decentralized High Quality Market Feedback Platform
99 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jun 01, 2019 Sep 01, 2019
75.952 1.672 9.716
wulet ICO
Wulet WU
WULET — Swap your loyalty points! Store all your bonuses in one app and exchange them whenever you need.
99 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jun 01, 2019 Jun 30, 2019
6.464 - 4.296
WinWinCoin is a global association of gambling operators with their own WWC cryptocurrency. In addition, we offer a decentralized jackpot for all participants of WWC and the Winex crypto exchange where you can easily buy or sell WWC for any other cryptocurrency.
113 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jun 15, 2019 Sep 15, 2019
1.649 - 27
arcadierx ICO
ArcadierX ARCX
Harnessing the Best of Both Worlds – A Blockchain Enhanced Marketplace Platform ArcadierX will utilise the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in inventory sourcing and distribution, a platform of trust, cryptocurrency, provenance and trade financing, to strengthen Arcadier marketplace platform at the core.
129 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jul 01, 2019 Sep 30, 2019
13.264 1.119 572
bether ICO
Bether the Top cryptocurrencies in only One
129 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jul 01, 2019 Dec 31, 2019
24 - 1.364
bitzon ICO
Bitzon BTZ
We’ve built a platform for buyers and sellers from all around the world. E-commerce is growing astronomically, it’s projected to make about $2 trillion by 2018.
143 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jul 15, 2019 Oct 15, 2019
21.826 - 3.293
Wise is an innovative developer of analog-mixed-signal, system-on-a-chip who created an eco-system that enables a universe of applications on IoT and mobile devices using distributed ledger technology while backed by integrated-circuit-product-development
147 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jul 19, 2019 Sep 30, 2019
5.637 - 995
Specialized ICO reports with PROS, CONS and RED FLAGS for every ICO project
158 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jul 30, 2019 Sep 20, 2019
3.946 23 4.651
Innovative coffee blockchain company
160 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Aug 01, 2019 Aug 31, 2019
1.093 - 871
vosai ICO
VOSAI will be a democratically controlled artificial general intelligence (AGI) for image classification and contextualization as well as a natural language processing (NLP) running on a decentralized network of computers (World Computer).
184 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Aug 25, 2019 Dec 20, 2019
336 - 643
telescopia ICO
Telescopia CYRS
First peer-to-peer Telescope streaming platform
191 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Sep 01, 2019 Nov 01, 2019
260 - 436
SmartRiyal bridges the gap between technology and human lives.
199 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Sep 09, 2019 Sep 09, 2020
14 - 578
We are an investment consortium consisting of 238 years of transactions experience quantifiable in 5 billion dollars, over 318 transactions.
313 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jan 01, 2020 Mar 01, 2021
5.315 - 158
odds ICO
A socially responsible blockchain for the regulated gambling industry.
313 gün gün içinde başlıyor
Jan 01, 2020 Jan 31, 2020
41 8 1.138
The Foundational Layer For Decentralized Networks
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.327 - -
acgn ICO
Decentralized Blockchain based digital content distribution platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
10.183 4.709 2.466
Performance, Privacy & Usability for Every Blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
22.800 - 1.272
A health data protocol built on the principles of patient centricity, privacy, and equitable data sharing.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
13.532 - 5.257
Decentralized Lending Platform for Traditional Market Participants
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
24 - 13
perlin ICO
Perlin PERL
High-throughput privacy-preserving compute network.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
24.636 283 3.415
banana token ICO
Banana Token BNANA
Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of sale, digital wallet with crypto to fiat settlement system.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.057 24 932
A Zero Transaction Fee Blockchain Powered by Bulletproof Protocol and Customized Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
12.915 8 784
Empowering the decentralized future
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
13.287 157 -
emp ICO
Every Media blockchain Platform creates a decentralized media ecosystem with Content Creators, Users, and Advertisers through Blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
92.757 - 698
rublix ICO
Rublix RBLX
Rublix is developing a unique ecosystem for investors, traders and market professionals. A place where reputation and accuracy dominates.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
705 318 1.406
A Decentralized Gaming Economy
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
10.795 - 2.039
wireline ICO
Wireline WRL
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.056 16 4.143
zelerius ICO
Zelerius ZLS
A fast, easy and anonymous payment system.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
614 6 418
Building Blocks for Trustless IoT
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.447 - 649
Blockchain Infrastructure For The Digital Content Industry Empowering a decentralized digital content ecosystem
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
42.333 6.588 7.895
Hybrid three-dimensional scalable blockchain with 100k+ on-chain instant transactions and real-time auto sharding. Thanks to multi-layer architecture The Power platform unites public and private shards (mini blockchains) in a single address space. Synchronous protocol Resonance provides real-time peer-to-peer interactions enabling to provide best UX for customers.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
989 - 88
tenup ICO
Tenup TUP
For Progress, Investment & Success
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.039 - 992
Cocos-BCX is a decentralized gaming and digital assets development platform built with the Cocos engine.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.783 13 2.205
