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Hi everyone!
A must read for every AUX holder!

👉 AUX native coin of Auxilium blockchain
👉 WAUX ecosystem DeFi expansion
👉 AUXL loyalty token

What is up with all these crypto in the Auxilium ecosystem? 🧐

CEO Mark Smargon will be speaking on Defi at #Israel's largest crypto event starting on Thursday, June 17 @ 8:00 AM!

Don't miss out on a unique 2-day gathering of developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs curated by
@eblockventures & Social Wisdom!

Live stream tickets are available for the second day.

See you there! 😎


If you have been having problems using your Ledger device with Decred please note that Ledger have released a new version of Ledger Live (v2.29.0) which should address the issues.

You can download the latest version at

ENJ is now listed on the Turkey-based exchange, Paribu.

Beam 2021 Week #24 - Hard Fork

Shaders; assemble! The hard fork was completed successfully, with much gratitude to everyone involved, including our great community who updated in time! Our weekly bulletin, for your reading pleasure...

Team Beam

In an effort to create total transparency around DigiByte blockchain protocol development & streamline communication the DGB devs have created public Gitter channels that anyone can join, or observe. All you need is a Github account.

We want to remind everyone these channels are meant for specific development tasks. They are not meant for price talk or beginner general support, although improvements or feedback on technical issues are welcome.

Ubiq's first bridge is now in internal testing.

Things are progressing well but there are a few items we need to do before opening it up to the public. Some stability adjustments, some branding, some more testing, blog posts, tutorials. Everything works well with bridging WUBQ to and from the Ubiq to Polygon network.

Some liquidity has already been added on Quickswap, one of Polygons fast growing DEXs.

Today the IOC Dev team started the code work to enabled our DVM smart contract platform. The platform will be fully compatible with Ethereum and Binance Chain.

More updates to come..

⚙️IQeon development report for the period from May 12 to June 13, 2021

🔺Optimized section with platform bonus tasks
🔺Changed minimum IQN withdrawal amount from
🔺Adapted player profile for different screen resolutions
🔺Improved design of the user account on the platform
🔺Updated Frequently Asked Questions section
🔺Improvements in the mobile version of

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The Beam Fork Completed

The Beam Hard Fork was a huge success!
The network has upgraded, with smooth sailing ever since.

One small step for Beam, one giant leap for Confidential DeFi! 🌚

Team Beam

There is now a pool on Pancakeswap ( on #BinanceSmartChain for BEP20 #FIRO! Feel free to add liquidity!

Remember you can convert native $FIRO to BEP20 FIRO & vice versa via the bridge:

FIRO BSC token address: 0xd5d0322b6bab6a762c79f8c81a0b674778e13aed

Spacelens (SPACE) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 E-commerce platform working since 2016 on App Store 🔥
#SPACE #Spacelens #ecommerce #cryptocurrency #platform #NFT

✅ Decentralized Treasury Model Proposal Approved ✅

The proposal to introduce a new decentralized treasury model has been overwhelmingly approved by Particl stakeholders with a majority vote of 96.6% and a participation rate of 70.6%. This successfully makes the Particl ecosystem entirely self-funded and will provide startup capital to community-approved projects aiming at growing and expanding the ecosystem.


Spacelens (SPACE) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 E-commerce platform working since 2016 on App Store 🔥
#SPACE #Spacelens #ecommerce #cryptocurrency #platform #NFT

Our next release will go live tomorrow.

The TermRewards barrier to entry will be lowered significantly.

He you! 👋 Joined the AUXL crypto airdrop, but still need to complete your airdrop details?

✨👉 Make it happen, and add your AUX blockchain address!

Complete your info before 1st August 2021!
Distribution later this summer! 💸🚀

If you are keen to set up an XDN Masternode. You can have one up and running in less than 45 minutes. Here is a real quick guide to help you get your first one earning for you.

NikolaRocket (NIK) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 10% reallocation to liquidity pool and holders 🥧
#NIK #NikolaRocket #BSC #Cryptocurrency #BEP20

NikolaRocket (NIK) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 10% reallocation to liquidity pool and holders 🥧
#NIK #NikolaRocket #BSC #Cryptocurrency #BEP20

Beam Hard Fork

The Beam Hard Fork takes place tomorrow. Be sure to download the latest wallet to be ready for the network upgrade!

A huge step for privacy and confidential DeFi!

Download the latest wallet:

Team Beam

您是代幣團隊的成員嗎? 點擊 here 進一步了解我們的 Beam。

您是開發方嗎?此摘要也提供 API

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