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BTCMEX exchange



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Bitcoin (Perpetual)

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BTCUSD 60.239 $ 3.5% 60135,08 USD -0,173% - 0,010% 163.116.139 $ 1.156.971.791 $ Gần đây

BTCMEX.com is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange offering Bitcoin perpetual contracts with 100x leverage. Our mission is to "Expand the possibilities of the crypto market by blending the best of traditional finance and innovations with a commitment to continuous improvement resulting in an exchange that offers our customers the best trading experience. "

The key advantages of BTCMEX that separate us from the competition are 100,000 TPS per trading pair to ensure no overloads, customizable trading bots, the most order types within our Next Gen order system, an AI Research center and the most comprehensive educational materials.

Additionally BTCMEX upholds the highest crypto standards for security and trading such as separated cold and hot wallets, dual price mechanism, insurance fund, auto deleveraging (ADL), funding mechanism, testnet accounts for demo purposes, Advanced Protocol Integration (API) for 3rd party integration and 24/7 multi-lingual and live customer support.

Our platform is accessible online from desktop software, mobile application and mobile website. BTCMEX has offsite backups and hot-fixes for no server downtime. The exchange was custom made by a team of international experts with a security cooperation with world renowned security teams that constantly audit the integrity of our platform.

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