Ending the exploitation of charitable giving by providing proof of impact and proof of need assurances for donors using biometric data.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
10.158 - 10.635
The legal-technical interface connecting digital assets on the blockchain with goods and services in the material world
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.128 - 4.934
Mobile Ad Hoc Blockchains
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.689 43 390
tim ICO
Geolocation based high performance multigraph blockchain providing 100 Million TPS.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.250 309 3.913
guardium ICO
Guardium GUARD
Token for global decentralized emergency response.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.115 99 0
kratos ICO
Decentralized Commodities Trading platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.324 - 1.817
MultiVAC, a high-throughput and flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computing
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
17.800 - 6.147
omnes coin ICO
OMNESCOIN brings the company's thinking in its name. OMNES comes from the Latin "tudo". COIN means "currency in English". All in currency. Crypto-coins, or digital coins, bring security, ease and speed in transactions.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
11.805 - 4.166
symbioses ICO
Symbioses SYM
Symbioses is a decentralized protocol for monetizing the spare computing resources of any device with a processor.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 113
hypernet ICO
Hypernet HNT
Hypernet: Introducing a new infrastructure for computing.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
30.621 594 2.090
spitball ICO
Spitball SBL
Spitball 2.0 is a decentralized Student Economy where participants from around the world can exchange knowledge, content and items in return for fair compensation.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.464 6 -
sparrow ICO
Sparrow SPX
Protection Today. Success Tomorrow
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.168 - 285
Multifunctional fintech platform for automated cryptotrading, asset management and dApps creation.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
17.226 16 1.034
blockchain pioneers.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 4.457
Changing the Rules of the Game
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.931 58 547
Decentralizing the Personal Health Record so you can be the CEO of your Health
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
50 48 5.274
AmericansBitcoin network unites platforms for social network, payments, smart contracts, cryptocurrency university as well as an exchange with advanced features, creating a revolutionary ecosystem.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
55 - 972
hinounou ICO
The first Utility Token that empowers Seniors to live longer, healthier and happier, at home.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.133 27 158
stayge ICO
A Blockchain Platform for the Entertainment Industry
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
14.715 36 5.208
liquid8 ICO
Liquid8 LQ8
Liquid8 is a decentralized peer-to-peer multi-functional platform, which enables the global tokenization of assets for exchange and loan between community members.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
28.867 - 12.757
Peer to peer betting with no fees, transparency, security, and custom bets.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.008 892 1.602
Blockchain for decentralized workflows
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
24.070 - 34
The Next Generation AI-powered Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.082 - 5.452
volentix ICO
Volentix VTX
Building a Decentralized Digital Assets Ecosystem for the free markets of tomorrow
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
18.193 - 4.359
Europes legally compliant FIAT and CRYPTO exchange for UTILITIES & SECURITIES
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.195 - 1.504
lambda ICO
Lambda LAMB
Provide unlimited storage capabilities a decentralized application infrastructure Lambda
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
24.691 - 4.387
aenco ICO
Aenco AEN
Aenco - World's First Blockchain-Based Healthcare Financial Solutions Platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.365 573 2.926
A fairer internet for people to own the networks they use.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
11.146 - 302
lendledger ICO
The first open network to solve trillion-dollar credit gaps.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.085 - 825
olam ICO
Olam OLM
Olam is a transformative open-source platform and protocol designed to completely streamline communications for the entire global supply chain industry.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.122 - 750
. Dispatch Labs is building a revolutionary business-ready blockchain protocol: an advanced platform that facilitates the upload and control of programmable files.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.124 105 4.485
apollonia ICO
Apollonia APOLLO
Apollonis is the decentralized solution for storing medical data and interactions between all participants of industry.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
13.665 - 9.043
Platform for Personalized Health and Longevity Management
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.178 - 871
veryfile ICO
VeryFile VER
Network for Sensitive File Management.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
19.417 - 3.271
Global First Decentralized Funding Platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
29.902 - 2.840
A decentralized protocol for the freight industry.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.340 80 1.624
BitleagueCoin is a decentralized, crypto-token powered ecosystem, focused on bridging the gap between various sports-related industries through leveraging the real-world benefits of the blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
24.941 - 4.153
wfee ICO
WFee is the world’s first decentralized WiFi sharing ecosystem based on the blockchain technology.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
16.370 - 389
A Blockchain-based Energy Ecosystem Powered by AI
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
