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MaidSafeCoin (Beam Updates)

SAFE Network Dev Update (16th May 2019): Plenty to get your teeth into this week with the SAFE Network Dev Update including the publication of three RFCs, an updated safenetwork.tech site, a patch release for the SAFE Authenticator mobile application plus a new SAFE Crossroads podcast interview featuring Spandan. Read more about all of this plus so much more at

SAFE Network Dev Update (9th May 2019): It's all about the releases! A new SAFE Network Project Plan, v0.1.1 of quic-p2p (containing the basic P2P connection logic, the bootstrap cache & Client/Node differentiation amongst other things), a post on Disjoint Sections in the 'Road to Fleming' series, plus great progress from the SAFE API and SAFE Client Libs teams! Read more on the Forum > safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-may-9-2019/28536

SAFE Network Update (02.04.19): Read this week's full SAFE Network Dev Update to learn more about the upcoming roadmap, new videos, Medium and forum posts on Sybil Resilience and an update on the move from Crust to Quic-p2p from Spandan. We've also released an updated SAFE Browser (v.0.13), bug fixes for the SAFE Authenticator CLI and more interesting developments from the SAFE Client Libs team on the Redland RDF API. https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-may-2-2019/28459

SAFE Network Update (25/04/2019): Another busy week! MaidSafe developer Hunter released a video tutorial walking through how to build a Node.js DApp on the SAFE Network; the QUIC-P2P team made an important step integrating bootstrap (a crucial feature for any P2P networking library); and the SAFE Client Libs team migrated SAFE Client Libs to the latest stable Rust 2018. Plus the last main PARSEC work has been completed! https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-april-25-2019/28422

SAFE Network Dev Update 18.04.19: More technical updates this week with the release of new features in the SAFE Authenticator CLI, together with API improvements (e.g. managing/revoking user’s apps & adding a new run method in SAFE Client Libs). Plus a new SAFE Buzz video with Lionel MaidSafe Dev and MAID gets listed on the Bitker Exchange! Read the full update at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-april-18-2019/28338

SAFE Network Dev Update (11.04.19): an improved updated version of the SAFE Network Primer launched, a new SAFE Buzz video live together with a .NET development tutorial video. There's a beginner's guide to Self-Encryption on Medium, and PARSEC work for Fleming is nearly complete! Updated documentation for the safe_app_csharp package and SAFE Authenticator mobile app...read more at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-april-11-2019/28249

SAFE Network Dev Update (28.03.19): This week's news includes releases galore - including SAFEBrowser v0.12.0 and an updated POC of the SAFE Messages app v0.1.1) - which have been getting great feedback so far, plus a fascinating interview with community dev @oetyng. There's also an exciting update on the release plans for PARSEC V2 to share too. And don’t forget to check out our new DApps page on the SAFE DevHub!

SAFE Network Dev Update (22.03.19): This week, there's a new video, new releases, community API creation and documentation updates. Plus a h/t to community members for new python SAFE App API, testing the SAFE Authenticator Mobile App and providing feedback which leading to the patch release. Plus the latest in the Road to Fleming series is now live discussing Sybil resistance simulation. Read all about it at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-march-21-2019/27976

SAFE Network Dev Update (14.3.19): The SAFE Client Libs team have released an RFC for RDF support on SAFE whilst also working at trying to make it easier for YOU to get involved with the project. We're looking forward to your comments on both. Designer Jim also make his debut in a new video series examining the roles and lives of the team. Check it out on YouTube now and read the full update at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-march-14-2019/27915

SAFE Network Dev Update (21.2.19): Highlights this week include the release of a new version of the SAFE Mobile Authenticator, the next 'Road to Fleming' Series blog post on Sybil Resistance on the SAFE Network by the Routing team and the announcement of a SAFE Hackathon in London in the Autumn.
Read all about it - and so much more at:

SAFE Network Dev Update (28.2.19): Highlights this week include the release of a new version of the SAFE Browser: download v0.11.2 now and let us know what you think! Bart and Dug will be speaking at the SAFE Brighton Meetup on 14th March with some not-to-be-missed PARSEC content. And progress continues across all the teams, whilst we've also added the RDF stack to SAFE Client Libs.
Read it all now: https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-february-28-2019/27738

