banano  (BAN) Banano (BAN)
$0.012071300706 1.4%
0.00000036 BTC 0.3%
4,663 個人按讚
24 小時交易量
24 小時最低價 / 24 小時最高價
$0.011905380914 / $0.012908447301
1,273,571,336 / 2,898,507,756

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Banano Price and Market Stats

Banano 匯率
BAN 匯率 $0.012071300706
總市值 $15,365,462
市值市佔率 0.00%
交易量 $233,576
交易量/總市值 0.0152
24 小時低價 / 24 小時最高價 $0.011905380914 / $0.012908447301
7 天低價 / 7 天高價 $0.011417872250 / $0.015309983755
總市值排名 #681
歷史高價 $0.054044489250 -77.7%
May 08, 2021 (about 2 months)
歷史低價 $0.000089894187 13321.2%
Apr 13, 2020 (about 1 year)

Banano 關於

Banano (BAN) 的今日匯率$0.012071300706 , 24 小時交易量為 $233,576。過去 24 小時匯率上漲1.4%。它有 1.3 Billion 貨幣的流通供應量和2.9 Billion 貨幣的最大供應量。CoinEx 是目前交易最活躍的市場。

BANANO was forked in April 2018 from NANO. BANANO offers instant, feeless and rich in potassium 🍌 transactions, thanks to the fact that BANANO developers (several of them having being involved in NANO itself) have kept big portions of the original code unchanged to keep cross-chain compatibility between existing code libraries. However, they have fined-tuned some parameters, such as Proof of Work requirements and currency units. While the focus for now is on having an ongoing free and fair distribution, BANANO is also experimenting with feature additions such as a privacy layer (Camo BANANO), on-chain messaging (MonkeyTalks) and more.

In context of distribution, we aim to use our meanwhile ready-to-strike infrastructure with easy-to-use mobile wallets (Kalium) and tipbots on several major social media platforms to onboard normies and crypto-noobs who have no idea yet what a cryptocurrency is. We also might do IRL airdrops at some point. Of note, key here is to make the start with crypto as easy as possible, use a fun attitude and gamification to get new users started without all the usual hassle, and then educate them to handle crypto in general in a responsible way.

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