84.244 - 12.513
The decentralized reputation protocol for the global sharing economy, built on the blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.671 - 10
denarii cash ICO
Denarii Cash DCASH
Denarii Cash - A digital currency wallet that brings next-generation UX and UI to cryptocurrency user.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.859 - 1.243
Decentralized custody for your cryptocurrency.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.825 - 1.301
Containers for industrial mining based on GPUs with immersion cooling system inside.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.272 - 3.651
novam ICO
Distributed Cybersecurity for IoT
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.490 228 1.397
duo ICO
DUO is a new, decentralized, income-generating stable token backed by first-class financial engineering and market proven model.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
22.820 - 426
smartpesa ICO
SmartPesa PESA
The secure credit data blockchain for businesses
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
90 2 21
ilink ICO
Geosocial Hyperlocal Social Commerce Ecosystem
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
53 14 51
libellum ICO
Libellum LIB
Libellum is the world’s most innovative supply chain verification platform for product certification, testing, and compliance. Libellum will make working with suppliers safe and secure - through its innovative platform.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
82 353 -
auditchain ICO
AuditChain AUDT
Auditchain is the world's first Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem for financial and operating disclosure assurance for enterprises, non profits and governments.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.736 - 2.776
binkabi ICO
Binkabi BKBI
Binkabi is a protocol for building blockchain-based commodity exchanges and market places for emerging markets
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.449 - 386
bloxia ICO
Bloxia BLOX
Bloxia - The Blockchain Accelerator
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
14.059 - 8.559
Talentchain aims to build an ecosystem of Universities, Corporates, Government Bodies, Notary and Talents for exploring, harnessing and benefitting from the decentralized properties inherent to Blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.679 10 4.038
A platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.327 - 3.153
govblocks ICO
GovBlocks GBT
GovBlocks is an open, permissionless protocol that allows any community to define and operate its governance model at scale
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
544 6 183
tokenai ICO
Cryptocurrency education and advice platform providing investment advice through proprietary Artifical Intelligence tools, empowering regular people with artificial intelligence tools previously only available to Wall Street
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.041 6 3.619
Universal base-level blockchain protocol for the travel industry.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.903 51 503
SGT is an ERC20 security token for the new, location-based social network, SelfieYo.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
387 - 8.221
Inter-chain Service Infrastructure and Protocol Technology Foundation for a Distributed Business Ecosystem
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.396 - 2.403
winminer ICO
WinMiner BEE
"WinMiner aspires to become a world-class crypto onboarding platform, and a simple means to mine cryptocurrencies, aimed at once again decentralizing the process of cryptocurrency mining. "
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
936 - 1.816
plutusx ICO
PlutusX PLTX
We are on a mission to reinvent the way banking is perceived by leveraging new decentralized tools and technologies.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.046 14 1.005
#1 Derivatives ecosystem for crypto assets
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.315 - 2.895
firmo ICO
Firmo FRM
Financial infrastructure for the crypto economy
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.510 - -
Fern makes any blockchain network more decentralised and secure by connecting identified node and oracle providers through an anonymous protocol. Fern combines enterprise compliance requirements with trustless network fundamentals.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
38 - 59
A new blockchain protocol using programmable packets to enhance security, privacy and net neutrality
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - -
The ultimate personal identity blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.380 - 2.081
Deposits of granite blocks of excellent quality with minimal risk
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
81 - 5
kambria ICO
Kambria KAT
Fueling the AI and Robotics future
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.150 - 11.899
Unlock the Value of Your DNA
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 636
World’s First High Throughput Blockchain Platform Implementing Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.705 25 1.191
Highly interactive collaboration, addressing the high compatibility of blockchain islands, high throughput, cross-chain operation to decentralize operating systems.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
708 - 1.664
quantler ICO
Quantler QUANT
Decentralizing Wall Street, together
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
292 - 71
etha ICO
The first blockchain-based remittance platform designed for innovative financial services.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.259 - 5.678
Shyft is a secure credentials verification network that unlocks new economies of trust.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.146 7 3.910
alza ICO
ALZA is a low-latency anonymous blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.447 - 537
fragments ICO
Fragments FRG
A low volatility cryptocurrency & platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.547 - 546
Foundational distributed and decentralized technologies for the future Internet
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 1.511
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
28.414 - 7.016
citicash ICO
CitiCash CCH
First user friendly crypto project!