Another busy week in the SAFE Network! New Crust team members, UI/UX enhancements to the Safe Authenticator Mobile App, preparing the release of SAFE Browser V0.11.2 and safe_app_java milestone improvements, plans for the release of extensive documentation library by SAFE Client Libs, a new Routing post in the Fleming Forum series discussing the recent brainstorming sessions... Read more now at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-february-21-2019/27586

Read the Weekly Dev Update (14.02.19) to explore the updates from all MaidSafe teams. Including SAFE App milestones, continued work on the SAFE Browser, progress across Fleming and PARSEC and plans for new documentation plans in SAFE Client Libs. You can read more at SAFE Network Dev Update https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-february-14-2019/27502/

It’s been another busy week in the SAFE Network! The second instalment of David and Viv’s SAFE Crossroads Podcast is now live, as well as the video from Josh & Gabriel’s recent live Q&A section on the SAFE Browser. But most exciting is the news that we've also now worked out how to make PARSEC truly asynchronous and the work has started! Read all about it (and much more!) in this week’s SAFE Network Dev Update https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-february-7-2019/27428

Read this week’s Dev Update to find out all the news, releases and updates from the SAFE Network. Highlights this week include an update to the C# API with accompanying example app and tutorial, the first in a forum series outlining the Routing team's 'Road to Fleming' and much more https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-january-31-2019/27363

Weekly Dev Update (25/01/19): highlights this week include the updated SAFE Browser release, great progress made on RDF storage in the Client Libs layer, improved bootstrap cache in Crust, further user testing and a deep dive into PARSEC scalability. We’re also hosting a live session on the SAFE Browser today (25 Jan) at 15:30 UTC. Check out more details on the forum https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-january-24-2019/27283

The latest Weekly Dev Update summarises all of the latest goings-on across the SAFE Network. Check it out today at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-january-10-2019/27119

Happy New Year from the MaidSafe team! The first Dev Update of 2019 is now out. It includes a review of 2018 together with the big news this week - the addition of support for developing native Android SAFE DApps, mobile authenticator and new Java API. Read more at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-january-10-2019/27119

We've just added support for developing native android DApps on the SAFE Network! We’re starting off by releasing an API, an updated mobile SAFE Authenticator (POC) to access the API, and a tutorial that will allow you to carry out native android development. Read more at: https://safenetforum.org/t/release-of-platform-development-for-android/27086

Update for Thursday 20th December: we’ve ended 2018 with a big release: a new version of the SAFE Browser! We’re excited to introduce a better browser with enhanced compatibility with the SOLID project (RDF, WebID’s, Linked Data). Dig into the details on the Forum, a Medium post and in a new SAFE Crossroads podcast. Plus new SAFE App NodeJS API documentation released and much more. Read all about it at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-december-20-2018/26821

Update for Thursday 13th December: new video releases, blog posts, podcasts, team members - and a new SAFE Network Wiki page as well! And that’s before you even get started on the Crust, Client Libs, Routing, SAFE API & Apps updates! It’s been another jam-packed week in the world of the SAFE Network. Read more at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-december-13-2018/26736

Update for Thursday 6th December: final testing for SAFE App Java & C# API’s; testing for the updated SAFE Browser; the Routing Team splits into two focused teams; Crust updates socket collection; the creation of a new SAFE-Fleming branch in the Routing repository as we build up to release; and 7 more new team members. Phew! Read all about it here

This week’s Dev Update includes the SAFE Network's appearance in 'Wreck-It Ralph 2', a new podcast explaining the RDF/Solid Connection with SAFE, the release of a new safe_app_nodejs package and update on the continuing progress of the integration of malice detection into Routing. Check it out here > https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-november-29-2018/26506

In this week’s Dev Update, you’ll find the results from the recent Crust Tests, a post on how the SAFE and SOLID projects are perfect companions, a video update experiment from the team, an RFC proposal for new XORname-based URL’s, a couple of new meetups in the next fortnight... and much much more! Check it out at https://safenetforum.org/t/safe-network-dev-update-november-15-2018/26284

Want to hear more about just why the current Crust Test that we're running is so important? To understand why it's such an important step forwards, you should check out the SAFE Crossroads podcast that was released this week. SAFE Crossroads is an independent podcast that's been run with huge enthusiasm by a community member (@fergish on safenetforum.org) since 2015. Well worth checking out!