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Õpet Foundation ICO


The Õpetfoundation plans build a blockchain to store the tertiary/college admission data of all high school students. In order to ensure data is accurately collected at the source, it is also developing a highly sophisticated mobile application chatbot to expand students' horizons and serve as a learning companion to students in high schools globally. This companion will have a range of capabilities including a digital tutor companion, personalized recommender, a unified channel for interests, college applications and career counselling.

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    1 Sep 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
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    1 Oct 2018 - 31 Dec 2018 (1.0 ETH = 500.0 opet)
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    5,000,000 USD
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    30,000,000 USD
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Ekip Üyeleri
Wilson Wang profile picture
Wilson Wang
Founder & CEO
Ameya Kulkarni profile picture
Ameya Kulkarni
Founder & CTO
Aashraya Kumar Yogi profile picture
Aashraya Kumar Yogi
Creative Director
Viacheslav Shybaiev profile picture
Viacheslav Shybaiev
Blockchain Specialist and Solutions Architect
Nicholas Ivanov profile picture
Nicholas Ivanov
Blockchain Developer
Boris Serebrov profile picture
Boris Serebrov
Software Developer
Jenny Frances profile picture
Jenny Frances
Global Digital Marketing Team Lead
Oleksandra Burmenska profile picture
Oleksandra Burmenska
Project Manager
Joana Camille C. Casucian profile picture
Joana Camille C. Casucian
Content Marketing Lead
Michele Mazibuko profile picture
Michele Mazibuko
Global Community Management Lead
Larry Anthony Panaligan profile picture
Larry Anthony Panaligan
Marketing Associate
Gabriel Tan profile picture
Gabriel Tan
VP, Finance and Partnerships
Samson Lee profile picture
Samson Lee
Founder & CEO of CoinStreet, Chief Crypto-economic Consultant of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, Founding Executive Chairman of China Greater Bay Area TechFin Association
Karthik Iyer profile picture
Karthik Iyer
Founder & CEO of BlockchainMonk, Leading Global Blockchain influencer, India Ambassador to P2P Foundation
Susan Teh profile picture
Susan Teh
Entrepreneur; Founder, STBG Pte Ltd and ST Paramount Pte Ltd; International marketing/PR Specialist
Maximilian Kobernik profile picture
Maximilian Kobernik
VP Global Partnerships of CoinStreet, Head of Investor Relations, Play2Live
Michael Creadon profile picture
Michael Creadon
Co-Founder & CEO of 4Rev, Influential US-based Crypo-investor and ICO/STO Advisor
Gunnar Lee-Miller profile picture
Gunnar Lee-Miller
Co-Founder & CEO of 4Rev, Influential US-based Crypo-investor and ICO/STO Advisor
James Ong profile picture
James Ong
Founder and CEO, Origami Frontiers; Member, China National Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) Select Committee
Nikita Sachdev profile picture
Nikita Sachdev
International Model, Founder of Event Talents, Leading Asian Crypto-Influencer
Jayarethanam Pillai profile picture
Jayarethanam Pillai
Division Head of Business and Dean, School of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, American University of Central Asia
Darius Sit profile picture
Darius Sit
Managing Partner, QCP Capital, Capital Markets Operator and Crypto-Trader
Lim Boon Tat profile picture
Lim Boon Tat
Education Specialist, Former JC Vice-Principal, Singapore Ministry of Education Officer; Co-Founder, Grdient
Edward Ismawan Chamdani profile picture
Edward Ismawan Chamdani
Managing Partner & Cofounder, Ideosource Incubator, Leading Indonesian Crypto-Influencer
Julian Peh profile picture
Julian Peh
CEO, Co-Founder, Aditus Networks, Entrepreneur, Lawyer with 20 years’ experience in Technology, Crypto-Currencies, Marketing / Media, Luxury, Rewards Data Systems
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