Đồng tiền: 2790
Sàn giao dịch: 206
Giá trị vốn hóa thị trường: 224.915.625.270 $
Lưu lượng 24 giờ: 14.824.299.889 $
Ưu thế:
BTC 51,1%
ETH 10,6%
BCH 3,63%
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Datareum ICO

Business Platform

Datareum is a decentralized marketplace that will enable individuals to monetize their personal data, selling it directly to researchers, companies, and other interested parties. Built on the Ethereum public blockchain, Datareum’s platform will facilitate this peer-to-peer transaction of sensitive personal information securely, without the risk of hacking. By leveraging incentive mechanisms within the platform, Datareum will ensure the availability of superior quality custom data, providing an indispensable tool for researchers.

Datareum’s platform provides a marketplace for high quality data. Data Providers continuously earn DTN as the data they have provided is resold. Data Requesters pay for customized data, which can be resold for profit.

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Đánh giá Điểm
ICOCrunch 4.8
ICObench 4.6
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Thông tin token
  • Danh sách trắng
  • Bán trước
  • Bán ra công chúng
    2 Jun 2018 - 6 Aug 2018 (0.03 USD = 1.0 dtn)
  • Ticker
  • Nền tảng
  • Quốc gia
    United Kingdom
  • Accepting
  • Hạn chế
    • United States (Total Restriction)
  • Tổng thu được
    18,000,000,00 USD
  • Mức sàn
    500,000 USD
  • Mức trần
    18,000,000 USD
  • Tổng số token
  • Nguồn cung có sẵn
  • Tiền thưởng
  • Cần có KYC
Đội ngũ
Thành viên nhóm
Jorge Perez profile picture
Jorge Perez
Maximiliano Garcia profile picture
Maximiliano Garcia
Anna Mikhailova profile picture
Anna Mikhailova
Head of Finance
Jonathon Ainsworth profile picture
Jonathon Ainsworth
Head of Operations
Justin Hale profile picture
Justin Hale
Head of Marketing
Aaron Kobeissi profile picture
Aaron Kobeissi
Front End Engineer
Alejandro Garcia profile picture
Alejandro Garcia
Back End Engineer
Raphael Mateo profile picture
Raphael Mateo
Lead Designer
Sofia Rocci profile picture
Sofia Rocci
Community Manager
Cố vấn
Sebastian Weil profile picture
Sebastian Weil
Private Investor & Advisor
David Meszaros profile picture
David Meszaros
Legal Advisor
Adis Begic profile picture
Adis Begic
Security Advisor
Oleksandr Radchuk profile picture
Oleksandr Radchuk
Blockchain Advisor
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