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MindSports IO is an intelligent and trusted board game network powered by Ethereum technology, anti-cheating layers and the MIND Registry for games such as Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi, Bridge and Go. The problem of today online board gaming is trust. Players may cheat with chess engine, users also have risk of losing money and they have to place trust that the service provider are doing the right thing.

We aim to eliminate the need for trusting a single party running a centralized platform. MindSports IO provides an opportunity for userʼs participation. Mind games will be developed and deployed to the network. Community managed anti-cheating layers are in place to eliminate possibility of cheating with chess engine. Token holders have the option to be part of the community to settle game disputes and get rewarded accordingly. MindSports IO align incentives across all stake holders and tie MIND token to the core action of the network growth.

We are providing an opportunity for individuals take part in the network development and future roadmap. Mind sports players can create their own tournaments and games, and get rewarded with MIND tokens. Additionally, MindSports IO provides a place where people can place token bets against others with full confidence. Advance Anti Cheating Layers is in place to identify cheaters and block all chess engine cheating. Pay-outs are processed automatically by escrow contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. MIND serves as the currency for these games.

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    5 Feb 2018 - 6 Mar 2018 (1.0 ETH = 10000.0 mind)
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    Hong Kong
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    200 ETH
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