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.892 - 421
Quoinblock is post-quantum secure, green and regulated blockchain developed by world’s leading information security team.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.209 - 1.965
Rise is a Germany-based software company developing sophisticated algorithmic trading technology using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
17.237 - 2.368
Scalable and Instant Blockchain Transactions
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.460 8 1.259
The ethical language of Machines
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
16.244 - -
Airgead Coin is allowing investors the ability to create a worldwide, debt-free currency backed entirely by physical Precious Metals.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - -
C2Legacy will be the first blockchain to globally verify death.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
822 - 485
ecta ICO
The first blockchain-based trust protocol for global employability
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
23.815 - 11.425
covex coin ICO
CoVEX is a new cryptocurrency exchange.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.494 - 3.526
scidex ICO
SciDex SDX
The SciDex Protocol enables users to automatically generate unforgeable, compliant, human readable and adaptable smart contracts at scale via plain text input.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
25.560 80 11.444
foresting ICO
Foresting PTON
Social media platform based on blockchain technology
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
74.952 - 1.965
xiwatt ICO
XiWatt XIW
Crowdfunding Green Energy With Ethereum Blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.465 - -
esprezzo ICO
Esprezzo EZPZ
Blockchain middleware for the front-end developer
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.641 218 1.453
Loom Network’s DPoS sidechains allow for truly scalable blockchain games and DApps with the security of Ethereum mainnet. Like EOS on Ethereum.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
12.320 - 16.997
trias ICO
Trias TRY
Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
10.594 12 1.068
Powering Artificial Intelligence on the Blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
73.928 - 2.811
The easiest way to the auction
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
239 - 1.587
Blockchain Agro Trading - absolutely new product, which has no analogues in the world. We are the first who implements Blockchain-technology in this business environment.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 18
LoveBlock - Decentralized Database for Dating
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
11.501 - 1.784
2key ICO
2key 2KEY
REAL technology
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
629 - 119
cubiex ICO
Cubiex CBIX
Creating the first decentralized blockchain powered social network and crypto league for eSports.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.566 - 2.424
sonocoin ICO
SonoCoin SCN
SonoCoin is the first cryptocurrency to transact via encrypted audio files.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.842 - 421
Powering the future of data economy
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.956 - 102
The World’s ‘truly’ Decentralised Ownership Exchange
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
30.358 - -
cogenero ICO
Cogenero COG
Mobile Cogeneration Mining Platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
849 - 1.398
The Smart Health Economy
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
504 13 34
EthereumCashPro is an Ethereum- based token
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
25.042 - 11.471
spatium ICO
Spatium SPT
Spatium ™ wallet is an ultra-secure software and hardware wallet that supports over 100 cryptocurrencies.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.328 - 487
land layby ICO
Land Layby HRBE
Africa has never ending land disputes and massive dead capital whose solutions lies in blockchain land registries like Land LayBy Listing.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
70.919 - 27.098
nebula ICO
Nebula Genomics will leverage blockchain technology to eliminate the middleman and empower people to own their personal genomic data.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.515 - 26.320
everest ICO
Everest ID
Everest is a decentralized platform for a new economy, incorporating a massively scalable payment solution with a multi-currency wallet, and digital + biometric identity.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.473 1.720 955
xresearch ICO
XResearch XRES
XResearch is a decentralized, institutional-quality investment research firm and media platform that focuses on crypto, ICOs/STOs, and blockchain technology.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
13.789 18 798
NYCREC tokenizes New York City real estate, offering token holders fractional interest in a portfolio of properties in NYC and paying them in Ethereum airdrops.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
13.269 17 775
Elements Estates is a token for your unique real estate opportunity
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.592 412 2.357
fonder ICO
Fonder FON
FON is a mainstream cryptocurrency that evens your grandma can use, and a guarantee DIAMOND REDEEMABLE at same value token.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
506 - 296
ASQ Protocol - Decentralized content economy, 260M registered users!
