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Đồng tiền: 3325
Sàn giao dịch: 256
Giá trị vốn hóa thị trường: 216.652.565.928 $
Lưu lượng 24 giờ: 14.766.874.114 $
Ưu thế:
BTC 51,4%
ETH 10,0%
XRP 9,69%
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Rego ICO

Real Estate

Powering the next generation blockchain based global real estate platform.Our vision is to build and operate a global real estate platform that has a proprietary one stop solution for international buyers. Our ecosystem includes a variety of sellers, buyers, property managers and property developers.

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Thông tin token
  • Danh sách trắng
  • Bán trước
    1 May 2018 - 17 Jun 2018 (1.0 ETH = 1900.0 rego)
  • Bán ra công chúng
    17 Jun 2018 - 31 Jul 2018 (1.0 ETH = 1600.0 rego)
  • Ticker
  • Nền tảng
  • Quốc gia
  • Accepting
  • Hạn chế
    • China (Total Restriction)
    • South Korea (Total Restriction)
    • Malaysia (Total Restriction)
    • Singapore (Total Restriction)
    • United States (Total Restriction)
  • Tổng thu được
    141,00 ETH
  • Mức sàn
    5,000 ETH
  • Mức trần
    20,000 ETH
  • Tổng số token
  • Nguồn cung có sẵn
  • Tiền thưởng
  • Cần có KYC
Đội ngũ
Thành viên nhóm
Lionell Tan (Tan Peng Eng) profile picture
Lionell Tan (Tan Peng Eng)
CEO & Founder
Leow Yuen Fong profile picture
Leow Yuen Fong
Marketing: Shanghai
Adelyn Tiew profile picture
Adelyn Tiew
Property Sourcing: Malaysia
Cố vấn
David Braut profile picture
David Braut
Company Advisor
Elizabeth Siew profile picture
Elizabeth Siew
Company Advisor & Legal Tech Counsel
Harsha Cuttari profile picture
Harsha Cuttari
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
Himanshu Pandey profile picture
Himanshu Pandey
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
Sean Tan profile picture
Sean Tan
Community Media Advisor
Tony Lau profile picture
Tony Lau
Jaian Cuttari profile picture
Jaian Cuttari
Marketing Advisor
Okechi Onyeje profile picture
Okechi Onyeje
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor Mylara Swamy
Mylara Swamy profile picture
Mylara Swamy
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
Omar El-Mihilmy profile picture
Omar El-Mihilmy
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
Ryan D'Souza profile picture
Ryan D'Souza
Marketing Relations Advisor
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