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MOBILINK-NETWORK, the 1st global mobile telecom provider, introduces the first borderless, telecommunications network built on blockchain technology with the MOBILINK-COIN. MOBILINK-COIN (MBX) will eliminate all mobile monthly fees by replacing the smartphone user's current mobile SIM card with a MOBILINK-SIM Card. Ad revenue generated by browser, search engine and app activity will be totaled and shared across the network giving consumers an ongoing financial return on their initial investment plus no monthly fees.

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    16 Mar 2018 - 15 Apr 2018
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  • Tổng thu được
    5,500,000,00 USD
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    30,000,000 USD
  • Mức trần
    230,000,000 USD
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Thành viên nhóm
Rob Solidium profile picture
Rob Solidium
CEO, Mobilink Network Inc.
Steven Dennis profile picture
Steven Dennis
CTO, Technical Strategist, Research & Development
Conrado Vasquez profile picture
Conrado Vasquez
Asia Pacific Telecom Interconnection Manager
Brian Thompson profile picture
Brian Thompson
Technology Manager, Crypto Investor and Analyst
Owen Samuelson profile picture
Owen Samuelson
Finance Manager, Logistics Integrator
Nicole Pottinger profile picture
Nicole Pottinger
Administration, Operations Manager
Joan Bonifacio profile picture
Joan Bonifacio
Software Developer
Kevin Labedesos profile picture
Kevin Labedesos
IT Analyst
Ernesto M. Barro Jr profile picture
Ernesto M. Barro Jr
Telecom Manager, Senior Adviser
Karlene Wright profile picture
Karlene Wright
Manager Information Security, Systems & Database
Jonathan Paulo profile picture
Jonathan Paulo
IT Analyst
JC Magbiro profile picture
JC Magbiro
IT Analyst
William Li profile picture
William Li
Lead Telecom Engineer
Taranjit Kaur profile picture
Taranjit Kaur
Web Developer & Programmer
Justine Glenn Felix profile picture
Justine Glenn Felix
Philippines: Marketing
Cố vấn
Inbal Vackshi profile picture
Inbal Vackshi
Adviser, Telecom International Interconnection, CEO BTel
Tareq Rajabi profile picture
Tareq Rajabi
Senior Adviser, Technology and Strategy
Audrey Nesbitt profile picture
Audrey Nesbitt
Strategic Marketing
Sean Ryer profile picture
Sean Ryer
Software, Cloud and Blockchain Technology Solutions Engineer
James Marcus profile picture
James Marcus
Strategy Adviser, Entrepreneur, Wireless & Telecom
Olga Szyncel profile picture
Olga Szyncel
Marketing Adviser
Rini Souliga profile picture
Rini Souliga
Marketing Strategist
Brandon Itzkovitz profile picture
Brandon Itzkovitz
Sales and Marketing
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Tim profile picture
Bezeq profile picture
AT&T profile picture
Tata profile picture
NTT Docomo profile picture
NTT Docomo
Rogers profile picture
Telia profile picture
Vodafone profile picture
Reliance Netconnect profile picture
Reliance Netconnect
Cellcom profile picture
T-Mobile profile picture
Digicel profile picture
MTN profile picture
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