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
22.901 166 882
moviecoin ICO
Moviecoin MOV
MovieCoin is a next-generation financial technology company focused on leveraging blockchain technology, proprietary applications and cryptographic tokens to become the leading entertainment transaction platform for businesses and consumers and the standard currency for funding motion pictures, television and other media.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.015 134 1.565
datafund ICO
Datafund DEX
Datafund protocol guards personal data, provides safe storage and enables ethical data exchange.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.540 - 4.776
Bringing the $100+ trillion derivatives market to the blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.952 84 3.606
Your personal well-being dashboard .
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
373 - 72
The intersection of real estate and blockchain technology. Block Estates is a next-generation real estate investment and management platform.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.686 - 2.019
proppush ICO
PropPush PSH
PropPush is results oriented online service to connect property buyers, sellers, renters and agents for faster property transactions.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.398 - 30
bluebelt ICO
Bluebelt BBXC
BLUEBELT is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to disrupt the current crypto exchange industry by listing both utility and SECURITY tokens.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.465 - 95
The protocol for blockchain games. From Ex-Facebook, Ex-TikTok, Ex-Zynga Team who have built the game
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
22.205 13.550 8.803
Dusk Network is a decentralized infrastructure focused on providing the sweet-spot between privacy and transparency in payment, communication and asset ownership transfers.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.429 425 1.321
impresso ICO
Impresso XIM
Impresso Labs is a blockchain and mobile application based company providing profile and CV data validation for the recruitment and networking industry.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
627 467 958
bgt ICO
Bgogo Trading (BGT) index token, for quantitative trading in the secondary market. BGT will consist of a mixed package of digital assets.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
35.898 11.873 11.432
artpro ICO
ArtPro APT
The Art of blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
18.194 - 9.744
amastar ICO
AmaStar AS
A blockchain-based platform where you earn for porn.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.190 - 1.581
gorecruit ICO
GoRecruit GRT
Artificial intelligence for HR based on blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.521 133 2.660
CentrumCoin is building a revolutionary online ecosphere where it is connecting viable projects with investors looking for investment opportunities.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 1.153
The Future of Retirement Savings is Peer-to-Peer, secured by the Blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 2.342
Green mining in the Austrian Alps
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.304 - 2.954
kibis ICO
KIBIS is a secure, fast and efficient option for people to easily access financial services whenever and wherever they want.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
19.119 - 2.520
ukasii ICO
UKasii UKS
A completely mobile consumer cryptocurrency allowing consumers to earn "cash back" for cash spent at UKa$ii partner establishments.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7 - 29
exserion ICO
Development and provision of a free encryption currency settlement environment (EXSERION settlement environment) for companies and individuals who develop services using the social media community.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 764
invech ICO
Invech IV
INVECH is a cryptocurrency exchange licensed and endorsed by the government of Timor Leste. Invech Token (IV) will be the platform token for all of Invech's project with the hope of achieving our mission.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.840 - 21
Blockchain economy for online publishers
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.590 - 8.319
The social network of blockchain era, which combines the advantages of bitcoin and gives users an opportunity to get rewarded.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
545 - 2.196
Distributed Secondary Content Platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
35.899 - -
freitx ICO
FreitX FRX
Blockchain-Based Digital Freight Exchange
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
202 11 100
bubblo ICO
Bubblo BUBL
The first decentralized review platform for bars, clubs, restaurants, and retail establishments.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 3.254
Enabling Decentralized Network Formation and Probabilistic Micro-Payments
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 14.814
emotiq ICO
Emotiq EMTQ
EMOTIQ private sale
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.691 202 1.386
bolt ICO
The World’s First Open Entertainment Economy
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
17.931 - 1.961
dfinity ICO
Dfinity DFN
The decentralised cloud
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
39.231 7.031 32.239
bzx ICO
bZx B0X
A decentralized margin lending protocol & liquidation oracle marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - -
Platform that enables the assessment of real estate, rents, sales, holiday rentals.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.400 - 9.150
orvium ICO
Orvium ORV
Orvium is an open source, decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications’ lifecycles and the associated data.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.455 80 1.764
siacoin ICO
Siacoin SC
Sia creates a decentralized storage marketplace
