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Sunx ICO

Finance / Banking

SUNX (SUNX) is a smart blockchain Exchange platform designed to create wealth (Investment, Trading, Stocking, Company Dividend and affiliate Program) with a low transactions charges and as well a smooth and immediate transaction with more than 100 countries to benefit from SUNX visions and mission. Every investor is entitled to 3-10% of every gain accrued monthly from the transactions charges if a trade is carried out using the SUNX app.

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    20 Jul 2018 - 31 Aug 2018 (0.4 USD = 1.0 xns)
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  • Tổng thu được
    200,000,00 USD
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    500 ETH
  • Mức trần
    5,000 ETH
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Florence Osas Pius
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Frank Basco
Senior Community Manager
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Louver Asuncion
Marketing Strategies
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Marites Cabanilla
Event Director
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Rassel Apostol
Blockchain Researcher
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Sanjeev Nanda
Regional Marketer
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Gellie Anne Martin
Social Marketing
Cố vấn
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Amira Khan
Security Advisor
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Sergey kosse
ICO Advisor
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Sumit Kumar Pradhan
Project Advisor
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