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Dash (Beam Updates)

Dash Core v0.14 binaries have been released to mainnet! Dash users now have improved security against 51% mining attacks via Chainlocks and the ability to instantly re-spend upon receipt via LLMQ-Based InstantSend. More info: https://blog.dash.org/dash-core-v0-14-on-mainnet-ef2d0e49e29a

Introducing Dash Platform, an upcoming application development platform built on top of the Dash payment network. Connect to the network using DAPI and store application data using Drive.


Dash Investment Foundation supervisors election has been scheduled for May 30th. Please submit your nominations as soon as possible. For more details: https://blog.dash.org/details-on-the-election-for-dash-investment-foundation-supervisors-25766c55a1f

This Week (May 16th) at DCG 🙌:

🔬 DashCore updates for the final v0.14 release candidate
🔧Updated platform components to accept historical filtered blocks from Core to support SPV functionality
👫Coded outbound contact activity and addressed some UI issues on DashPay
💱Coded payments to blockchain user contacts on DashWallet iOS
🕐Optimize DashJ DMN Performance, added special transactions to the bloom filter on DashWallet Android


PSA: Dash users are unaffected by Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork confirmation issue today. BCH’s network froze for over an hour after a bug in implementation. Dash avoids this by requiring miner’s to signal they’re ready for upgraded blocks. For more details: #blockchain #crypto #payments #fintech https://dashnews.org/bitcoin-cash-network-frozen-for-over-an-hour-in-upgrade-snafu/

Ryan Taylor and Bob Carroll of Dash Core Group are on stage now at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2019! If you’re at Consensus get to Americas Hall 2 South Stage to hear the latest about Dash.


This week (May 9th) at DCG 🙌!

🍾 DashCore v0.14 release candidate 5 released to testnet
👥 Coded Inbound Account Activity — Contacts story on DashPay and fixed a balance calculation bug
📋 Implemented ability to paste payment request from clipboard on DashWallet Android
✅ Added tests for Exclude Unresponsive MN from MN List During Retries on Dash Platform


DCG’s Ryan Taylor announces the creation of Dash Investment Foundation, giving the network the ability to invest in opportunities by allowing proposal owners to issue equity or other assets in consideration of network funding. https://blog.dash.org/introducing-the-dash-investment-foundation-370cafcc48ee

Dash Core Group Q1 2019 Quarterly Call is live now! Tune in now to hear the latest with Dash! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIFGH1jVFd4

Announcing the launch of the eGifter marketplace on Dash.org! eGifter has integrated Dash and InstantSend, the result is a seamless experience for Dash users to spend Dash at their favorite retailers in the U.S. To celebrate, purchases made in Dash will receive additional DashBack on select retailers! For more information head to: https://giftcards.dash.org

This week at DCG!

🧼 DashCore v0.14 translations; Dash Platform features to support SPV and contact requests; 👨‍🦰📱more progress towards Evolution for DashPay and DashWallet (iOS + Android); 🤝 Successfully sending payments between Evolution Contacts (backend coding) in DashWallet iOS


This week at DCG!

▶️ Automated NPM publishing of DAPI-Client
🧪 Improvements to platform testing approach
👨‍💼Completed work on View Blockchain Users for DashPay
👩‍💻 Completed User Profiles on Porto integrated devnet on DashWallet iOS


This week at DCG:

🔒ChainLocks on testnet;🤺DashPay contact requests to other wallets; 🏛 DPP v0.7 in Dash-iOS; 🕒 DashWallet iOS v2.3.5 and Android v6.4.2 released; 🤹‍♀️ LLMQ quorum determination in DashWallet Android;


Catch Dash Thailand's very own, Felix Mago at Block Live Asia in Singapore, Marina Bay April 18-19th! He's speaking on The Future of Money and he's discussing Blockchain in Retail with Roger Ver For more details: https://blocklive.asia

The latest Dash recap video is up! Dash News updates on the latest developments, integrations and more with Heidi Chakos. www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kSE-ZxQj_A

This week at Dash Core Group:

⛓️ Dash Core v0.14 on testnet featuring LLMQs and chained InstantSend
🚅 Created and tested a distributed SPV algorithm, allowing for faster header download and validation
📬 Released v2.3.4 DashWallet (iOS) — 100% Rollout: 17 April
💊 Testing for numerous improvements and bug fixes on DashWallet (Android)


Cryptocurrency lending platform SALT lending has added support for Dash for loan collateral, including support for masternodes.


This week at DCG!

🍾DMN List + Auto InstantSend activated;🚀 Dash Core v0.14 on testnet; 🐛Dash Core v0.13.3; 🏄‍Dash Platform components integrated with DPP v0.7 on devnet; 📱DashWallet (iOS) on DPP v0.6


Deterministic Masternode List and Automatic InstantSend Now Live!

We are pleased to share that the Deterministic Masternode List (Spork 15) and Automatic InstantSend (Spork 16) are now active on the Dash network.


Discover Dash and Really Bad Apps Launch Global Dash Merchant Directory Mobile App


This week at DCG 🙌

🎯 v0.14 released to testnet (LLMQs, DKGs, ChainLocks, LLMQ based InstantSend)
🔏 Completed initial security audit on the platform in preparation for open sourcing
💸 Successfully connected to DAPI and sent a payment from DashPay Wallet
🔧 Code refactoring and Sweep Paper Wallet bug fix on DashWallet (Android)
🐜 Began roll-out for DashWallet iOS v2.3.2 (empty wallet bug)


Dash Core Release v0.14.0 to testnet:
This release includes: Long Living Masternode Quorums (“LLMQs”), ChainLocks, and LLMQ-Based InstantSend.


Dash open-sourcing software repositories are in the final stages and will be complete by the end of March.


This week at DCG 🙌

🍻Dash Core v0.13.2; 👥Improved MN retrieval in DAPI; ✅E2E tests for unique indices in Drive;🚂DashWallet iOS on integrated DPP devnet;📱DashWallet Android v2.3.1


This week at DCG!

🦄 Spork 15 — April 2; 🗝Core v0.13.2 released;🚀Core v0.14 on devnet; 🛤 integrated platform devnet; 📱more Evo features on mobile and a whole lot more!