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- 31.172 108.937
The globally HIPAA-compatible protocol unleashing the value of healthcare data
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
11.942 - -
hadron ICO
Hadron QI
Decentralized computing network for massively scaled AI training.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
15.152 1.637 6.487
Beyond Seen Screen - The missing link between video & content
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3 - 517
vite ICO
A Next Generation High-performance Decentralized Application Platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
29.797 - -
hivemind ICO
P2P Oracle System and Prediction Marketplace
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 2.657
mytoken ICO
MyToken MT
Your one-stop crypto platform that provides global cryptocurrency, real-time tickers, chart, data analysis, wallet and global industry news.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
863 - 0
Invest in US real estate and earn semi annual income payments
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
167 - 32
The stable crypto token you were waiting for.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.668 129 1.357
waltix ICO
Waltix WLTX
Waltix – an innovative solution for the ticketing market, combining the convenience of mobile applications and the safety of blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
30 - 616
Airchain: The next revolution in Freight Industry.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
413 - 71
mefy ICO
Blockchain Led Healthcare Paltform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 5.341
The TrustToken Platform is the bridge between blockchains and the $256 trillion worth of real-world assets
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.608 - 8.206
Global Digital Health Ecosystem
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.703 - 252
zangll ICO
The first decentralized P2P-platform for vacation rentals
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 104
buff ICO
A loyalty platform that rewards gamers simply for playing
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.334 - 6.966
truebit ICO
Secure, scalable, decentralized computation
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - -
The Smart Contract Ecosystem For Everyone
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
17.390 - 201
ecomi ICO
Security, economy and digital assets ecosystem
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.733 - 2.146
Disrupting The Global Groceries Marketplace
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
26.087 - 3.361
Brain-computer Interfaces to train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.950 - 5.064
fluence ICO
Fluence FLU
Decentralized encrypted database for sensitive data
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
27 - 6
qorio ICO
Qorio QRO
Singing Assistant AI (SAAI), universal solution for global singing education.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9 - 147
The blockchain platform for building decentralized marketplaces.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
21.430 1.989 14.066
aergo ICO
Blockchain fuel for autonomous business
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
27.260 - 5.537
A collaboration between top U.S. professors and seasoned Silicon Valley technologists, empowr is the world’s first platform to seamlessly integrate a next-generation social network, marketplace, virtual currency, educational organization and political system so that the community can self-govern.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.425 - 5.125
Keeps provide a bridge between the world of public blockchains and private data.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.985 2.013 7.083
freerange ICO
Freerange EGG
Monetize your knowledge and put your brain on the blockchain!
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.463 - -
Deconet is building blockchain technology for truly sustainable software development that equitably and automatically rewards contributors.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
21.702 - 12.121
choon ICO
Choon is the largest blockchain-based music streaming ecosystem in the world.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.390 397 3.518
Powering the economy of a new decentralized internet.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.758 - 10.624
emanate ICO
Discover sound from the source
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.151 - 4.419
Keeping cryptocurrency decentralized
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
13.076 560 5.101
Powering the World's Most Impactful Marketplace for Services
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 17
emx ICO
EverMarkets is a cheaper, fairer, and easier way to trade futures.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.459 209 3.340
impetus one ICO
Impetus One NUDGE
Changing the paradigm in online advertising
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
15.892 - 976
The All-in-One Exchange You’ve Been Waiting For
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
11.864 119 16.905
DeepCloud AI is an AI-Driven Cloud Computing Infrastructure building on the Blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
18.704 - 8.625
omega one ICO
Omega One OMT
A decentralized automated trading intelligence platform
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.784 126 5.618
Exchange Platform for Bonus Points
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.894 7 1.082
tradelize ICO
Tradelize TDZ
An ecosystem where ProTraders gain a unique trading toolset and investors achieve investment results equal to those of the best experts
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.150 73 901
onstellar ICO
Subject specific social network with large audience.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
909 - 1.951
