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stattm token

Stattm Token


STATTM /'statm:/ - /'ستاتم/ is the shorten randomized name of both meaning (Stat Transformation Mazuma) or (Instant Transactions Money) represented as the shorten name for the company, it's an ERC20 open source, community crypto currency. It allows folks to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency and make almost instantaneous and completely anonymous transfers with tiny fees. Crypto currency world is currently a big web and you are a master piece under this digital spider's web. It loves decentralizing itself more and more nowadays, The most known exchanges are owned by small groups of rich bugs they took all the tokens of each of old crypto projects, They don’t let any of us share in the success, We weren't that opportunity to invest like them at the beginning or get some tokens by joining their projects. They make fortunes from our trades and all we get in return are invasive verification procedures, delayed signups, and restricted withdrawals. They take the big pieces and they haven't any goal for humanity needs, insurances or returns equality just nothing for new generation future, Stattm is partner with 2045 initiative and Mcfly witch they are best future innovations in our future technologies, Stattm giving everyone to have tokens during ICO campaigns to store any amount in the fixed availability and use to have that opportunities for anyone who backed in it to ride in fly cars and in next human immortality evolution, Therefore Stattm is asking you to join from one or a big amount of the project shares, You have democracy to build it and get most tokens during bounty campaign, yes we all together can gain from bounty opportunity to crowd-sale campaigns, from gifts to hiring pro-individuals into the team or advisors list. Let's us bring it to Trade in decentralization exchanges with our stored tokens and process the next steps of immortality, riding in flycars and staying alive, even enable everything like visit to any point of universe! via 2045 initiative future Avatars or riding in the cars!. in current cryptocurrency era Stattm require to solve problems In this finance crypto world, The current peer-to-peer marketplaces are even more exclusive than centralized exchanges. They typically use trade all assets VS a single cryptocurrency, have bad designed interfaces, and lack help supports services, we will work with different exchanges, different marketplaces, more decentralizations more liquidity and with an open scalability community. We can work together to change that old style and take back the innovated crypto world to the right way. A decentralize service doesn't mean an automate limited service but it means an unlimited organize-able service witch Stattm is it!, It will be the world’s most common cryptocurrency platform, which decentralizes the most important part of the payments, We will support more cryptocurrencies beside it in our services to enable a better peer-to-peer payments crypto business. In our future Traders, or Individual users all over the world will be able to use our services easier and cheaper, everyone will touch the sky point of the most innovations in next human evolution mission in our ages in this era!.

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  • Whitelist
    1 Mar 2018 - 15 Apr 2018
  • Pre Sale
    25 Aug 2018 - 6 Oct 2018 (1.0 ETH = 6000.0 sttm)
  • Public Sale
    28 Mar 2019 - 11 May 2019 (1.0 ETH = 4000.0 sttm)
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    United Kingdom
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    15,666,00 ETH
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