Beam Updates


Receiver Address Privacy (RAP) is now live on Firo's mainnet!

Post your RAP address publicly like your email without compromising your privacy!

This week on the Firo Frontier! 📺

🍍Splineapple highlights the growing number of merchants now accepting $FIRO, including crypto loan providers 💰


CashDog (CASHDOG) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Donate and benefit from tokens' reallocations 🐶
#CASHDOG #donation #charity #token #bep20 #BSC

We added bitblocks to our partner section of our website.

This week, #Ontology announced new partnerships with Japanese consulting company, AP.LLC, and music streaming platform, #RockiApp🎶🤝

We also released an updated visual representing #ONTO Wallet's growing #dApp ecosystem📈👇 $ONT #DID $ONG

#BcMemeTournament and #SmartMemeTournament: Round 3 is actively going on

The theme of the 3rd round of the #SmartMemeTournament is "TermRewards and SmartRetire - rewards for long-term SmartCash holders"

Our latest BeeHive release is out. Give it a go! It comes with performance improvements and a better user experience.

TermRewards has been a big success. First trial release worked better than expected. Collateral requirement will be significantly lowered in the next release that's just around the corner, making TermRewards much more accessible & boost $smart demand.

🙌 The DeFi Crypto-Fiat Bridge: #NimiqOASIS is live! 🚀

Buy/Sell BTC with Euro without providing personal information. Test it out now in the Nimiq Wallet: (Only available in Europe)

Next step is growing the number of apps based on OASIS as well as expanding the reach of the Nimiq OASIS network 💪

Learn more here:

ICYMI: Review ARK's activities during May in this short monthly update.

May's Decred Journal is out!

Learn about the new Treasury, detailed development progress, network and social stats, ecosystem growth and new media content. Plus we've got next generation cake!

We're excited to partner with Health Hero to bring NFTs to the health & wellness industry! The new Go! By Health Hero app introduces a new category of "Well-Being NFTs" that evolve and level up based on user activity.

Learn more:

Kai Inu (KaiInu) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Benefit from deflationary tokenomics & NFTs bonuses 🐕‍🦺
#KaiInu #token #deflationary #NFTs #marketplace

Kai Inu (KaiInu) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Benefit from deflationary tokenomics & NFTs bonuses 🐕‍🦺
#KaiInu #token #deflationary #NFTs #marketplace

🔥IQeon will attend an international online conference CGC|NFT 2.0!

On June 10 and 11, over 2,000 participants from all over the world will gather online to discuss the hottest topic of the crypto world, answer community questions, and chat with like-minded people about NFT technologies.

Read more about the conference

SAFEDOG (SDOG) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 A community-driven project 🌐
#SDOG #token #SAFEDOG #cryptocurrency #comminity

#Ontology partners w/ ZAICO, a real-time cloud storage inventory management application!🤝

#ZAICO will leverage Ontology's #blockchain to improve its inventory management system, increasing traceability, transparency, and trust🛡️

Learn more

SAFEDOG (SDOG) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 A community-driven project 🌐
#SDOG #token #SAFEDOG #cryptocurrency #comminity

Polkadot Web3 Talks is just around the corner, coming up on June 10!
Our CTO, Witek Radomski, will be doing a deep dive on NFTs with EverdreamSoft and Elliot Safra of AndArt Agency.


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