All Public Art (APA) is a peer-to-peer, counterfeit free, transparent art marketplace enabled by blockchain technology.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
10.596 - 4.995
crucoins ICO
Revolutionizing Art Monetization
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - -
akasha ICO
Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 11.836
git money ICO
Work from anywhere
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 15
Hedge Coin Capital Limited (HCC) is an Australian based cryptocurrency portfolio manager which facilitates contributions from investors into a portfolio of digital assets; crypto currencies, ICO’s, Derivatives, Startup Blockchain Technologies, and Hedge Funds
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 234
trueplay ICO
TruePlay TPLAY
Fully functioning platform created for integration of blockchain tech. into online gambling projects
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
12.647 - 849
Dopameme is a decentralized platform aiming to tokenize memes
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
185 26 153
ouna ICO
The innovative employee assessment and recruitment platform – based on the decentralized blockchain technology
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.128 3.469 14.971
Quantum Computation at your fingertips
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.197 - 2.408
decem ICO
Decem IO
Decem is creating a link between the old and the new economy, with creating an instant, secure, user-friendly, low-cost payment system using blockchain, backed by one-to-one reserve ratio in fiat currency.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
261 - 118
High-Performance Blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
20.406 954 6.355
votem ICO
Votem VAST
Voting for a mobile world
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.031 - 2.556
ioeX, created for the Internet of Everything
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.985 - 2.509
Decentralized News Network is a news platform, combining news creation with decentralized networks to deliver factual content, curated by the community.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
67.035 96 20.800
blockcloud ICO
Blockcloud BLOC
Blockcloud, a new approach that combines the advantages of SCN and blockchain to empower IoT
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
34.172 - 7.958
loomia ICO
Loomia TILE
A device that transforms clothes into data-collecting and identity tools
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
11 - 4.778
The world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform that enables companies to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto-tokens.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4.531 100 1.437
Self-sovereign identity with verifiable claims
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
11.911 - 6.306
The #1 Industrial Commodity-Backed ICO in Asia '2018
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 165
svandis ICO
Svandis SVN
The Svandis ecosystem is driven by a community of users and researchers using powerful Svandis tools, analytics, and indicators for professional traders in need of real-time, actionable data and analyses.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
5.454 48 1.910
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - -
Dench Music ICO merges the Music Industry and Blockchain together.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.201 1.491 966
Rover Coin (ROE), is an open-source, peer-to-peer, digital currency, designed and engineered for maximizing decentralization, opportunities for earnings, diversified network and hybrid systems.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 1.317
tolar ICO
Tolar TOL
Tolar is an open source, community governed crypto-currency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
10.518 - 2.421
ultra ICO
Ultra UTA
PC game distribution platform powered by Blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.066 13 1.020
Varyon (VAR) is a payment token for the exchange of goods and services in the Blue Frontiers seasteading ecosystem, other ecosystems, and between token holders.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.260 721 2.300
cryptectum ICO
Cryptectum TECT
Real Estate investment on blockchain basis
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
141 - 849
The Stream Token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that lets content creators get paid with absolutely no middleman taking a cut. Every Stream Token a creator earns, they keep.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
590 5 485
Democratizing IoT data with infinitely-scalable concurrent contracts, trustless light nodes, and encrypted data markets on top of block lattice.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
7.762 842 2.476
Powered by consensus.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
15.226 312 5.362
bloxroute ICO
bloXroute BLXR
bloXrouteis a scalability solution which allows all cryptocurrencies and blockchains to scale to thousands of transactions per second (TPS) on-chain, without changing their protocol.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.498 459 4.728
NOIA is the next-generation content DELIVERY network - powered by blockchain technology.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.316 218 1.009
Formal Verification Platform for Smart Contracts and Blockchain Ecosystems
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
27.054 - -
OpenFinance Network is a security token issuance, trading, clearing and settlement platform.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
202 128 4.228
AffiliateCoin is here to revolutionise Affiliate Marketing, powered by the security, support and investment capacity of cryptocurrency.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.241 - 12.227
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
16.409 - 11.247
dineroone ICO
World's First All-in-One Pay-Everywhere Solution!
