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NEXO (Beam Updates)

Stablecoins offer the efficiency and speed of crypto and the low volatility of fiat. That is why at Nexo we are excited to deepen our partnership with Paxos and offering 6.5% interest on PAX is just one of the many great developments. #HODL https://bit.ly/30Ii9an

With Nexo’s Instant Credit Lines™ #HODLers keep their Bitcoin and get those pizzas too, without worrying that a slice might end up costing $5 million. https://bit.ly/2JypN1p

Tokenizing gold and bringing it on-chain is an enormously powerful use case for blockchain technology. Nexo is looking forward to issuing our Instant Credit Lines™ with gold as collateral - an $8+ trillion market. #DigitalGold #HODL https://bit.ly/2QeYbPF

Enjoy the benefits of becoming a liquidity provider on the Nexo Platform utilizing MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin. You can also refinance your CDP with Nexo’s Instant Credit Lines™. #HODL https://nexo.io

Betting operators such as BetProtocol are now optimizing their operations by leveraging Nexo’s Instant Credit Lines™ to make payments in fiat to get licenses, activate marketing campaigns and pay non-crypto suppliers. https://bit.ly/30m1Dwm

Every time the value of your collateral grows, so does your credit line with Nexo. Congratulations to everyone holding $BTC in their Nexo Wallets. You can now get even more cash without selling your crypto. #HODL https://bit.ly/2Q4icrZ

The tokenization of the world will bring the total market against which Nexo can extend credit lines to the trillions. Stocks, bonds, commodities, real-estate and even fine art will all be brought on-chain to redefine fractional ownership. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-09/socgen-introduces-crypto-to-2-trillion-market-for-covered-bonds

Nexo’s Instant Credit Lines™ have enjoyed continuous growth with our customer base now at 180k+. The current bull run in crypto enables existing customers to get even more out of their credit lines but also attracts new ones daily. #HODL https://bit.ly/2vNbBsB

CDP owners can now refinance their obligations through Nexo. We are excited to help the #DeFi space and our partners MakerDAO restore the $DAI peg. https://bit.ly/2vKm4VN

Nexo allows crypto asset holders to spend without cashing out crypto, which would be a taxable event and would require capital gains tax payments on top of running the risk of missing out on bullish upswings. #HODL https://bit.ly/2H3VFaq

For the first time ever NEXO Tokens can now be purchased directly with XRP thanks to our partnership with Bitrue. Happy buying! https://bit.ly/2Wwh9DK

Nexo will be at #Consensus2019 in NYC & Antoni Trenchev will join the stage to discuss the larger trends in blockchain, the overall state of the crypto lending space, why Nexo is special and what innovations the community might expect. Make sure to say 'hi' if you are around. #BUILD

As co-founder of a leading blockchain company, Antoni Trenchev was invited by Bloomberg to weigh in on Tether & the maturing of the space, to explain how Nexo is about to cross the $500M mark & why Wall Street finds Nexo’s value proposition so appealing. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-04-26/nexo-co-founder-weighs-in-on-tether-and-crypto-market-landscape-video

Today at 16:30 ET Nexo's Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev will be a guest on Bloomberg TV’s 'What’d You Miss?' to comment on today’s events as well as the general state of the blockchain space, crypto lending and what Nexo is doing to become the JP Morgan of crypto. Tune in here: https://www.bloomberg.com/live/us

Congratulations to everyone who has deposited Tether in their Nexo Wallets - you are the only ones with a guaranteed 1-to-1 USD conversion and custodial insurance for stablecoins and who will not be affected by market fluctuations. Security of funds is a top priority for Nexo! https://bit.ly/2XGXaSM

Nexo follows the situation around Tether (USDT) closely. We would like to assure all clients and investors that Nexo has never held significant amounts of Tether (USDT) on its balance sheet. We support all other major stablecoins with our insured custody. https://bit.ly/2utdYQF

Nexo joins forces with Securitize to pave the way for asset tokenization bringing traditional securities & assets to the blockchain for fractional ownership. The large scale adoption of crypto takes to assets against which Nexo can lend to the trillions. bit.ly/2L0m7qI

Nexo fully supports the Binance chain mainnet swap. Keeping or transfering your BNB Coin holdings to your Nexo Wallet is free and secure as Nexo has an impeccable track record of safeguarding client funds and has already processed more than $300 million on the platform. #SAFU

With Nexo's Instant Crypto Credit Lines you can increase your portfolio or get cash by local bank transfer in 45+ currencies using crypto as collateral. Available in 200+ countries and secured by $100 million custodial insurance. https://bit.ly/2IHzCtN

Nexo now gives you the ability to earn risk-free compounding interest of 6.5% p.a. on you EUR, paid out daily. This is up to 130x what traditional banks offer you! You add and withdraw funds at any time. No additional fees & commissions. #PassiveIncome https://bit.ly/2GAlZKn

Nexo’s crypto mortgages are bringing crypto investors to the $200+ trillion real estate market by allowing them to #HODL their assets and borrowing against them, rather than sell them to meet financial goals. https://finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/brock-pierce-uses-bitcoin-buy-070018008.html

With Nexo issuing the world’s first crypto mortgage to Brock Pierce all people who don’t want to sell their crypto can use Nexo’s instant crypto credit lines to acquire real estate. Brock borrowed against his Bitcoin & now enjoys both his property & profits from the crypto spring. https://bit.ly/2Kwo7XH

Nexo was the first crypto lender to recognize the potential of the Binance Coin and to start accepting it as collateral on July 1, 2018. Now $BNB is in the top 10 and a huge number of clients have taken out instant loans against their appreciating asset. https://bit.ly/2TVWLKG

Nexo’s tax-efficient instant credit lines offer a unique opportunity to access instant cash and profit from the rising prices of crypto assets at the same time. Clients now can earn 6.5% of compounding interest on stablecoins paid out daily. #HODL https://bit.ly/2G2tdFJ

Nexo has partnered up with TokenTax to provide you with top strategies on how to optimize tax liabilities. Spoiler alert - using Nexo’s instant credit lines is among the best solutions as they are incredibly tax-efficient. Check out the details: https://bit.ly/2UotpZL