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pal network  (PAL)
PAL Network (PAL)
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PAL Network (Beam Updates)

PAL Network has successfully distributed our first Supernode incentive for Q1 2019, nodes can expect an average annual ROI of over 140%! Read more: https://medium.com/pal-network/distributed-first-quarter-of-supernode-incentives-971a10b38b5f

PAL Network continues its streak in microinsurance product launches! PAL Network rolled out three more microinsurance products, namely ScreenPAL, CancerPAL and EarthquakeProtect. All products are ready for purchase once the PAL Wallet is downloaded.

ScreenPAL: www.pal.network/product/ScreenPAL
CancerPAL: www.pal.network/product/CancerPAL
EarthquakeProtect: www.pal.network/product/Earthquake-Protect
Download the PAL Wallet: www.pal.network/download
Website: www.pal.network

Following our mainnet launch on 31 Dec 2018, PAL Network has officially rolled out the PAL Wallet as well as 3 microinsurance products!

PAL token holders can swap ERC 20 PAL to native PAL tokens once the PAL Wallet is downloaded. PAL Wallet is available on both desktop and mobile versions. https://bit.ly/2FHyZOd

We are also excited to share our first-of-its-kind initiative as we roll out 3 microinsurance products, namely RidePAL, Flight Delay and Flight Cancellation. https://bit.ly/2FM7un1