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 628
topiacoin ICO
TopiaCoin TOPIA
Topia Technology announces its ICO to fund the development of the first globally available secure decentralized file sharing infrastructure, or SDFS.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
148 18 389
Scalable blockchain, delivered
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 30
The ultimate layer two integration technology
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
636 6 672
"The ""Linker"" is a collection of the systems which facilitate the inter-transaction between Linker Coin and various economic networks built on crypto-currency market, financial market, e-commerce market, etc. ​
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.856 - 605
Pumped provides a decentralized economy for content monetization.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
17.273 - 323
akropolis ICO
Akropolis AKT
Blockchain Pensions Infrastructure
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
17.762 - 1.998
springrole ICO
SpringRole SPRING
SpringRole is an attestation based professional profile platform with linked rewards on the blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
30.032 - 2.346
mainframe ICO
Mainframe MFT
A decentralized network for censorship- resistant message routing.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
54.731 1.847 15.924
Celer Network Bring Internet Scale to Every Blockchain
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
27.613 - 7.180
nucypher ICO
NuCypher NKMS
NuCypher KMS is HTTPS for dApps.s
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
41.343 379 - is being built to help content creators maximize their earnings while allowing marketers to optimize the return on their creative spend.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
8.691 165 1.357
prizm ICO
Prizm PZM
PRIZM - The New Generation Cryptocurrency
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
371 - 171
A decentralized network protocol for issuing and managing tokenized equity offerings of SMEs, Start-ups and Real Estate Projects.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.738 - 1.783
pavocoin ICO
Pavocoin PAVO
IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
4 72 1.466
The Trustware Platform for the 7.6 Billion People
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - -
fluzcoin ICO
Fluzcoin FLZ
The Intelligent Retail Currency
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
30.309 122 4.299
delicia ICO
Delicia DFT
Delicia is a decentralized food network powered by Blockchain and AI. It maximizes food utilization and reduces wastage. It offers real-time search for excess food at restaurants, grocery & packaged food stores and helps route them to buyers at discounted price.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
3.456 - 904
bloomx ICO
BloomX BX8
Connecting neighborhood moneychangers with the Stellar DEX and teaching people how to use crypto safely.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
460 - 245
monetizr ICO
Monetizr MTZ
Monetizr (Techstars) is a blockchain Game Reward Engine
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.709 39 1.947
owndata ICO
Owndata is a blockchain based data exchange platform! Owndata is a crypto marketplace for data sellers and buyers.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
9.929 - 12.232
holdvest ICO
Holdvest HDL
Your universal gateway to the crypto markets
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.404 - 824
coinpayo ICO
CoinPayo PAYO
CoinPayo | A Digital Payments Platform with Cryptocurrency
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.216 - 961
sambanx ICO
SamBanx SAM
SamBanx - payment provider which allow connecting crypto-assets with any European bank accounts! Thanks to PSD-2 and SEPA Instant Payments - you can make deposits and withdrawals in seconds, just in 1 click. We are building REAL, STRONG AND COMPLEX fintech product. Our technical team has 25 years experiences in banking software. Our advisors and founders have a huge track record in business and finance fields.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
2.624 - 185
xsure ICO
Xsure XSR
Xsure platform is to position itself between the insurer and insuree, thus helping both parties find the most suitable solution, in a transparent, and privacy-oriented process.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
137 - 644
ommer ICO
Ommer OMR
Strength in numbers
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
10.313 - 5.157
The Blockchain Solution for the Global Nursing Industry
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.980 - 25.579
promether ICO
Promether PYRO
Promether is a new type of network called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN).
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.543 238 1.316
tillbilly ICO
TillBilly BILL
A blockchain based digital payments network and a point of sale hardware terminal designed for mass adoption in retail - without complexities or price volatility.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
27.142 54 4.771
codetract ICO
CodeTract CTT
Build contracts enforced by blockchains
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 996
limitlex ICO
Limitlex LMX
The Limitlex Smart Exchange will change the way we trade cryptocurrencies.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
217 - 97
foodcoin ICO
FoodCoin FOOD
Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
969 13 1.178
Open Consensus for 10B people
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
12.219 - 1.186
Enabling content recognition for p2p streaming and secure payments with the blockchain.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
1.680 - 2.290
cognida ICO
Cognida COG
Blockchain Agnostic Data Integrity and Management Platform.
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
6.433 52 515
rchain ICO
Scalable Blockchain Applications
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- 2.452 10.781
Network Managed Autonomous Decision-Making Agent
Bekleyen Zaman Çizelgesi
- - 1.721