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civic  (CVC)
Civic (CVC)
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Using blockchain technology in an unprecedented way, Civic is more than just a coin or a cryptocurrency to trade. It’s an identity verification platform which is meant to make life easier, not only for the user but also for the entity who wishes to verify the identity. Rather than going through a long-winded document verification process, the Civic token enables the verification of identity directly in places where it is accepted. The Civic coin or Civic token (CVC) is the currency associated with Civic, which thrives on the Ethereum blockchain, primarily exchanged during the identity verification process.

As a platform, the Civic cryptocurrency shows a lot of promise. While it is only available in the US presently (which may be disappointing news about its current potential), it’ll soon expand and come over to other countries - which should give it a nice bump in value. The blockchain is where the future lies, and the Civic coin uses it in a unique way to make life easier and our identity more secure.

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    21 Jun 2017 - 22 Jun 2017 (0.1 USD = 1.0 cvc)
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    United States
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    33,000,000,00 USD
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    33,000,000 USD
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